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Kensington Mortgage application timescale

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  • AjhoyleAjhoyle Forumite
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    Hi Thankyou hope you hear good news soon :) did they ask you for all the documents in one go? They only asked us for a few so worrying they're going to ask for more and then add another 6 day SLA onto the request :(
  • alfedalfed Forumite
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    Yes I went through a broker and the broker advised me to get all the doc's together to reduce the time,this was then checked by a internal team before they sent the full application across to kensington.
    Kensington still asked to see proof of deposit(which i already sent to broker before the app went to kensington)which is going to be from the sale of my current house,this took another 5 days for them to look at.
    I called my broker yesterday and the told me they will have more info on Friday so fingers crossed.
    I think each case is different I'm self employed,so needed to send a bit more info.
    I have found that getting to stressed about it won't get them to give me a mortgage,if it happens it happens if not we'll sometimes that's just life!
    Good luck with your app and I'll keep you updated as to what happens:)
  • AjhoyleAjhoyle Forumite
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    They've finally underwritten what was sent and requested further information from my employer:) after this is received our valuation will be instructed yeeeeey!
    Hope you've had some good news too.
  • alfedalfed Forumite
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    I've been asked for lots more docs.
    Proof of residency for 2015.
    Apparently they said my solicitor isn't suitable However my solicitor has all the accreditations they need and more?so can't get my head round that.
    Also my girlfriend gets her wages paid into my account and child benifit so I've got to explain why in a letter with kensingtons name on it and explain my relationship with my girlfriend.
    I've goto prove where the funds are coming from to clear my credit cards off.
    So at the moment it isn't going great for me.
    I've got a feeling it's going to be a long winded process but on the flip side I havnt been declined......yet
  • alfedalfed Forumite
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    BTW glad it's going well for you hope you get your house good luck
  • im also about to do a application with kensington and was wondering if they are happy with the SA302 for the last 3 years or do they want to see buissness accounts awell?

    my income is made up of dividends and salary
  • I'm still waiting after they asked for even more paperwork!

    Application was submitted on 18th May. They have a 6 day review time scale on every extra bit you sent in. This week they finally satisfied all the documents sent but wanted a letter explaining the reasons why my partners signature had changed slightly from his passport to his application and wanted to know why I pay money in and out of my savings account which holds my deposit!

    I made an offer on the property at the beginning of April! I'm now waiting for them to review the last 2 letters, I've booked my valuation to try and keep the estate agents and current owners happy as they probably think I'm messing them about!

    All fingers crossed for next week! I want to on an IKEA shopping spree lol.
  • I'm hoping and praying that if they were gna kick me out and say no they would of done it by now �� Tsb said no within a week
  • alfedalfed Forumite
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    Hi mark
    I'm the same and I sent my last 3 Years SA302s in and 3 years business bank accounts,they havnt asked to see my full company accounts......yet.
    They have asked for so much though,but I've havnt had a no yet so that's good.
    Hope it all goes well for you molly1996 I'm in the same position hope the seller doesn't think I'm messing them about.
    Keep us posted as to when you get your offer if you can or how the valuation pans out;)
  • We got our offer last thing today !!! So happy. Good luck everyone x
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