The Great ‘The Most Economical Printers’ Hunt



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    I have just ordered the Canon PIXMA MP130 for £46.99 from Viking Direct.
    photocopier as well !!



    We've found that our Canon printer eats ink cartridges and has cost us a fortune. The ink cartridges dry up despite regular use (these are proper Canon cartridges too) and canon cartridges don't contain as much ink as others e.g. HP. It's now barely over a year old and has stopped taking in the paper properly. It's a smartbase mp360 combined thing with scanner, etc.. based on our experience - I won't be buying a canon again - ever. It didn't even print that brilliantly when it did work

    Someone asked whether it was worth buying combined products from my experience I would say no - as it means we have a worthless broken hunk of a printer - but the scanner still works. I either throw it out and loose the scanner, or keep it and buy a new printer - thus a big bulky scanner under the desk.
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    For inkjets we have always used Canon cheap printers as we usually get two cartridges for less than £5 in black & a little more in color from

    But lasers have come right down in price & far less hassle.

    I like the Canon lbp 1210 which is a mono laser
    I find with using the right settings & toner saving I get over 10,000 pages for about £40. are good on prices & try to get the larger capicity cartridge

    Some of the older HPs are great too - just dont buy any that have small capicity cartridges - needs to be 3500 upwards & often the replacements can be bigger - some of the newer HP's are cheaper to buy but cost more to run

    we did mess around for ages with toner refils but found that when they went wrong it cost us far too much in time

    for color laser we have a smsung clp 300
    we got this for £100 on ebuyer & have been told we can refill easily the seperate color cartridges - it has the chipped thing so it has to be done before it runs out
    the quality is really good for our business & we previously had a mono 1210 which was great too

    another tip is to find older brother, canon & hp lasers as they can be picked up really cheaply - the higher the capacity means they are cheaper to run.

    If you hunt on the net you can get the spares really cheaply and refurbish em if need be for peanuts

    printers I would avoid are cheap lexmarks as they always have turned out as McNuggets for us.

    hope that helps

    never take advice from broke or unsuccessful people

    Jim Rohn
  • I got a Brother DCP-315-CN a year ago. I paid about half the RRP at the time so it was under £60. The original cartridges supplied [double sized black] and 3 colours lasted almost 5 months. They are individual "bottles" of ink with no foam filler, so you get a full portion of ink.
    The cartridges I use are Brother Compatibles from They are just £1.79 each, and last as well as the originals. Print quality perfect. At that price I don't need to worry about Ink Management Systems, though Brother's settings do allow you to fine tune well. I bought 2 sets last May and had to change them all then. I have just had to change the black again. The cyan lasted 4 months as I print my letters and envelopes in blue. The yellow and magenta haven't been changed since May. I have just checked the Ink levels. Cyan half full as expected. Yellow 3/4 full. Magenta 1/3 full. Black full. No idea how many pages that was. At that price who's counting?
    Never get a Lexmark as the cartridges are horrendously expensive, and are a swine to refill yourself. You have to cut the top off of the 3-colour cartridge, and glue it back on. I sliced my finger. Dell are the same make with a different badge stuck on. You always run out of 1 colour and the other 2 colours are wasted. Compatible carts, when you can find them, aren't that cheap either, and you still have the problem of one colour running out first. The cartridges are full of foam so you can't be getting a lot of ink in the first place. For comparison I was lucky if the Lexmark and Dell carts lasted 2 months.
  • Help! Does anyone have a Dell 926 compatable source that charges less than £15 ?

  • I have a Canon SmartBase MP700 Photo which is a Digital Photo All-in-One printer, scanner & copier which I bought nearly 2 years ago. Both my husband & I use the printer & copier extensively as we both have small businesses which result in a lot of work for the printer. In hindsight, I wish I'd bought the version with the built-in fax but I didn't know then that I would need to use one! The printer has a colour or b/w option which is useful if you don't need to use a colour printer all the time. The printer carts - there are 4 separate carts - Black (the largest), Magenta, Yellow & Cyan. I find this incredibly useful as you really only need to replace the single carts as they are empty and the Printer Maintenance screen tells you this.


    Anyway, I have been using Cartridge People for my print carts & paper supplies for several years now. The prices are amazing - you can buy either the manufacturer's cartridges or you can buy non-Manufactured ones - the sales & service is truly amazing - the delivery is free and I would usually receive my orders the following day after my order! Brilliant!

    During their latest sale, I was able to take advantage of their **SPECIAL OFFER**s and purchased the following:-

    5 Black carts for £1.28 each (£6.34),
    4 x 4 pack Black & Colour (Bk/C/M/Y) carts for £20.29

    which meant that I had 9 x Black and 4 each of the Magenta, Yellow & Cyan Carts - all for £26.63!!!

    I also bought 180g A4 Medium Weight Matte Coated Inkjet Paper x20 **BUY 1 GET 1 FREE** - 2 x Full Colors 180g A4 MATTE Coated Inkjet Paper x20 sheets for £2.54.

    The only add-on obviously was the VAT - the delivery was free AND I received the total order the next day! Brilliant service!!!!

    I know that the Cartridge People also sell printers but I haven't needed to buy one from them (yet!) - just check out their website and I'm sure you'll all be delighted with the savings you can make! No, I'm not employed by them!!!

    Here's the contact details for you :-

    Cartridge People
    Unit 4 Millbuck Park, Millbuck Way
    Springvale Industrial Estate
    CW11 3HZ
    0870 242 4237
    May the Force of the Cartridges Go With You All !!!!
  • The True Cost of Printer Ink :j,1895,2183959,00.asp

    This is a useful article from PC Magazine in which they have tested a number of the leading models. The comparison tables give a useful guide.

    Worth a look.

  • In the past I have had Canon and Epson printers the print heads failed on both and were scraped. I now have a HP 5940 which prints excelent photo's and text. As a light user who searches the web for the cheapest HP cartridges I do not find it that expensive to run and the cartridges do not dry up.
  • I have an epson lx 400 printer, just black and ribbon cartridges,

    have spent £10 on cartridges in just under 10 years. (the ribbon type that the doctors prescriptions are printed on) and when the ink gets a bit low, I just print in bold.

    I need to get a new cartridge soon, but am not dreading the cost.

    Printer was free, the dot matrix system is ok for my printing needs, if I need a good print job I ask a mate to print it for me. (her cartridges are more than I spend in a month on food)
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    That reminds me how back in the 80s we used to re-ink dot matrix ribbons with rubber stamp ink or fountain pen ink. Ah, the memories :)
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    My HP Deskjet 870Cxi is fine after 11 years but when I bought a new PC I omitted to check that it had a parallel port. I hadn't so I bought a USB to parallel adapter but it doesn't work very well so the advice, if trying to make an old parallel-only printer last, is to check that the new PC has the right port.
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