The Great ‘The Most Economical Printers’ Hunt



  • Personally I like my HP Laserjet 1020 which I got from Amazon for £45 a month back or so, the replacement toner costs about £40, although I believe they're meant to last about 2000 pages per toner (also if you don't use printers that often you don't have the problem of ink clogging up, which I always used to have).

    Just checked, looks like they're at £50 on Amazon currently, down from their recommended £80 price
  • If you don't need to print regularly, forget expensive cartridges that dry out - save the file to a USB stick and print it out at the library - 20p a page
  • Epson R series (for printing and prints CDs too) or DX series (printer/scanner/copier) - under £50, but generic cartridges can be bought for about £1 a go from places like Bigpocket and DVD-UK etc. If you're a mid to heavy user, even if your printer dies after a year, you've more than recouped your costs. (They usually last a lot longer than that, might I add)

    Tip: If you buy from Bigpockets, always check on the free delivery items. I got myself a memory card for the equivalent of £2 because its cost was offset against the delivery cost of my total order. :D
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    simond wrote: »
    Personally I like my HP Laserjet 1020 which I got from Amazon for £45 a month back or so, the replacement toner costs about £40, although I believe they're meant to last about 2000 pages per toner (also if you don't use printers that often you don't have the problem of ink clogging up, which I always used to have).

    Seconded, except I use a Samsung ML-1250 laser which I bought in early 2002 for £99.99 from It speaks PCL, so it works quite well with Linux as well as Windows and MacOS X (PostScript would be better, though). It included two half-full 1000 sheet toner cartridges as part of a special promotion. I got about 2000 sheets out of the first by using the 'Toner Save' feature, and I'm only on the second cartridge now, some 5 years after purchase. Replacement full cartridges are about 30 quid (if you shop around) and include a replacement drum as well. So the only key parts in the printer body that are likely to fail are the motor and the fuser unit.

    I switched after getting fed up with having to (try to) unclog blocked ink cartridges for my previous two Canon inkjets (one a BJ-200ex, the other a colour BJ-4400c). Now I've used a laser printer, I wouldn't switch back. I'll get photos printed by a photo shop or online. The only thing that might make me consider an inkjet would be if my photography hobby turns semi-pro and I want quick printed proofs. If I ever have kids, and they need something to do school reports with, I'll get a colour laser.
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    If your print head is blocked, get a saucer of boiling/very hot water and just dip the very end of the print head in it for a couple of minutes.

    this melts the blocked ink freeing up the channels for the ink to come out.

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    We also brought a Samsung ML/1250 about 2002 and had only used 2 toners when we changed to new computer running vista, it would not work so we gave it to the local school and they are still using it to date. Replaced with Samsung ML-1610 from

    Stopped using inkjets when they put the 'chips' in that said you had to replace nearly full cartridges or the machine would shut down.:mad:
  • Woz
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    mascherano wrote: »
    Those Samsung ML laser printers that were discussed on here a while back- £40 to buy, £5 to re-fill. Excellent print quality, excellent economy

    I also have a ML1610, excellent little printer.
    But where did you manage to get the refill for £5?
  • Hi, i have had an epson C84 photo printer for about three years, originaly it cost £89, however printer are a lot cheaper now, and you should br able to purchase one for under £50, epson printers vary from using 4 or 6 cartridges which is great, only replace the colour that has run out, i have only ever used compatible cartridges in this printer and the quality is excellent, most local computer shops will sell these cartridges, if not try based in lye in the west midlands, i pay under a pound for each cartridge, and in three yaers have only had one cartridge fail, and if you live locally you can collect your order and save on the postage.

    they also sell ciss and all other computing needs

    hope this helps
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    What do people think to the cost of laser vs ink jet? I print very little and when I do it is rarely in colour so wouldn't mind losing the colour advantage of ink jet.

    I was talking to a salesman in Staples and they were saying that because the cost of toner cartridges are currently around the cost of a cheap laser they were seeing people buying whole new printers rather than new toners when they ran out. Not good for the environment but means you don't have to worry about things breaking down.

    Just on a side note, I looked in John Lewis and noticed that they were doing £30 inkjets and offering 3 year warranty for £30 to go with it. I wonder how many people actually take them up on thta.
  • Further to the post from Davesnave yesterday, whatever printer you use it is seriously worth considering using an ink saving programme to reduce costs. Having switched to an HP printer earlier this year and found that only original cartridges produce reliable quality, I took up a promotional offer from Serif Software for the InkSaver.2 programme and have already saved the software costs several times over. You have complete control on the level of savings, but I regularly print text documents at 50% ink saving and the print quality remains very good for most purposes. There's a downloadable free 15 day trial at and whilst I feel the full price ($35 direct) is worth it, I'd shop around to purchase - currently available on Amazon for £9.99 plus shipping.
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