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The Smoosh Bottle...........



  • Aw thanks lovely.

    We had such a great time, can't believe it's done already.

    Next trip for us is Fort William in August, just a wee overnight stay & a trip on the Jacobite steam train.

    So I have £2.15 in my purse to add to the smoosh bottle when I get home, hopefully DH will have some too!

  • Managed to get another £1.70 from DH yesterday to add to the smoosh bottle.

    I can see how this would add up!!

    Roll on when this bottle is full I tell you!

  • savingwannabesavingwannabe Forumite
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    I am going to waddle over to my purse and do the same thing as I have a lot of coins left over from yesterday.:j
    Aiming for a minimal spend 2022
  • Fab.

    I just took another £2.00 out of my purse to add in later.

  • Another £1.55 added today.

    Might aswell while I have the funds, they will run low towards the end of the month so the deposits to the smoosh bottle will slow down soon enough.

  • My little coin purse is getting fat!

    When it is full I will add that to the smoosh bottles.

  • So my Mum bought me this lovely wee terramundi pot for my £2.00 coins ages ago, DH smashed it last night to get some of the coins with designs on them to put in his friends Dad's Fathers Day card :mad:

    Now I don't grudge him the coins but I just wish he would have managed it without destroying the thing :p

    Plus there was 18 fancy coins in there & I never got the chance to see if any of them were worth any good cash - doubt it right enough :rotfl:

    Anyway I have £98.00 worth of them which I have transferred into another tin.

  • Skint_yet_AgainSkint_yet_Again Forumite
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    Wow that's great saving Dolly well done ! Shame about the pot though
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  • Pretty good isn't it.

  • £3.21 added to my little coin purse today.

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