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Add your feedback on energy supplier Eversmart Energy

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This is a feedback thread on energy supplier
Eversmart Energy

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  • Did your switch go smoothly?
  • Have you had problems since?
  • Is it easy to contact?
The feedback comes as part of the
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  • Tony_333Tony_333 Forumite
    1 posts
    MSE quote to change duel fuel was the best but when checking on Eversmart website found that they 'do not supply gas to this postcode' - hence can not get duel fuel. Time taken to get to their web site from MSE link was very, very slow. Ominous? Google search was much faster.
  • I've just effected a switch with this company from British Gas. I will update as to how it proceeds.
  • RaySmithRaySmith Forumite
    1 posts
    Just did the switch.

    I researched the company and was unable to find any reviews. Took the plunge and signed up as they was very competitive.

    Welcome pack was sent to my email address within 10-15 minutes

    I did the checks and noticed that the serial numbers for electric meter was incorrect. I picked the phone up and called their customer service (answered very quickly). The switch had mixed up mine and my next door neighbours electric meters, never had that issue before. Employee cancelled the previous account and set up new on as the advised rates.

    New welcome pack delivered within minutes and now has my previous gas meter serial number, called again and answered very quickly. Spoke to a helpful guy and we checked the meter serial numbers, he assured me they have the correct details and the switch should go ahead fine.

    I'm very optimistic at this point.
  • DiseasedBunnyDiseasedBunny Forumite
    24 posts
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    Not doing gas in my area, but these and another for gas are cheaper than my dual fuel, so joining tomorrow morning
  • ICVICV Forumite
    40 posts
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    I've noticed spelling mistakes on their website and when going through the switch process it got stuck on trying to retrieve (load) my address after I entered my postcode. Tried another postcode from a different part of the country to see if it was a problem with just my current abode and it failed in the same way.
    All seems a bit amateur hour to me :huh::shocked::eek:
  • Found this company via Cheap Energy Club. They however appear to be offering electricity at a much cheaper rate than shown on CEC!

    They offer a tariff called Fixed Smart Special which currently charges £0.1171 (inc vat) per kWh with no standing charge or exit fee and price fixed for 12 months!

    I signed up on 28th July but when I received a welcome pack from them my meter serial number was wrong. I contacted them about this and they then sent me another welcome pack with the meter serial number I had until a year ago when the meter was changed.

    I contacted them about this discrepancy but they assured me that they had the correct serial number and that the transfer from my current supplier (Avro Energy) will go through on 20th August,

    I use about 3100 kWh per year so if Eversmart are going to supply me at this rate I will save over £100 per year as opposed to re signing up with Avro on another 12 months fixed rate (their Simple and Value tariff).
  • MSE estiated Eversmart dual fuel as my cheapest option going forward. I completed the online data request at Eversmart and I was given an incorrect and ridiculous quote of £730 per year vs my current gas + elec cost of ~£1450. I phoned and the agent calculated that it should have bee about £1700. I had triple checked all my usage data online and he agreed that the onlline quote was incorrect and they would get their web developers to look into it.

    I decided not to bother with Eversmart - if they couldn't get their online quote system working it doesn't bode well for the online switcj or ongoing billing etc.
  • Coming up as the cheapest supplier via the Cheap Energy Club - but was informed that the energy club was unable to track my application or assist with the switch in any way (good start, not).

    Started doing an online quote, but the system couldn't quote me - a pop up box told me they are having problems and to call them.

    So, I decided to ring them. Call was answered promptly by a bored sounding male, who didn't give his name. Sounded like a very small office in the background, not the usual call centre racket.

    Quote was excellent, fixed price for 12 months, saving me £20 per month over British Gas. No quote reference number though .. just got told to ring back.

    Dunno if it's me, but the conversation I had with them doesn't smack of professionalism or a major player ...

    I'll keep on searching ..
  • DiseasedBunnyDiseasedBunny Forumite
    24 posts
    Second Anniversary 10 Posts
    Signed up, no issues at all other than wrong meter number which they are sorting out. Let's see how it goes once first payment is taken
  • philngphilng Forumite
    715 posts
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    MSE Energy club are over stating the price of the EverSmart tariff.

    If you obtain a quote direct they have a tariff called Fixed Smart Special which has NIL standing charge on Electricity & there is a £30 dual fuel discount. (confirmed as correct by phone)

    I am currently paying £901 with IRESA & EverSmart quote is alot lower at £784 which is similar to what I was paying around 18 months ago on the cheap EON collective. Seems too low to be true?

    Decision time.... do I trust this 'unknown' company? I took a chance with IRESA previousy & things have so far been fine.
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