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Has "professional" decorator used the wrong type of paint?

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I had in a "professional" decorator recently repainting my kitchen after my new kitchen units were put in.

It's been done - as I said - in Dulux Jasmine White. I've just had occasion to wipe a couple of dirty marks off the wall - and some paint has flaked off!!!

All I did was wipe it with a damp dishcloth.

I've checked the leftover paint that this "decorator" used. The can says "Dulux Natural Hints Jasmine White". It doesnt say what type of paint it is. It does not mention about being "washable" or "kitchen" paint on it.

I think the finish may be soft sheen - which he persuaded me would be the best finish to use.

1. Can anyone confirm if this decorator has turned out not to be the professional he's supposed to be and has chosen the wrong type of paint for a kitchen? I'm guessing the can should say "washable" and/or "kitchen" paint on it.

2. I'm guessing a "soft sheen" finish is the wrong type of paint to put in a room that quite obviously needs washable paint?

3. I'm wondering what to do now? I obviously don't intend to go to hassle/expense redecorating a room I've only just had redecorated a few months ago. It's not due to be re-done for a few years - and therefore I won't be doing it for a few years:mad:.

Fortunately - it's a small distinct bit of wall concerned - so am I right in thinking the best thing to do is have the (different) "professional" decorator I'm about to have in for a different job lightly sand this wall and then repaint in some of the leftover paint from the kitchen job (as it obviously has to match) and hope it will stick to the walls this time?

EDIT; Just re-checked the paint can - and it says its "Matt".


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