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The Great ‘The Most Economical Printers’ Hunt



  • David12
    David12 Posts: 23 Forumite
    I have Dell A942 - OK, I know I shouldn't have, but I have!
    Does anyone know of cartridges that will work with this instead of the expensive Dell ones? A company called 365 has been suggested, but I don't know if they are any good.:confused:
    I can't find anything listed on ebuyer which has been recommended.
    Can the old ones be re-filled?
    Any help would be appreciated, please.
  • jonny21
    try www.retone.co.uk for cheap quality compats
  • Neild_2
    Printers an cost anaysis is part of my job and as a general rule of thumb the following applys.
    If you print 1 or 2 pages a week, use an inkjet.
    If you print 1 or 2 colour but losts of black then get an inkjet and a mono laser (but be careful which one as some are no better than inkjets.)
    if you do a lot of both colour and black then get a colour laser.

    Buying colour lasers new can be a little pricy as the cheaper the printer the higher the running costs usually. However, there are some good 2nd hand printers around that will last you years and can be picked up for around £50 to £100. and about 150 to 200 will get you a duplex A3 network printer such as the OKI 9200HDN ( a fantastic printer that will do 100s of thousands of prints with very little problem.) I am happy to offer advice if you want to send me a private message (but I am on holiday till next wedesday)
  • Neild_2
    A good buy is any older OKI Colour laser (C5000, C7000, C9000) as you can buy the toner in a bag and refil the cartridge (much cheaper) and if you know the right people;-) reset the counters for the drums, fuser and belt thus saving a fortune. a drum can usually be reset 3 times before the quality drops noticably.
  • JohnnBonnie
    siwelm wrote: »
    Hi, i have had an epson C84 photo printer for about three years, originaly it cost £89, however printer are a lot cheaper now, and you should br able to purchase one for under £50, epson printers vary from using 4 or 6 cartridges which is great, only replace the colour that has run out, i have only ever used compatible cartridges in this printer and the quality is excellent, most local computer shops will sell these cartridges, if not try www.bigpockets.co.uk based in lye in the west midlands, i pay under a pound for each cartridge, and in three yaers have only had one cartridge fail, and if you live locally you can collect your order and save on the postage.

    they also sell ciss and all other computing needs

    hope this helps
    I have C84 also...when it shows I need new cartridges, go into edit, click print, click preferences and click advanced and then click continue. Alter the slider controls and you will be able to print for days/weeks more...until you can't hear masses of ink sloshing about in the cartridges.
  • petitemlod
    I have a Dell Printer 810. Does anyone know where I can obtain ink cartridges, apart from the Dell Website. It would appear that this is the only place that you can purchase them. Thanks.
  • petitemlod
    :mad: I have a Dell Printer 810. Does anyone know where I can obtain ink cartridges, apart from the Dell Website. It would appear that this is the only place that you can purchase them. Thanks.:confused:
  • David12
    David12 Posts: 23 Forumite
    365ink at http://www.365ink.co.uk/dell-dell-c-607_1821_2415.html :o
    say they stock originals for £19.99. I don't know whether that compares well with Dell.
  • koru
    koru Posts: 1,526 Forumite
    Name Dropper Combo Breaker First Post First Anniversary
    Ollychops wrote: »
    Until recently I'd always struggled in my decision whether to purchase inkjet or laser. Now i would purchase neither. I recently purchased a Xerox 8560DN from www.desktopprintersolutions.co.uk with a page Pack agreement which means i can now allow my nine year old daughter to use the PC without the fear of her printing. With this agreement i only pay for the prints i do, less than 7 pence for a Colour print & just over half a penny for Black. The best bit is that this cost includes all the ink you need, simply call them quoting the serial number and they'll send you what every you need.

    I ordered the printer on the Tuesday and had received lunchtime on the Wednesday. If you need a printer, or are fed up with spending loads check this site out.
    The PagePack idea seems pretty good, particularly if you happen to print with a lot of solid colour or black on the page. But you do have to buy an expensive printer, so if your volumes are low, it probably isn't worth it.

    Might be cheaper for me, next time, as I print more than 1000 pages per month.

    I wasn't previously aware of PagePack, but I note it is provided by Xerox, so you can get it from other printer websites. Therefore, shop around for the best price on the Xerox printer you want.
  • TEssery
    TEssery Posts: 43 Forumite

    More printer info from the inside! The Pagepack idea from Xerox is very common in the copier industry and is becoming popular in the printer industry too, it's what we call a "pay per use" package. Most of the printer brands now offer these in some form or other, although companies which traditionally sell printers (especially online resellers) have been slow to pick up on this opportunity because the business model is not familiar to them. So it's not surprising that Xerox, traditionally a copier brand, is the name that has cropped up here.

    If you want to buy a printer this way, or indeed a multifunctional product (one than can print and copy, even scan and fax too) you may do better to talk to an office products dealer - a company which in the past would have sold copiers rather than printers - because they have always sold their products this way. The technologies are now so similar that a printer is just a copier without a scanning unit, and most copier dealer now sell printers too. They tend to be very strong on after-sales service, too, whereas many IT resellers just want to sell you the box and never hear from you again.

    Be aware that even on a "pay per use" package, a printer with a high consumables cost will cost more per page than a printer with a low consumables cost. But at least when you are being quoted an all-inclusive price per page you have visibility of the total cost.

    I could write reams about this stuff, if anybody is seriously interested, send me a private message so I don't have to bore the rest of you. (I'll be out of email contact for the next week, though, so don't be offended if I don't reply immediately.)
    TRC :)
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