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Kensington Mortgage application timescale

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  • Lady712Lady712 Forumite
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    Congrats, I am in the same boat. Received DIP 25th may. Made offer 2nd June. Broker sent full application 7th June. Nothing back yet. The waiting is so stressful.
  • browneyonebrowneyone Forumite
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    We applied with Kensington on the 11th May and we received our offer on the 12th June.
  • Lady712Lady712 Forumite
    9 posts
    @browneyone, how long before they did the valuation?
  • Hello,

    I'm so glad that your offer was finally accepted. Reading this has given me slightly more hope in our case.
    My partner and I are first time buyers, with absolutely no clue in what we were doing when it came to buying a house. We have a house lined up with brilliant sellers who have been ever so understanding regarding our situation. Offer has been accepted, they are in no chain and have already begun moving into another house.
    We went about things a little backwards, put an offer in on the house before we had the DIP.
    Due to my partners credit history - kensington was the only person our mortgage advisor heard back from. We received a DIP really quickly and we had to send off wage slips, p60s, proof of deposit, landlord/tenant contract etc. We thought because we had already sent off so much that the actual mortgage acceptance would be a breeze.
    We officially applied and signed papers for the mortgage application on the 23rd may and we are still waiting... it is driving me mad. I've had awful anxiety regarding this I just want it to be over.
    Kensington have been good regarding contact with out mortgage advisor, they came back to us a few weeks ago asking for proof that my partners debt had been paid off and a letter explaining the reason as to how he came to get it. We sent that off, and then a week later I received a phonecall from them confirming our contact details, address etc of both myself and my partner. I asked the man on the phone where the application was progress - wise. and he said something along the lines of "Mortgage application has been processed and is now with the underwriters - we just have some outstanding information that we may potentially need" basically saying that they may need the following: Proof my partner had lived at our current address a certain year, employee references, landlord and letting agency reference and gift letters and ID corresponding to the Gift letters.
    We eventually did hear back from them asking for these documents, I sent everything off that they needed. The only thing out of our hands was the request for employee and landlord references, which kensington would send out themselves. I notified our landlord and employers to await some kind of reference request. Kensington told our mortgage advisor they were sent out on 6th june. None of the above have heard or received anything of the sort. Which has really made me panic. We have contacted our mortgage advisor who has taken email addresses for all of the above and forwarded everything on to kensington this week. So hopefully they will receive something soon.
    Im just so worried that kensington have still not sent anything out. I just want to know has the offer been accepted? Does this situation sound promising? I am so sorry this is a long post and kudos to you if you have reached this far into my desperate post. I literally have no idea what to expect. I pester my Mortgage advisor as often as i feel is acceptable, and he updates us constantly. I just don't know what to expect at this point of the process.

    Once again thankyou for reading.
  • browneyonebrowneyone Forumite
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    Valuation was on the 30th May
  • browneyonebrowneyone Forumite
    73 posts
    Eighth Anniversary 10 Posts Combo Breaker

    We also had to keep providing more and more to the kensignton.

    Somthing I found odd was that we had to wait for my partners probation period to end at work before we could fully apply, What I found odd was that they never never even contacted out employers!

    They did say they would contact my landlord but in the end they didn't. Very odd. (Never missed rent in 6 years anyway)
  • Gigi1214Gigi1214 Forumite
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    Congratulations to you who all got offers. Our valuation was completed on the 9th June. Next week will be six weeks since submitting the application to Kensington. The anticipation is driving me mental. They wouldn't instruct valuation if everything is not ok would they? Especially if they are covering valuation costs.

    Provided one additional evidence requested this Monday. Surely, that does not require 6 days to assess. No news does not mean bad news, does it?
  • @browneyone Thankyou for the reply! That is strange. So when did you hear back from them? I feel like I'm going to be chasing them forever! Did you just hear back not long after they requested references. I'm still not convinced they've sent out reference requests. Oh I hope there's still hope for us. Waiting is a nightmare! Xx
  • alfedalfed Forumite
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    Apparently they have done my underwriting yesterday after confirming a few additional things and valuation is bring instructed this Monday.. fingers crossed for me.
  • browneyonebrowneyone Forumite
    73 posts
    Eighth Anniversary 10 Posts Combo Breaker
    Applied on the 11th May,

    We got our offer on the 12th June.
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