exercise for middle aged overweight man

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    Final installment - he has now achieved his goal to lose 2 stone. He started in January, using the 5:2 diet, and I started this thread about a month later to get some ideas about how he could build exercise in to his life.

    He now plays golf 2 or 3 times a week, I bought a bike so now we can cycle on the canal towpath which is great, he never ever takes the lift or the escalator if there are stairs available, and his energy levels are immense. The depression still tries to bring him down, but it doesn't have as much of a hold on him as it used to. People are commenting on how much better he's looking.

    The challenge now is to maintain the weight loss and possibly continue to lose in the long term. The healthy eating will continue - he's totally lost his craving for sugar and salt, and would rather have fruit than crisps. He's thinking of perhaps having one fasting day a week, just to keep on top of it.

    I'm so proud of him, and he's heading towards his 59th birthday leaner and fitter than he's been in years.
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    That's brilliant news trailing spouse:T
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    You both have done very well! Sounds like it's time for a new challenge, 5km park run? Rowing? Always aim to exceeds your previous level
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    Congrats to you both! I agree with fireblade28 that the occasional new challenge can be both fun and motivating. Group activities and clubs can be a good way to maintain a consistent level of exercise too.

    I think depression is a fact of life for some people but you know that your husband now has a few more tools to deal with it. I've been on the cusp myself and regular exercise (trail running for me) is such a good mood leveller that I'll always find a way to fit it into my lifestyle, just as I'm sure you both will.

    All the best to you both in the future!
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    Thought I'd just pop back with an update -

    He hit 14st 4lbs back in May, and has maintained his weight at that level since then.

    It's been life changing - he can run if running is required, he plays golf at least twice a week, we cycle and we walk. We bought fitbits a month or so ago - he's been quite shocked at how active I am on a day-to-day basis, compared to how inactive he is on the days he's at work. He now comes home from work, has dinner, checks his fitbit, and if he's not hit his target we'll go out for a walk in the evening. A few nights ago we did this, got home - and he was still a couple of hundred steps short, so he walked up and down the garden and wouldn't come in until he'd done them!!

    As to new challenges - we're seriously thinking of cycling the length of the Leeds Liverpool canal...
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    As to new challenges - we're seriously thinking of cycling the length of the Leeds Liverpool canal...

    Do it, I'm seriously thinking of doing something similar down south so would be very interested to hear how you get on.
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