County Court Claim Form - PCM at Heath Parade - NW9

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    Four cases ... I believe JackBasta is up today as well:

    And a bit of good news already to help calm nerves in case you are reading this ... MA61 has won his case this morning and is enjoying a pint in the local Wetherspoons as I write ...
    [EDIT 1] - JackBasta WON his case as well
    We have three cases tomorrow then:

    you [Stephthechosenone] - [EDIT 2] WON vvvvvvv

    MA61 - WON


    Jinxycat: [EDIT 3] WON
  • I won!!!!
    Well, my counterclaim was dismissed. My CC was based on Parking Prankster's wording - apparently the judge was convinced that at the time of the event the Claimant had enough reason to believe a contract existed between myself and them and it would be unfair for me to expect Claimant to first conclude there was a contract agreement (that's arguably the judge's job I guess) before pursuing the DVLA for my details.

    The Claimant's claim however, lost on the following counts:
    1. Grace period was, according to the Claimant's evidence, 3 minutes, which isn't enough time to pull up, get out of the car, read the terms and leave
    2. Forbidding language on the signs - the largest sign saying NO CUSTOMER PARKING AT ANY TIME. This is echoed in the Claimant's sign.

    So case dismissed!

    BTW, the Gladstone's rep was a Mr Akbol. I don't recall the judges name sadly! But a lovely fellow - he even stepped down to view my recorded video of the signage >.<

    No costs were awarded to either party either, so £24.00 for parking lost, which is annoying. Next time I'll be taking the train! (Hopefully there isn't a next time). In total, I think it was a full 2 hours - I made it out in time to retrieve my car without incurring any parking tickets!

    Glad to hear the other cases were successful! And thank you everyone for all the help!!! What an experience!!
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    Very pleased for you .... YOU DID IT. well done.:T:T:T

    Parking Control Management ... you have been gladstoned

    The Gladstones joke keeps going on and on and on
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    Well done, great job. 2 hours, sounds like you had to work hard for your victory, but that makes it sweeter I guess. Very pleased for you.

    Now, please stick around if you can and help others and spread the word about this scam to your friends and family and let them know to come here if they get a PCN in the future ... we will help.
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    Well done - another win!!!!!!


    PRIVATE 'PCN'? DON'T PAY BUT DON'T IGNORE IT (except N.Ireland).
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  • Whoop!! Congrats to all who won today!!
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    Really pleased for you. Well done. What did the GS rep try to hand you?
  • Lamilad wrote: »
    Really pleased for you. Well done. What did the GS rep try to hand you?

    He tried to hand me case law he was going to rely on in the hearing. It was a whole hardback ring binder - I wasn't going to carry that in! I had my own backpack and papers, not to mention heels on! :rotfl:
  • It's worth noting though the judge said he hadn't received any of the Claimant's witness statement or exhibits bundle. I noted nothing was sent to me until the 23rd May which gave me less than a week.

    He happily accepted his items before we started though. Wasn't sure what else I should have said on that, but I think because the judge had my witness statement, he had read it and basically put it to the Claimant to talk. I mostly sat there and interjected here and there.

    A fair process all in all
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    Firstly, I spoke to 'Mrs Sunglasses' yesterday (I pulled up next to her - watching what she did with her camera at the same time!!). I said 'you' lost cases and the judge threw them out.

    She said "Oh really ! It happens, it happens" She continues to patrol !!

    PCM now have an interest in parking bays for some new build flats nearby. People have been using these bays when visiting the nearby College and Library. The signs are nearer eye level. I saw Mrs S wandering by there!

    Do any of the cases give a precedent for others in the future?
    Thank you for reading this message.
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