exercise for middle aged overweight man

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    Well, OH has had another trip to the golf course with his brother. Too wet to play a round, but he spent some time on the driving range and they're going to go again on Friday. He's really enjoying it!! He'd always said he didn't fancy playing golf - didn't like the whole 'club' thing - but they go to a really laid-back course with no dress code or club house, just a cafe that's open to anyone. And he's loving it. Seems to be pretty good at it too, for a beginner.

    The diet is continuing, weight loss has reduced after the first few weeks, but that was to be expected. Only 4lbs to go and his weight will be '14 stone something' rather than the original '16 stone something', which will be a huge psychological boost.

    Couldn't be prouder, he's making so many positive changes.
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    If a dog isnt practical, how about getting him a fitbit?

    I can agree with that , i met my fitbit :) while swimming,

    the wife has not been told yet.;)
  • Really good progress. Like other posters have said he now can go on to exceed this level.

    Defo get him down the gym with you. You MUST lift weights as you get older. Bone density and muscle loss happen as you get past 50 so you must try and stave it off as long as possible. You end up much less frail as you get older and are less likely to fall if you put it in the bank now. A simple once a week full body routine would be perfect and give him plenty of recovery time until next week. Stick to machines and work on getting stronger over time. I would get a personal trainer for a couple months.
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    Latest update. Mr Spouse is playing golf again this morning. And his weight is down to 15st 3lbs. He's finding the 5:2 diet very sustainable - on fast days he has a glass of fresh orange for breakfast, salad for lunch and either fish or chicken with veg for dinner, and drinks water through the day. On non-fasting days he's cut out crisps, biscuits, and sweets, and cut back on bread and potatoes. He tried cutting sugar from his tea and coffee (did it for the whole of February), but that was a step too far and he's now gone back to using it, but only 1/2 a spoonful now, rather than a heaped spoon. Last night he punched two extra holes in a belt so that his trousers will stay up!

    And the energy levels!! Previously, days off were spent watching TV/sleeping on the sofa. The schedule for today is - golf this morning, visit an antique/vintage clothing centre this afternoon, out this evening.

    Would love him to come to the gym with me. I've got a one-off free visitor pass for him. The guy who runs the gym is happy to give him an exercise plan, but in view of his previous health issues needs him to get the OK from the doctor first (which is fair enough). He could do with going along and getting his blood pressure checked anyway, as I think it might have gone down. He's been on meds for years, but a couple of times in the last week he's felt a bit light-headed when he's stood up, and that could mean his blood pressure is a bit low and his meds need to be reduced. Which would be amazing.

    I've decided that while he's playing golf I will go to the gym. And because he's cut back on what he's eating, I'm finding that I don't eat so much either (it seems mean to sit and eat pudding when he can't!). I've lost a pound.
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    Just had to share!! OH ran up the stairs yesterday. Actually ran. This is immense.
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    He'll hate me for the title, but it's true enough.

    My OH is 58, and until recently weighed 16 st 4 lb. He started the 5:2 diet just over a month ago, and has lost very nearly a stone.

    He would now like to add some exercise to his dieting, but isn't sure where to start. He owns a bike, and a set of golf clubs, but it's a bit cold for either at the moment. He was very sporty in his youth (football, cricket, cycling, badminton) and sort of forgets that he isn't a youth any longer - then gets frustrated when he can't perform at the level he thinks he should.

    He hasn't always been in the best of health - diagnosed with cancer 8 years ago (absolutely fine now), had a heart problem which was sorted out 3 years ago. He suffers from periods of depression, but is 'OK' at the moment. All of this has a) contributed to his weight gain and b) made him wary of exerting himself (particularly the heart problem which meant that he struggled to even walk upstairs at one point). He spends 3 hours a day driving to and from work, and has quite a stressful job, but is only working 3 days a week at the moment so has quite a lot of 'spare' time.

    So - any suggestions for things that he can do to ease himself back in to exercising in a sensible, sustainable way?

    Lawn bowls!

    Out in the fresh air, a good amount of (gentle) bending, stretching and walking, not to mention really good company. Then in the winter continue with indoor bowling or short mat bowls.
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    Just had to share!! OH ran up the stairs yesterday. Actually ran. This is immense.

    That's brill, seriously well done to him
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    Yesterday was the two year anniversary of OHs operation that sorted out his heart problem. What a difference two years make!!

    He's been 'on the go' since 8 this morning - golf this morning, then sorting out our TV with the man from Sky, then off to pick up brother and sis-in-law from the airport, then negotiating the sale of his daughter's old car. And now at gone 7 in the evening he's down in the garage fiddling on. Hasn't stopped all day.

    He's off to the doc's next week to see if they can reduce his blood pressure meds, and also to get the go-ahead for doing more strenuous exercise. Tickety boo.
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    This morning's weigh-in revealed - 15st and 1/2lb!!! SO close to being 14stone-something.

    His suit trousers are starting to look baggy on him, his shirt collars are loose, and his energy levels are immense.

    However - the weight loss is tailing off quite significantly now (we knew it would happen). I suspect he may be eating more than 600 calories on his fast days. I do most of the cooking, and I've never needed to count calories myself, so I'm a bit clueless. It's quite possible that I'm being a bit generous with what I put in his lunch or what I cook for dinner.

    I've looked at some calorie counting websites, and they seem to be fine so long as you're eating pre-packed food, but we generally eat fresh food and cook from scratch. Would appreciate some advice on how to go about this - for example, for his lunch today he's got a slice of home-cooked ham (ie not pre-sliced from a packet), some almonds, two spring onions, a cherry tomato (he doesn't like tomatoes, but I pop one in occasionally cos they're good for you), some sliced avocado, some celery, and some pumpkin seeds on a bed of baby spinach, plus an apple and two satsumas and a bottle of water. I have absolutely no idea how many calories that would be, but it seems healthy and is low in fat and carbs.

    Tonight he will have fish (salmon) with lots of green veg (but no potato, and no butter or sauce). Fruit for afters. Again, no idea how many calories that is, but it is considerably less than he used to have for an evening meal - so, basically, I know he's eating a lot less than he used to, but I suspect he's not down to 600 calories on a fast day.
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    Just stumbled across this thread . Really good and enjoyable read.
    Everything sounds so positive :)
    Lots of healthy eating . Something I can't do :)
    Inspiration for all
    Too many people ..too many problems .  I Step away from the news, media and oppression as much as possible ( and adverts!) and realise that my life matters ,and maybe..just maybe ... life is not crap .
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