“Just Say NOvember; Batten Down the Hatches 2016”.

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    Thank you once again, jojitsui. I'm starting my phased return to work tomorrow and will be doing the morning only: staff meeting followed by meeting with the head, followed by teaching. Not really a gentle start! I acknowledge that I am almost in 'panic mode' (kryten fromred dwarf, anyone?) And rather nervous about it all falling apart. But I guess that that then means that I am not yet fit to return, eh?

    I shall be glad to get to 1pm.

    Bloody hell that doesn't sound like phased return, that is flat out!!! Hope it goes well. Take it easy and be kind to yourself (for me this means a bubble bath and lots of chocolate ha!!) x
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    I'm enrolling in the military this month :D

    Food Budget less 10% is going to be £360. This will be tough, not because the cupboards are bare but because we go to the shop too often and buy carp! I am changing my diet this month so will need to prep a lot of food and avoid buying rubbish when I am out and about. I don't see the new way of eating costing me any more as it is normal food.

    I am setting an entertainment budget of £50 as we have 2 events this month; one is a fund raiser for DS Rugby club and the other is watching rugby when DS is part of the guard of honour for a professional team and playing at half time :D Tickets were bought today so only drinks, parking, programme to cover.

    Beauty - £0 - thought I would run of moisturiser but found one in the bathroom today! Nothing else needed, I am pretty low maintenance :) I do have a waxing and haircut booked and budgeted for.

    Miscellaneous £50 - huge reduction on my usual spends.

    I am excluding the cost of the kitchen refurb and curtains from my spending/NSDs as they are already budgeted for and committed to.

    Christmas £0 - I am buying most of DS presents at Smyths tomorrow to use a £20 voucher

    Alcohol - comes out of my food budget and I don't drink much. DH is cutting right back in return for an extra PT session a week so expecting to spend a lot less this month if not totally alcohol free. I am starting The Body Coach plan as well this month which recommends cutting out the booze.

    Exercise - 2 PT sessions a week and 2 runs/swims. I have a 10 mile run in 2 weeks and haven't trained much since my half marathon in September, also The Body Coach plan means I will be training 5 times a week.

    Travel - Both have company cars and don't do a lot of weekend driving as sick of doing it all week! so no budget for this area.

    My motto for this month is JUST SAY NO! :rotfl:
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    Please can I join as civilian. Thank you very much.
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    I'm in. Going for Civilian.
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    Hi everyone, I'm in for Nov please. I am on holiday for a week nearer the end of the month that is paid for, the travel has been sorted and also the food, so hopefully it will be ok, but I will come in as a civilian. Oh I also have a couple of days away with friends but other than fuel I should be fine. I don't drink very much at all so other than when I'm away I will ok. I will be spending £80 on food etc for the three weeks I'm here and that should be plenty. I feel a menu plan being planned(well a list of meals in no particular order)

    I will be getting more exercise as per drs suggestion and the diet has got to be altered as well, but hey ho that's life
    Meant to put in £60 for food budget less 10% so I'll say £50!!
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    Hope tomorrow goes well apple hugs
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    Yes good luck Apple
    " Your vibe attracts your tribe":D

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    OK - so I'm signed up as No 18 (Civilian)

    So my pledges are....


    • Week 1 (1st -6th) 3
    • Week 2 (7th -13th) 3
    • Week 3 (14th -20th) 3
    • Week 4 (21st -27th) 3
    • Week 5 (28th -30st) 1

    TOTAL 13 (allowing 4 spend days a week, non transferable)

    Excluding DDRs, my budgets are:
    Exercise £36
    Extra debt repayment min £255
    Entertainment (planned nights out already on calendar) £140 (includes a gig which we might not attend, so may reduce)
    Food £332.50 (-5%)
    Toiletries £5 (max) - I don't need any. May need shampoo for OH and antiperspirant for DS1
    Cleaning items £25 (need some solution for Vax)
    DIY £50 - need some paint and filler & some door hooks to get 2 rooms finished
    Fuel & parking £135 (this will depend if OH gets any interviews)
    Alcohol - we have lots in - enough to last us way past Xmas and we hardly drink anyway - maybe a bottle of wine a month (also used in cooking) and a beer or two - so no budget required
    Exercise - 2 Zumba classes/ week (other than when I have a work meeting the one morning) + either start couch25k or 2 x sessions on the cross trainer
    Christmas - I do need to do some shopping for this (+ 2 Christmas holiday birthdays for my children) - I can't and won't leave it all until Dec. I have made a good start and also have a good amount in Amazon from cashback (so free money) which I will use. Budget outside of the Amazon fund is £150 (I already have this set aside), which should see me a good way there
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    Can I be a civilian turtle for November please? I'll be feeding six people, three dogs, six fish and nine chickens. All inclusive budget less 10% = £450.
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    Good Luck Apple Muncher, we'll be thinking of you!
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