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5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

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  • Purple_kittenPurple_kitten Forumite
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    1 Spent all of Sat through to the wee hours of Sunday morning with the in-laws, always good company.
    2 Up late today, to a bacon roll
    3 Over to DF’s for the last check around, his garden strimmed, mowed, pond topped up, house mopped and hoovered again, we’ve done all we can.
    4 Shocked at how busy the roads are and conscious of driving when people have been “celebrating” a win, but home and toad in the hole created for tea.
    5 Sitting here having just made some cupcakes and a cuppa, watching Grimm.
  • FrithFrith Forumite
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    Sounds worrying, MHags.

    Pleasures for today (Sunday).

    1) Just managed to log onto MSE on my laptop after mysteriously getting logged out and being unable to log back in again for 2 days. Then I could log in but not read anything properly. :-/ I could read stuff on my phone but don't like typing masses on it and they STILL haven't sorted the apostrophe thing out. (Do MSE ever actually answer any emails?)

    2) Not a bad sleep.

    3) Listened to the Archers for the first time in ages.

    4) Hens well and cleaned their sleeping quarters out. 2 eggs and one tiny egg like a marble!

    5) Had burgers and salsa for lunch whilst watching the football.

    6) Made cinnamon buns which were overly fiddly but very nice.

    7) Mystery frozen bag for tea which turned out to be chicken korma.

    8) Sat out in the garden 10.30pm (not dark) having more cinnamon buns and hot chocolate.

    9) My school friend phoned.

    10) Smaller son did some revision - that's a first! He does BTEC Sports Science alongside his GCSEs and the first test is on Friday. It all counts towards the final mark so I am glad he is doing something.
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  • house_elfhouse_elf Forumite
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    good Morning Folks,

    DfV I Have spectacle envy. I want Star Wars glasses too! :j


    1. Did not wake up early.

    2. Spent most of the day in the garden. Most of the plants are potted up or in the boarders. Clearing the way for the builders. The garden looks much tidier.

    3. Watching the hens free ranging. They enjoyed a dust bath, and the doggie joined in, rolling on her back on the grass. :rotfl:

    4. Sat in friends garden with a cup of tea, during the hottest part of the day. Took over their 30th Anniversary present. The olive plant which formed the centre piece of our wheelbarrow display at Gardeners World. Not everyone can say their olive plant has been exhibited at GWL :rotfl:

    5. Yummy tea of RTC ribs in Regge Regge Sauce followed by a fire in the fire pit. Got rid of lots of dead twigs.

    Wish we could do it all again today, but work beckons.

    Have a lovely day :)
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  • villagelifevillagelife Forumite
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    Mhagster pleased that no need for you to go to Australia and your daughter is recovering.

    1. Went to Kew gardens and had a walk round. We really enjoyed in and arrived early and parked easily on the road outside and looked at the newly renovated glasshouse.

    2. Visited MIL and she was in a chair rather than her wheelchair. DH had kicked up a fuss recently and it has worked. For the past year she hasn't been moved to a chair in the lounge area.

    3. Went to her old house and took cuttings from things in the garden and some of her garden pots have come home with us.

    4. DS1girlfriend had fallen and blacked out earlier and taken to hospital and given the ok to come home. This happens frequently and generally when no one is about but when DS1 is due home.

    5. Went for a meal with friends and both sons came too. Good time was had but DS1 had to keep making phone calls to his girlfriend, who had been invited.

    6. I was given a belated birthday present of hand made cushions for the garden with lovely chicken fabric.
  • LaineyTLaineyT Forumite
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    Sunday pleasures,

    Up early and already warm so sat outside with cuppa.

    A gentle, warm, summers day spent together at our lovely home, nothing better really.

    Good win at the footie and a white wash in the cricket, Capt S happy.

    Beef brisket in slow cooker for hours, house smelt delicious and saved oven going on. Enjoyed with new pots and green beans.

    Late evening stroll in the relatively cool, moon up and bright.
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    ampersandampersand Forumite
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    village life - noting a number of your posts referring to ds1's girlfriend, Iknow you are in an invidious position, but just hope a different light dawns for ds1 in choices of girlfriend/partner eventually.
    Given you have OH's mother's difficulties, too - and work being less than always congenial...just thought I'd say I DO notice and include you in passages of thought i have.

    AND - drumroll - it's Frith's birthday today- well, that animated image hasn't worked, so let's try this:
    It's hot, fine,sunny all over - hooray:-)
    Let there be CAKE! We know choc and hugs are not your things.
    So, another infrequent round-up, desktop cranked and running:

    1. Annual gas safety check man just been and gone. Thank goodness for that.

    2. Spits day barely ordinary until fantastic late late late sale of a magnificent carved ebony head, found last year in Provence, full provenance, sgd, through family line of carvers to the old Madagascan Imerinan royal family. Spits becoming increasingly tough, tetchy, with car parking up 50% in one jump, more squeezing, usual space uncertainty, diminishing footfall. Add to which, prep for Spts curtailed by wasp swarm and a dozen stings to & face, lips, arms. Long story short - the queen is dead, one old oil painting wrapping chewed through, but mashwari bag fronts, in which nest was built, should be ok. On high frequent dose stuff and cream, but still being affected, hence daily recall to surgery - supposed to be for a fortnight! On verra..

    2. Definite nest re-use by robin in coralux corner at bathroom window. Still no little peep-peeps, but constant flying in and out means Raffles would be happy to climb there, speaking of whom BIG SUNNY BEAMING THANKS FROM &

    3. Much happening. Returning from champagne drop-off to another village, pulled in to cricket green and loved what & learnt was an East Anglian Under 15s Final. Earnest, intense, competitive, mixed teams. They were terrific. Really enjoyed it, with own folding chair, in glorious sun.

    4. Def. obtaining this, last weeks r4 botw: Vicar's husband languishing n hospital, not for long, hopefully and timing somehow runs most years that book from & becomes their holiday reading. Previously H is for Hawk and Richard Coles. Have given heads-up on this one in advance :-)

    5. Apparently other ball games are still available, but this was THE one:
    -in The Alma, bien sûr. Great company and sharing amid realisation that next mutual rugby mtgs there is 3 Nov, some way off yet. All v.enjoyable and new ABs are shaping up reasonably well. Still far to go for Big Ask 3rd consecutive World Cup. 2 Alma peeps are heading to Japan - £24k each!!! Had thought, then doubted own recall, that one had said £, it's even more!. & knows where & will be watching:-)
    Did & say other ball games are available?
    Better to enjoy this: - Dead Ringers, especially the Pundits sketch, in great form, Only the Bob Flowerdew voice wasn't quite there, but ALL writing and everything PUS brilliant. Much needed in these times.
    Congratulations[seems not quite right word] bop, for next month. Armed Forces Service yesterday and & will do another grave check. Yes, understand there are many more, direction Lincs/Wolds, but that this one should have occurred in this prev. unheralded, no-trace-remaining corner of Fens....well, every life lost is one too many, wherever, however. Segues to this Reith Lecture, which & will listen to:
    This IS Public Broadcasting - all available here:
    Monday - time to go, more tabs, reaction, appt.
    pk - you are doing well.
    vjm - glad you've been loving your own jerome k. jerome experience:-), espcially THERE! Safe journey back.
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  • VJsmumVJsmum Forumite
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    Thanks Ampersand. And we even had the stinky fromage..:rotfl:

    Bonjour tout le monde. Another day, another train but this one is en route to disneyland from Cahors in the Lot valley where we have been en bateau for a glorious week.

    Pleasures for the last week

    1 the weather... oh my but it's been glorious
    2. The pace - you can't get anywhere fast
    3. Early morning on deck. Just me and my cuppa
    4 food.
    5. Just the four of us together for a whole week. Can't remember when that last happened. And no arguments. :T

    Have a good day all.
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  • LaineyTLaineyT Forumite
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    Happy Birthday to Frith lots of cake and falling down water sent through ether, hope you have a great day m’dear :bdaycake:
  • Blackbeard_of_PerranporthBlackbeard_of_Perranporth Forumite
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    VI Don’t rush the blood to the head, the lottery of where Germany come out is to be decided! Hmmm. More later

    4 Had another kitchen disaster today. After burning on the spilled milk yesterday, BoPsie’s whine glass was clattered by Raffles this morning and is no more. Raffles is ok. BoPsie is without wine glass! Please think of BoPsie!

    3 Watched another flix of net last evening. Ms Hawn in The banger Sisters. Again, don’t tells yous mothers! Decent cheese and wobbleade was consumed!

    2 Day BoP is back at the mill stoking the furnaces and producing cloths. You will be surprised at the lunch box this day. Salad, wobbly boiled egg, proper digestives and trifle. Good for you!

    Having on this week, we are ordering our new bed on FryDay. With new bedding and pillows. This is what happens when you … Mind you them we has the little bedroom to paint and floor!

    Birthday cakes on Friths porch!

    It can only end inn ...
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    1) Lots of YS goodies at the Co-Op including a whole water melon (just a small one) 2 x Pie Minister butternut squash pies and 2 x black bean spicy burgers.

    2) Lovely lunch in the garden I used lots of 'fridge ends' and made a tortilla omelette, we had some of the broad bean hummus, sliced chorizo, home made apple and cabbage coleslaw, home grown lettuce, baby plum tomatoes, a chopped courgette and a lovely pumpkin seed roll, yummy!

    3) Much packing achieved this morning, I've made inroads on the store room.

    4) Deciding NOT to walk Cookie in this heat as she suffers because she's black.

    5) Coming back from the garden plots with a lovely hearty spring cabbage, two fist sized beetroot, two good sized courgettes, the first cucumber and a picking of loganberries we'll be well fed for a little while.
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