exercise for middle aged overweight man

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    The best thing would be to take on walking together. Weather is not an excuse - appropriate footwear , hat, hood, scarf, gloves and layers is the answer to ANY weather. If you were to do only one thing to help with his fitness (and yours) then I would say it should be allocating a particular time for about one and a half hours walk twice/3 times a week slotting it nicely into your dairy.
    Then see what else fits into your lifestyle. If you do not mind/like fitness classes you both could take on pilates/body balance - very useful, enjoyable and low impact. If you babysit he could knock about football with grandchildren, if you go to sauna he could do a few lengths in a swimming pool at a time. Join dance classes - excellent for wellbeing, some physical training and great for getting rid of stress - one concentrates so much on moves, music and partner that one forgets about anything else for the time of the class. Take on some new surprising sport/activity - paragliding for example.
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    Thanks again. He weighed himself this morning and has lost exactly a stone since starting. His energy levels are hugely increased. He's probably feeling the best he's felt in about 10 years, both physically and psychologically. People have started noticing the weight loss (I think he looks about 10 years younger, as the 'jowls' have gone!!), particularly around his face. And he's had to start tightening his belt to avoid embarrassment! Looks like we might be needing to buy some new suits before too long. All is good.

    I hear what you're saying about weight loss being more related to eating than to exercise, but I feel that for general health the exercise needs to go hand-in-hand with it. It will sort of make the weight loss stick, if that makes sense. And also, as he was so fit when he was younger I think he will feel more 'himself' if he gets a bit fitter, improves his stamina and increases his strength a bit.
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    How do you feel about dancing? Sociable, indoors, warm, and yet you can really burn the calories.
    Makes a nice change from the walks, an as-well-as rather than an instead-of.
    Plus granddaughter - trampoline? OK with fitbit or similar so he can see when he needs to ease off but loads of fun.
    Gardening with grandchildren - bend & stretch, outdoors.
    Pushing a swing isn't hard, for the first minute... Switching to another playground item always a good idea after 5 minutes though.
    Not having to lug that stone around will make every exercise easier & more rewarding even if he's no longer his 20 year old self. (Avoid 5 a side - far too much, too fast & too little by way of warmup. I'm the floor first aider & those lads appear on my list too often!)
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    If swimming feels like too much initially, aquafit classes can be a good way of getting back into the water. Our local leisure centre offers at least one most days, some specifically for over 50s. It's sociable and fun, so it doesn't even really feel like exercise.
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    It most certainly isn't too cold for cycling. Since I had a major heart issue last year, I've done almost 2000 miles on the bike. OK I'm lucky I have a canal path very near and can commute along it to work, but I'm sure a search will find somewhere to get out on the bike.

    Decent boots/shoes, winter socks, leggings, underarmour body wear, a windproof jacket and decent gloves are all the specialist bits he'll need. That's coming from someone who really feels the cold.
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    Yes, we've thought about dancing lessons - we're both big Strictly fans!!

    He's off to play golf with his brother next week, so that's a good start.
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    Yes, we've thought about dancing lessons - we're both big Strictly fans!!

    He's off to play golf with his brother next week, so that's a good start.
    Yeah just watch how long they spend in the nineteenth hole...
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  • Walking Football.

    It's becoming more popular so there is probably a session near you.

    Google your County FA they will have the details on there.

    You get the exercise, still get the buzz and banter of being in a team and competing.
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    He can loose a lot more weight by regulating and being more selective with what he puts in his mouth.

    Heres a good start

    The nutracheck mobile app is great. You just scan bar codes of items you are going to eat or pick off a list, enter portion size and it gives calories and works out daily total. You can also add in excercises.

    He can also take up walking and light cycling to get him going.
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