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My Sisters Bank Won't Let her release My Inheritance To Me-Please Help.



  • private rental or owning your own property is not what you think it will be.

    With the HA you can ring them and complain/hassle them as much as you want, it will not effect your right to live in the house. If you move into private rental you can be asked to move out with 2 months notice without a reason given, you may find if you complain too much or ring the landlord/letting agents about too many things this will result in you having to find somewhere else to live.

    Regards owing your own home how will you pay if your boiler breaks and you have no hot water, it will be your responsibly to pay to get it resolved. Dealing with tradesmen is not easy, it can be hard to even find someone to come out to quote for a job and again if you keep ringing and asking them, they will not deal with you, they don't have to, unlike a HA who has to sort out your issues or at least listen to what they are.

    There may well be houses/flat for sale for 50K but for that money they will not be in very nice areas, you may find yourself living on a rough estate with all the problems associated with that.
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    Hi Annbarbs - how did you get on registering with a GP today?

    True - we don't know your CMHT - but what I do know is that over time people's mental health changes. You had assessment last year, but things have changed since then. You are going around in circles and appear very vulnerable. Please ask to be assessed again.

    You seem to think that a different CMHT will offer you more support - that may or may not be true, but they will not have any information about the past support you received which might help with your treatment.

    I have had a look at properties 'Up North' - Liverpool - there are some pretty grim looking properties out there for between £50 and £70k. Much of the cheaper ones are part own/part rent - which is why they are so cheap.

    If you are hell bent on buying, I would look at new build to reduce the level of risk to you. You need to think about on-going costs - how would you go about fixing a leaking roof, broken boiler, leaking bathroom?? There would be no HA to call. It would be down to you to fix.

    If you buy and then your inheritance runs out, if your property requires maintenance, how are you going to pay for that?
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    Hi Annbarbs

    As I have no personal knowledge of you then I can't say with 100% certainty that this proposed move would be bad for you but let me tell you of a situation that I do know of as to why I think you'd be better off at leat visiting the areas before you commit yourself to anything.

    A work colleague bought a house near me. Now I love the area I live in, have been in my home for 20 years. However this colleague was a party animal, enjoyed going to clubs etc and all his friends lived a good 20 miles from his new home. He spent a fortune on cabs every weekend and eventually sold his house to move nearer to his social circle

    What I'm trying to say is that unless you know an area is going to suit you (and I'm using the general you here) it seems a dangerous move to up sticks on the off chance it will. Visit your proposed new area, do the research and then make an informed decision
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    Where abouts up North did you have in mind? Is there a particular town or city you have spent time in and would like to move to?
    Bear in mind that if you decide to buy a property you will also have surveys and legal fees to pay for, as well as moving costs, and if you buy a flat you will likely have management fees to pay as well. All of these things will eat in to your inheritance.
    And what would you do if expensive repairs are needed after the money is all gone?
    I can understand why it's an appealing idea but you've got to think about what you will do when the money is gone.

    I want to move to Liverpool.
    I know it very well and have visited it quite regular. But not this year as I am trying to save money, but I know it very well.

    The area I have in mind are, Southport, Birkenheard,Waterloo, Bootler or maybe West Kirby.
    Not right in the Center of the city as most homes are not.
    Same as most people don't live in the center of London.
    They live in one of the inner or outer London districts.

    The best thing is to get either a flat with my own front door that leads out into the street or maybe a small 2 bedroom house that is also a possibility.
    Not here in London of course but it is in Liverpool as there are such places I could buy upfront for £60,000 or £80,000.

    But the drawback is that would cost me most of my inheritace, so I would have to go back on benefits again after a few years.
    But I will have the flat or house that would own.
    And in 10 years time the value of the property will increase so if I am hard up I could sell it and keep the capital for myself.

    Yes I have thought a lot about what is going to happen to me when my inheritance runs out.

    If I stay here I will be all alone with no support from the CMHT and maybe a GP that is no good.

    But if I move that could be different I might have more support.

    Once I get my inheritance this will make me an independent person because I won't have to depend on the DWP for benefits and will have more choices to do the things I want to with my life, in my case move up North.

    But unfortunately the money my mum has left me won't be enough to last me a lifetime.
    If I was able to work it would be different because at least I would be earning money and have money coming in so my savings would not run out.

    But I cannot work and so I will have to live off of my savings.
    And they are going to run out after about 10 years or so.
    Sooner if I stay here in London which is one of the reasons I want to move up North.

    But either way,whether I stay here and pay the £608 a month rent or move up North where rents are cheaper at around £375 a month, my inheritance will eventually run out.
    And when it does I will have to go back on benefits again.

    That's what is worrying me about all of this.
    Yes my inheritance will give me Independence and make me independent.
    But that money will only last me for 10 years then I will be back where I am now on benefits again.
    So is this inheritance really a gift or a curse?

    If I had been an only child I would have inherited the whole of my mothers estate around £285,000 and that would have lasted me 30 years.And I might never have had to go back on benefits again.

    But I am not an only child, there are 2 other sisters and so we each only inherit a third which is not enough to last that long if you have to live on it as I will have to.
    Unless you can work which I cannot.
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    What is stopping you working?
  • thorsoakthorsoak Forumite
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    And again I ask - how is your sister?
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    What is stopping you working?

    You really have to ask?

    OP, did you go to the GP yesterday? Several people have asked you about that.
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    In many ways Annbarbs I do admire you - despite your MH problems you are trying to find a better future for yourself. It is to your credit that you do not want to live on benefits. Your inheritance will not however offer you a long-term solution regards your housing.

    I and many others on this forum are concerned. You are obsessed with the "grass is greener over the hill" theory - we think you may well be "jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire".

    My wife has had MH issues for many years and I have seen her go through many ups and downs. I have seen her struggle with GP's - she had one who was sympathetic but she moved away. It is our experience that the NHS does not know how to handle MH - it took months for her to see a psychiatrist and then it was a case of "here's 3 months CBT thats all we can do" A series of private counsellors followed but there remains a deeply routed issue.

    Without my support I don't know how she would cope - and you seem to be very much alone - you have not spoken of any friends or other family. You have so much time by yourself that you over-think the situation and you do not seem to trust anyone.

    Do please, please get yourself a GP - any GP so you can get help.

    And please, please do keep in contact with your sisters - email the one send a Get Well card to the other.
    Never pay on an estimated bill
  • OP you have ignored many of the questions that people ask.

    Did you register with a GP? Your reluctance to do so leads me to think that you have no physical problems and as you say you have been assessed by your CMHT as not requiring their help, perhaps it might be time for a whole new change in your life. You say you cannot work - why do you think you can't? Have you ever worked?

    Maybe you could start with some volunteer work - just a few hours a week? It would get you out, enable you to meet new people, and might open a whole new perspective for you. If you hate it after a few weeks then you still haven't lost anything.

    My concern is that you don't appear to have any hobbies or interests (another question you didn't answer), and no apparent social life either (or at least none that you have shared). Sitting in on your own all day and every day isn't good for anyone - and not healthy either.

    Perhaps, as I said, time to make a big change that won't involve money, inheritance or legal fees!
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    Person_one wrote: »
    You really have to ask?

    OP, did you go to the GP yesterday? Several people have asked you about that.
    Yes. Plenty of people with mental illness are still working. If the OP went to a GP and got appropriate treatment there is every chance that she would be able to work. It is not certain but the OP needs to make a start by getting help.
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