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Kensington Mortgage application timescale

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  • AjhoyleAjhoyle Forumite
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    Me neither... still waiting for our offer. Let me know if you hear anything!
  • Ch122Ch122 Forumite
    2 posts
    It has been 6 weeks since we applied for our mortgage with kensington. We have heard that today they are doing the valuation. Does anyone know how long it usually takes to get an offer through from here.
  • Valuation booked for 6th july.... which is nealy a week away!!!!! Thought it would be sooner
  • And we have a mortgage offer. Whoop! So hoping for exchange next week now and completion at the end of July. After chasing, I found it in my junk email!

    Feeling relieved now.
  • Aww thats fab news @startingout!!!! Congrats!! Xx
  • Application has gone in, had to pay a £99 to 3MC (not entirely sure what their role in the process is) hoping the process doesn't take too long as keen to get things moving. Solicitors want money for searches etc but I have asked if I can delay this as don't want to lose the money if the mortgage isn't approved.
  • Hi, any news or progress anyone?

    Valuation fone and came back with a request for a damp survey to be carried out. Been told all other paper work is fine. Next survey booked in for friday. Will update later next week
  • Ch122Ch122 Forumite
    2 posts
    Kensington got back to us 6 days after the valuation. Offered us the mortgage amount but unfortunately not for that house. Was very disappointed. Back on the hunt for another house. On the plus side at least we can get a mortgage.
  • We've been in the dark for weeks.
    Got news last Thursday that the mortgage has been declined due to "potential asbestos". Gutted isn't even the word. There's no indication to where the asbestos is...that's it, it is that vague. And apparently the surveyor was there for under 10 minutes. It's quite a substantial sized house, it took us about half an hour to leave both times we went to view it.

    So after crying for 3 days straight - our only option is to do an asbestos survey. Which is being conducted today - vendors insisted on paying for full survey even though we did offer to pay 50/50.

    Before that we had the nightmare as well of our gift letters from my relatives not being enough proof for them giving us gifted deposits. They wanted their bank statements for evidence that the money was transferred from their bank accounts. One of my relatives flat out refused to do it because he didn't want his bank statements given out to people - understandable. That was a few days when it was all up in the air. And I thought I felt rubbish then. Oh no. Right now I'm pretty down about the whole thing.
    I feel as if Kensington really don't want to give us this.

    Congratulations to those who got your offers!
  • Is it usually a good sign when the valuation has been instructed? Application has gone in and apparently Kensington came back with a couple of queries after a week that were easy for us to address and the broker had the answers about 10 mins later. Problem is it goes to the back of the queue and its another 6 working days for them to look at the response. Should we expect more questions from them or assume that was all they wanted to know if they have requested a valuation?

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