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The Great ‘The Most Economical Printers’ Hunt



  • lucyclare
    lucyclare Posts: 374 Forumite
    I bought this printer about 3 years ago for £60 in PC World. One of the reasons I bought it was the cheap running costs. A black cartridge is about £10 and colour £15, and that is for the Cannon ones. You can get non genuine cartridges on the web for a lot less. I find that they usually last about 100 pages for the black one and colour ones depend on your usage. But I use more black than colour (about 3-1 ratio).

    It's never broken down, always been reliable and really taken a battering from the kids. It's even been dropped a couple of times in house moves and still going strong.

    I wanted a HP one, based on 'Which' reports, but when I saw the cost of cartridges, I plumbed for this one. So glad. It came with software to print pictures (never tried, so I can't comment) and a host of other things to do whilst watching the paint dry.

    Go one, get one if they still make them or a similar model. Really great and small and compact too.
    :T wealth is a state of mind :T
  • stewie755
    for really cheap cartridges, not original ones, I use Phoenix Direct for my Epsom. They really are cheap as chips, £4.00 for colour, and are usually delivered within two days.

    shammyjack wrote: »
    I have a Brother DCP117C all in one print/scan/copy. Still available online for around £50, most Brother printers are good.

    Mine takes the LC900 series carts . Before installing in the printer put black tape over the see through section of the cart, this fools the printer into thinking all the carts are full and stops problems later on .

    I do not print photographs on my printer as it is cheaper to upload them to an online print service and have them posted to me so cheap re-fill inks are not a problem .

    I buy black and the 3 colours from the local 99p shop, drill a hole in the top of the cart using the tool provided with the ink and refill using the supplied sringe while still in the printer . When done seal the top with supplied plugs or use selotape .

    Total cost £3.98 for all 4 carts plus some left depending on the size of the refills .

  • reihtec
    reihtec Posts: 30 Forumite
    I've read through all the posts and agree that usually cheap printers have expensive cartridges. But I am surprised no one has mentioned the Think+ range of cartrdiges. I came across the site on a recommendation from a friend when I was searching for a printer (I was checking prices of cartrdiges as well when deciding on the printer). The cartrdidges are filled to 30% more than the original and the quality is excellent. My wife prints out pictures all the time. Have a look for yourself at www.choicestationery.co.uk. They are always running promotions as well.

    I won't recommend a cheap printer as I haven't been in the market for a long time, but for Laser printers, I always recommend HP (I am a computer support engineer). But I do recommend having a look at www.ebuyer.co.uk. They are usually the cheapest and if I am looking for a computer part/device and I find it there for a price I am happy to pay, I don't bother looking anywhere else other than ebay as it's rare to find cheaper and better.

    Oh BTW, no one seems to have mentioned that if you buy a new pritner and put in a refilled, re-inked, the continous refil kit thing that has been mentioned, or an imitation cartrdige, then you immediate VOID your warranty. So if you have paid for an extended warranty (why?) then think twice about not using genuine cartridges as you'll be throwing money away.
  • mj_senior1956
    I regularly print page after page of high quality photos and recently decided enough was enough of paying through the nose for replacement ink cartridges. I invested in an Epson Photo R265 along with Continuous Ink System. Total cost around £80.

    In the last month I have saved at least £40.

    The ink refills work out at £1 per bottle for 150ml..... a fraction of the cost of cartridges and 7-8 times more ink !

    Very easy to install. Mine was done in about 10 minutes. Worked first time. So easy to refill. Quality excellent.

    What more could anybody want ?

    Check compatability with printer as each system (CIS) is different. Works with most Epson printers. Good source is Ebay for CIS, although I bought the printer from Currys at reduced price.

    I will NEVER use anything else !
  • BorisTheSpider_3
    I think this thread is pointless. It's quite simple to look at the different cartridge options for different printers and work out cost per page, I'm sure MSE could come up with accurate calculated figures for an article, pages of anecdote doens't really serve much purpose.
  • save-a-lot
    save-a-lot Posts: 2,809 Forumite
    Combo Breaker First Post
    This thread isn't pointless at all. Come on then if it is so easy, you list out calculated costs. Prove how simple it is then.
  • BorisTheSpider_3
    Choose each manufacturer, find the cost of their cartridges, the yield in pages, then the cost per page from that.

    E.g., Lexmark cartridges:


    No 32 black: £9.99, 200 pages = 5p/page

    No. 16: Black cartridge: £17.31, 410 pages = 4.22p/page

    (repeat for the other options)



    21 cartridge black: £8.66, 150 pages = 5.77p/page
    27 cartridge black: £10.07, 220 pages = 4.58p/page



    LC900BK: £12.67, 500 pages = 2.5p/page

    Of course there are many more cartridges, and some are now not usable with new printers on sale now, but the principle is there, and easy. My printer takes LC900BK cartridges, and it's very affordable (you can get a lower price than that actually, I paid £10.50 last time). Unfortunately I think some newer models use the LC970BK, which only covers 350 pages.... But there are still many models on sale using the cheap, high-capacity LC900BK.

  • save-a-lot
    save-a-lot Posts: 2,809 Forumite
    Combo Breaker First Post
    OK fair enough. I stand corrected. That is pretty easy :grin:
  • punamulta
    this looks like a good deal , they say free printer if you buy a load of ink,

  • JulianW_3
    I too have the Canon SmartBase MP700 printer.
    But I get my replacement inks from:

    The BCI-3 cartridges are 57p each, just don't forget to factor in the cost of postage on all online shop purchases.

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