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Kensington Mortgage application timescale

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  • So your application hasnt been declined yet then if your still paying for surveys etc?

    Ive had to make another Account my name was rachael5432 but couldnt log back on for apme reason!! Anyway, damp report has been sent bk to valuer and we wait again, 8 day turn around at the moment so i think this i going to be a long long longgggg process _pale_
  • We've had our valuation done according to Kensington and that confirmed the purchase price, its just waiting for an offer now hopefully. We have had to provide some more info to the broker last week about one direct debit and a question about salary so I am hoping it isn't going to be a back and forward exercise as it is 8 working days every time they ask questions. I hope the queries we answered last week was all they needed to know.
  • Hi all, this makes me feel slightly better about our ridiculously slow progress. We're 8 weeks in and seem to be going nowhere! The estate agents are telling us the chain is going to collapse if things don't move quicker! Has anyone had any luck with contacting Kensington directly? Our mortgage advisor just laughs when we ask about time scales and says it will take as long as it takes!
  • I would be asked my advisor to chase it. A lot of people dont recommend calling them, they'll tall you to call your broker for an update. Whenever i have asked ours to chase they have done and got back to me the same day.
  • Lady712Lady712 Forumite
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    Hi insertyourname,

    Have you had any news as I am in the same boat now and was just wondering how you are getting on.
  • Just received my offer through the post a couple of hours ago. Strangely the broker hasn't contacted me to tell me that the mortgage had been offered but Kensington wrote to me directly.
  • Lady712Lady712 Forumite
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    That's great news congratulations. I have just received my offer from my broker as well. :j:j

    Finally 7 weeks of stress over :beer:
  • sunny1985sunny1985 Forumite
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    Hi, We have just started all this process and again, due to partners credit history and my debt (but never ever missed any payments) broker suggested Kensington. I can feel not being able to sleep for weeks especially because we need to move out of current property in six-seven weeks.
    Is there anyone that have been declined this mortgage and what are the reasons?
  • Hi all! We got our offer on the 3rd aug!!!! So relieved!
  • rosr74rosr74 Forumite
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    hi rach pleased you got your offer through. were in a similar situation to what you were re request for damp and timber survey was just wondering how long from the damp survey did it take to get offer
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