exercise for middle aged overweight man

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    I'd forgotten about Walking Football!! We saw something about it on the TV ages ago, it certainly looked like fun. We'll see if there's anything like that round here.

    The diet is going very well - a stone lost in just over a month on the 5:2 diet. He's also made adjustments to the food he eats on his non-fasting days too - less bread and potato, no crisps or chocolate or biscuits, only two glasses of wine a week (one on a Saturday night, one at the pub quiz on a Tuesday). We had a family gathering a the weekend, with buffet food - he avoided the sausage rolls and pork pies totally and stuck to the salads and the fruit. People are noticing the physical difference, and he's noticing the increased energy and general get up and go.

    It's a lovely day so we're going to grab some lunch and take the grandaughter out for a walk.
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    Just back - had a lovely walk down by the canal, fed the ducks, walked past the cafe (but not in to it), and home again. He's now fixing things in the garage, with grandaughter helping - his energy levels are so much improved, it really isn't long since a walk like that would have wiped him out for the afternoon.
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    AirJoe wrote: »
    Competition wise, I like to think of it this way. I'm not competing with my friends, or the me of 10 years ago, or the person on the magazine cover or that guy on an internet forum because there are too many other variables involved in those that are out of my control. I am competing with the me from yesterday though, because me and that guy are on a level playing field. I can't guarantee I'll always win (no one ever does) but I will work to at least consistently beat him :)

    I really like that idea - much more realistic than the goals some people set themselves!
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    Maybe couch to 5k after doing some walking first. I haven't exercised in 15 years and am 3 stone overweight and am managing it so far. Its aimed at unfit people and because it has stages, you feel like you have a goal to work towards. There is such a sense of achievement on completing each level.
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    He should have one session with a personal fitness instructor and discuss what would be the best regime for him. What is he trying to achieve through exercise? What he should do will really be based on his answer.
    Exercise can make you lose weight, but for this, you will have to push yourself. Gentle exercise is unlikely to have much effect.
    If he wants to start feeling a bit less out of breath, then gentle exercise will help, but it might take some time to really see a difference.

    If he wants to replicate the feeling he had when he was younger, ie. the kick of endorphins that will make him feel better, than again, he will have to really push himself, but in this case, he really need the advice of a professional.

    The error that some people who haven't been physically active for some time make is thinking that they should start gently, and then are disappointed when they either see much benefits for some time and don't really get the good feeling they are expecting, so it is important to get the right balance to get the results expected.
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    FBaby - much sense you speak!!

    He's been reticent about coming to the gym with me, as he's been self-conscious about his weight. That is changing rapidly, and I think he might be up for it before too long. They were very helpful with me when I started going, as I'd had hip problems for a while (as a result of attempting couch to 5k, but that's a whole other story...), so I know they will be able to point him in the right direction. Yes, I think it's the kick that he's looking for, but until he feels confident enough in his own body that he can exert himself, it isn't going to happen.

    It really feels like a case of 'we won the war, now we have to win the peace' - he survived the bouts of ill health and has come out the other side, now he has to accept, psychologically, that he's better and allow himself to take a few risks, push himself, get out of breath and enjoy himself too.
  • Another vote for walking, as fast as you can swinging arms hard, then slow down if you need to catch your breath. But watch out for wildlife and take your phone for photos.

    My sister ran marathons until a problem with her feet (collapsed arches) made her stop - she now swims in an 'improvers' class at our local pool. She says there's a whole range of bodies/skills there and it's quite a comfort that we're none of us perfect..!

    Husband, in a similar situation three years ago, rekindled his passion for badminton. Luckily, he had a close friend who played twice a week (at a very high level) and that galvanised him to go along to the 'pay and play' and thrash his mate. They have a real laugh and he comes back knackered!
  • Think you are most likely to be successful with sports he did before as presumably he enjoys those.

    Hard to lose weight with exercise but it's good for keeping you healthy.
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    He's off to play golf with his brother on Friday.

    His energy levels have increased enormously - he has a stressful job and a 90 minute commute, his normal evening was to come home, eat, fall asleep on the sofa, then go to bed at about 9pm. Now he comes home, gets changed, eats, goes down to the garage to 'fiddle on', makes us a coffee on the way back through the kitchen, watches a bit of TV, and heads for bed at about 10.30. Who are you, and what have you done with my husband??

    He's slightly disappointed this morning as he appears to have put a pound back on compared to last week - but as luck would have it his normal weigh-in day has always coincided with the day after a fasting day. This week he's fasting today, so I told him to weigh himself again tomorrow as that will give him a truer reflection of his progress. I got weighed myself, and I've lost a pound!! (I don't need to lose weight - but all this careful eating is making me thing more about what I eat myself!)

    He's discovered a couple of shirts at the back of his wardrobe that he'd stopped wearing because they were too tight. They fit!! Yay!!

    More visitors this weekend, so lots of reasons for getting out and about and enjoying the fresh air.
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    Happy to report that OH went and played golf with his brother this morning, as planned. Apart from the odd game of pitch and putt or crazy golf with the kids, he's never played before. He loved it, enjoyed the walking, the fresh air, and the general moving around. Looks like it might become a weekly thing.

    He's also got his bike set up on a stand so he can use it as an exercise bike if the weather isn't so good.

    I'm going to have to up my own game at this rate!! I'm a member of the local gym but I don't go nearly as often as I should, and I've missed my Pilates class for two weeks running due to other commitments.

    Visitors arriving any minute now, so we'll be out and about with them tomorrow and the forecast isn't bad so an opportunity for a good walk.
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