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Add your feedback on energy supplier Eversmart Energy

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  • carolynwcarolynw Forumite
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    I've just switched, fingers crossed! Will update as soon as I can. Just worried that if something seems to good to be true it probably is!!!
  • I've taken the plunge - obtained a quote online (which gave me the Fixed Smart Special tariff) ... and arranged the switch.

    Received 2 emails from them within 5 minutes concerning DD details. Also been corresponding with them by text to change the date of the monthly DD ... they've been quick to respond, and polite too.

    So far so good ... if their prices are correct, then I'll be saving a good £292 per year over British Gas.

    Fingers crossed
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    rogerhaworthrogerhaworth Forumite
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    Further to my earlier post.

    The Fixed Smart Special tariff seems to have been withdrawn now and the Fixed Smart tariff as displayed on CEC is the best you can have. Still cheaper than anything else which I can find.

    Eversmart's website seems to be partially down at present and they say they aren't accepting phone calls but I haven't tried to see if this is the case.

    I have signed up to the Fixed Smart Special tariff and it's supposed to be going live on 20th August but I'm keeping my fingers crossed as if something seems too good to be true it probably is!
  • philngphilng Forumite
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    This is a real strange one. Obtained a quote last week on the Fixed Smart Special Tariff which was £120 less than my 'cheap' IRESA deal.
    Main difference was no standing charge on Electric which seemed too good to be true???
    The quote just seemed so far out of sync with the rest of the market & after phoning there was something about the call that I wasnt convinced about-Just the way the call was answered etc.
    Anyway I delayed waiting for more feedback-Just seems too good to be true.
    Unable to obtain quote today says techinical difficulties!!!! So will watch this space.
  • philngphilng Forumite
    715 posts
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    Well almost 36 hours later quote system is still off and web site is headed up:

    'We are experiencing high traffic and high call volume at present. Please try back later.'

    Doesn't look very promising to me!
  • DiseasedBunnyDiseasedBunny Forumite
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    I'm switching to them on the 23rd...
  • Signed up! After several hours my welcome pack didn't come through so I sent them a message on Facebook. To my surprise there was someone there working away into the evening and it was with me within minutes.

    I switch over in early September and have been told I can put off having a smart meter fitted until they start rolling out SMETS2 meters in 12 - 14 weeks.
  • I'm due to switch to them tomorrow. I have had no update - they promise to update you on your switch after 17 days (which was 2-3 days ago)- and slightly more disconcertingly CEC no longer list the company at all in their lists of providers. Anyone else had a switch go through on time?
  • I'm due to switch to Eversmart tomorrow 20th August. I phoned them on Thursday to check that it was all going smoothly and they said it was. I asked when I was likely to receive my username and password to sign on to my online account and was told that there might be a delay with this.
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    rogerhaworthrogerhaworth Forumite
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    I became an Eversmart electricity customer yesterday. As their online portal isn't working yet I emailed them my opening meter reading and they emailed back acknowledging receipt. Today they took the first direct debit from my bank account. I checked with my previous supplier (Avro) who confirmed that they were aware that I had switched.

    Eversmart's Fixed Smart Special tariff for electricity charges 11.71p per kWh inclusive of vat with no daily standing charge, no exit fee and the price guaranteed for 12 months!

    For an average electricity user buying 3100 kWh per year this tariff is £89 cheaper than the cheapest tariff advertised for my address on Cheap Energy Club (Iresa).

    How can Eversmart afford to be so cheap? Will it all end in tears like with GB Energy who recently went bust?
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