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5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

edited 18 July 2017 at 11:40AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Purple_kittenPurple_kitten Forumite
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    1 A grilled bacon buttie for brekkie, leftover Chinese for lunch, a using up everything thing for tea. A slice of cherry pie with hot custard… ah my sweet teeth.

    2 Welcome to life, it feels a bit like “up” sometimes”, we’re forgoing the last break away this year, just the usual uk camp trip, as we need a dryer. Ours has been repaired a lot but is now beyond repairing. One has come up on offer which we will take. I do a lot of washing loads per week with the animal bedding, and what is coming up is as energy economical as it can be using a dryer. Hoping to make up for it in the spring.

    3 I saw a video of my FIL reading out a speech I wrote for him, and people cheering, I feel very inspired, bless them, I did explain they needed to pad it out and personalise it to incorporate their stories as it was for people I don’t know and have never met. But well they didn’t and no one seemed to care.

    4 A little bit of moon gazing.

    5 A few candles alight with the place smelling nice.
  • villagelifevillagelife Forumite
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    1. A quiet day. Did an online shop and it's coming today.

    2. Did some studying up in the greenhouse. Pulled up tomato plants. I do have a fair few green tomatoes to do something with though.

    3. Watching the chickens run around the garden.

    4. Enjoyed the rugby.

    5. Cooked tea and a crumble for pud.

    6. DS1 went to see a friend.
  • LaineyTLaineyT Forumite
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    Ooh Frith a large field was the only kind I didn’t see :)

    Sunday pleasures,

    Capt S now has lurgy too so decided on a quiet day at home.

    Up early, put a piece of beef brisket in the slow cooker and poured a bottle of beer over it, easy autumn cooking.

    More food, this time bacon butties for breakfast and catching up on all things Ambridge, tears about Joe.

    It wasn’t a cold day but the constant rain made it feel chilly so snuggling under a throw on the sofa.

    A few games of Yahtzee, also watched a recorded Mastermind.

    The clouds rolling away and we got out with small dog, walking back towards home and the sun setting through the beech trees.

    Clear night so got to see the full Hunters Moon, beautiful.
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    Blackbeard_of_PerranporthBlackbeard_of_Perranporth Forumite
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    Wells yous knows what it is like chasing the cloth around the country. BoP is in suvven mill this morning and lighting the boilers. We need them this time of year as the chill seeps into the air. Will be offs up whippet spotting tomorrow, so no lunch bites!

    Cloth is like muck and brass!

    Nows yous wanns to knows about BoP’s weakened.

    On Staturday we had the BoP snorker fest as usual, with double snorkers this weak. Best back, mushrooms and the SpagYETTi hoops, but you knews that already!

    Yesterday dinner in gaffe de BoP was hot chilli chicken fry of steers. With chopped onions, mushrooms and had beens sprouts. Rite tasty. Also we has the snorker rolls for lunch. BoPsie was a tad confused as BoP finished the shop inn the emporium and was looking for the packet sausage roll. No was done proper in pan, with onion. BoPsie even had the audacity to add chilli sauce to her roll. Rite tasty again!

    Re-watching the car comedians drinking coffee at times at the moment. Very good. Is on the flixnet things. Watched also the not going to be taking a million quiz as well. BoP is also watching the Grate Model Railway thing of the five channel. Quite good. Fear better than the singing on ice factor x bake off dance things!

    Talking of fires, as yous knows BoP’s birthday this year is on Bonnie nite. Nows as I walked down the evil aisle in the emporium yestday, I noticed that the fleecers weres now promoting more weighs for yous empty your purse by offering tack for that day as well. I knows, Bis always on about it! Think. When BoP dropped food parcels in Ethiopia in 84. That pumkin is a food stuff grown for waste. And no, not even that facebuck post about squirrels wanting it afterwards would placate. Arable land used to produce waste!

    Oh, no mentioneds mes lunch box. Full of the usual goodness and it weres going to contain some creamy Jammy Dodgers. Unfortunately they has failed to make Monday!

    Sea levels have already risen by around 400 ft as we exit the current Ice Age?

    Unlike some grates and think goods, BoP is not paid to give his thoughts on subjects!

    There, not watt yous wanted to read, but there is it inn your version of the ‘Life of BoP’

    There, that has not made the world more perfect!
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  • VJsmumVJsmum Forumite
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    Oh dear, I've been AWOL again....

    New week, new me after a fairly frustrating and upsetting week. First world, PhD problems but problems nonetheless.. Having been told for several months that my structure would work, I was told last week that it is no good and that I will need to suspend studies / ask for an extension to buy myself more time to do it right - i.e. 'their' way. I was *this* close to giving it up, but have decided that the only way to be rid is to finish it, so on I go. Added to which there are ongoing worries about DS's mental health. Also a friend's partner has been 'missing' for over a week, she's contacted people to say she's ok, but won't tell them where she is. She is unwell and is without very necessary medication.

    :mad: and :(

    Anyhoo, some pleasures

    1. OH and I went to Madrid for a mini break, it was warm and sunny and we ate and drank lots. It was fab and it was a lifetime ago :p
    2. My frustration with PhD has meant that I've not done any for nearly 2 weeks - also fab :o
    3. nice weekend in welsh wales - an overnight stay in ICT; a trip to a nice caf! and an art gallery where art was purchased. A walk on the coast path (13.2 miles) and a nice breakfast watching the Welsh rugby team win yesterday.
    4. Being finally well enough to do the walk after a lingering chest infection
    5. Took DS out for lunch in Liverpool. He is OK and getting some help
    6. Back to DD and a curry.

    All the eating and drinking of the last few weeks have taken a toll and i'm back on the 5:2 today.

    Will try to do better with posting...
    I wanna be in the room where it happens
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    I got to cuddle Frieda for most of the morning, it was worth waiting for, she's gorgeous.

    Time with DD1 and I got to cuddle her too which was just as nice as my cuddle with Frieda.

    Walked into the city and lunch at M&S which included Black Forest Hot Chocolate…..NAUGHTY but VERY NICE INDEED!

    Trip to my nice greengrocer and a bag of tomatoes, bag of red peppers and a bag of sprouts came home with me.

    Finding a present for my newest grandson Keir who I shall be meeting for the very first time tomorrow and he has a book about a little lost wolf cub called Wilf and a wolf cuddly toy that looks just like the illustration in the book, can't wait for a cuddle with him too!
  • Purple_kittenPurple_kitten Forumite
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    I’m a bit shocked, I went to book in for the flu jab at the docs, and they said they have no vaccinations, check back in a bit!

    I need to find pleasures today so....
    1 I made a full English this morning, with proper Cumberland snorkers, poached egg, grilled bacon, beans and grilled toms.

    2 I locked myself away and wrote a bit.

    3 Ran errands with dh, picked up his x ray form and popped into wickes for things to fix the ceiling, plasterboard cracks.

    4 Fish, new pots, last of the veg and frozen veg to pad it up, from the meal plan for tonights grub,

    5 Another bag of heart foundation, CS clothes created, I’m glad to be getting some space back.
  • DundeeDollDundeeDoll Forumite
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    For yesterday
    1) the rugby went ahead (sad to see scotland go out but good match)
    2) fabulous talk at the botanics on therapeutic hospital gardens
    3) then friend's open garden event - friends playing music then highly amusing chap playing keyboard 'guess the tune'. i did very well
    4) gbf picked me up on way to lovely church service
    5) home and weekly lodger had arrived. we had a giggle about life in general
    For today
    1) super walk into work - i saw a fox in the arobretum
    2) shared lunch with the international students. i had encouraged them to bring in a dish from their culture. they did not disappoint :P (i took eton mess - very english, very easy)
    3) lift home with very good friend - trying to convince her to come lodge as she is currently renting in perth
    4) phd student cooked stir fry for supper yum
    5) and now we're headed to the pub for the england game (he's irish and more into rugby)
    I may not be there yet but I'm closer than I was yesterday
  • mhagstermhagster Forumite
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    Hello...blooming football on spoiling my Monday evening soaps!

    Day off! Hu-blooming-rah

    Dressed nicely for the occasion of no work!

    Wrote a list and ticked everything off. Washing out. Hoovered, floors washed. Bathrooms much cleaner than they were.

    Went into town. Had a mooch round charity shops, got 2 snowsuits for baby...which have washed up well. One for 99p and the other £1.50. A lovely teal gilet for me. A teal cotton jumper still with tags on and half price. A pair of jeans ( my last favourite pair ragged recently) . A gorgeous ‘fur’ jacket for GN Christmas gift. Looks unworn. And a Christmas story book.

    Was just home and the niecelys arrived. So a lovely hour or so of chatter and big beaming baby smiles.

    Had considered allotment but didn’t go.

    Walked to get DD2 from work.

    Steak pie for tea. Meat in slow cooker all day. First outing of the season for the slow cooker.

    Made brownies for pud.
  • zaxdogzaxdog Forumite
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    1. Bum hit my office chair at 6.55am and worked straight through until 5pm, manned the phones at lunch too and got a shedload of stuff cleared.

    2. Walked part of the way home along the shore to clear my head, only a few miles then neighbour stopped to give me a lift

    3. Walk with said neighbour and our dogs. My Rax off lead the whole time as his recall is so good and I was quite smugly proud of him

    4. Sensible breakfast and light lunch meant I was ready for mince, tatties and roasted neeps :j

    5. Got a bunch of chores done with Mr Zaxdog whilst Kero (the rescue dove) flew about the house remembering to return to his perch to poop :eek:
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