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County Court Claim Form - PCM at Heath Parade - NW9

Hi there, pleased to meet you all!

I have fallen victim to the predators Parking Control Management at the infamous Heath Parade - NW9 location.

To give you a bit of history...

- I have been accused of parking at the above location and am now being chased for a £235.50 amount
- The evidence shows I was at the location for 1min 50 secs
- My hazard lights were on, as shown in the evidence, as there was an issue with my brakes at the time
- I have a letter from Chevrolet which confirms there have been issues with certain cars' break fluid and that they will change mine free of charge

I contend that:
- No contract was formed between myself and PCM as the terms of parking are prohibitive and offer no service (see PARKING CONTROL MANAGEMENT (UK)-v-CHRISTOPHER BULL), and/or was not in my reasonable control to breach said terms (brakes issue)
- There was apparently no grace period, as stipulated in the IPC Code of Conduct, of which PCM are a member and have been since 2014
- The £150 they claim in PoC is not an realistic estimation of cost, and resembles a penalty, unenforceable by law
- IPC Code of Practice also states that companies should not engage in predatory tactics, of which this more than likely falls under

What I have:
  • I received the notice to keeper in July
  • I have received the debt collectors letters
  • I have received the letter before claim from Gladstones
  • I did nothing each time (reasons I will divulge later)

I am now going to send the acknowledgement of service but would love help piecing together a defence. Any help soon is welcome!

P.s. Hope everyone's had a merry Christmas! I certainly won't let this dampen the end of the year for me =)


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