My Sisters Bank Won't Let her release My Inheritance To Me-Please Help.



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    At this point I'd like to say that I have had experience with people with MH issues, although not if late.

    I'd also like to say that having followed all of Anns threads, she has told us how upset, worried, not knowing what to do and she has been open and told us she suffers from mental health issues.

    This brings me to the alarming 'harshness' at times aimed at Ann. She is not in a situation right now to take in all of what's been said, nor does she understand it all quite as clearly as you, and you, and yes, you.

    I've noticed a few posters coming across as though on the attack which is really not the best way to be when addressing someone in a delicate state. Please try to bear that in mind. Make your posts short, to the point and try to be a little more understanding to Anns situation.

    Infuriating to hear the same said time and again, maybe, but this is all part and parcel of Anns current MH issues, of course made worse by the delay, which we understand.

    Thank you for reading and sorry if I've upset some of you. My aim is to try and get help to Ann now while she needs it. :)
    There's no place like home :)

    Feeling down? Weak in body? Makes no difference to me, I think of you all when I'm sitting quietly.

    Hugs and healing thoughts are always going your way.
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    I don't think anyone is unsympathetic to Ann's situation but mental health issues or not, she is a full grown adult and I don't think we should tiptoe around the fact that she is running up huge fees with her solicitor and potentially alienating her sisters even further.
    She has been advised to register with a gp, and to put her own health first but its down to her to make it happen. Bear in mind this is the third long thread about her inheritance issues, she's been given a lot of good advice and support.
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    Ann, I'm hoping today finds you calmer and in a better place mind wise.

    Have you registered with a GP yet. This must be done as soon as possible as certificates will be needed from the doctor. Can you try to call round to the surgery tomorrow to collect the form that you need to register with them.

    Well my ESA was reviewed last years and was awarded until 2018 so it won't be reviewed this year.

    But of course by 2018 I will have my inheritance by then so of course I won't be on ESA as that stops when savings go over 16k as does HB and CT Benefit as we know.

    I have an indefinite ward for my DLA but that could be re assessed for PIP at any time. As the DWP are starting to review all DLA awards from now until 2018.

    So I do need to get a GP because I will need one for that.
    Unfortunately it's Friday afternoon at 4pm so it's to late to go to a surgery now as they will be closed.

    But next week is definitely the week that I have got to go down to the GP surgeries I know and try to get registered.
    As I cannot put it off any longer.

    I did phone NHS direct who told me to first look for a GP on my own. And if I cannot find a GP to take me on, they will find me. one.

    So I have to try to get a GP myself first but if I cannot then NHS will place me with a GP.

    Though it is better that I find one myself as if NHS Direct do it,they might put me with a GP I don't like.
    But at the moment I still have a choice if I can find a GP myself.
    So I will start looking next week.

    It will probably be about 4 weeks before I get to see a GP anyway.
    because when you register as a new patient you have to have a medical with the nurse before they give you any appointments with the GP.

    And most GP surgeries don't give you an appointment right away unless it is an emergency.
    So the sooner I get registered with a GP the better,as the quicker I will get to see one.
    If you need help locating the correct centre for yoyr area please send me a private message so I can help you set this up. Stress, anxiety along with MH issues really drag you down, you need support and I can get you sent in the right direction.
    Yes I will send you a PM with the link to the GP's I saw that cover my area on the Choices website.
    There are only about 3 GP's that do. As I have tried all of the others on that list, but they won't take me because they said I am not in their area.
    Which is stupid because they are all walking distance or a bus ride from my home.

    And the other 3 GP's that do cover my area are just as far away from my home as the GP surgeries that won't take me.
    So I cannot see why the others won't take me on.
    But if I show you the 3 GP's I saw and you will see from what I read about them why I am afraid to go there.
    But I don't want to post that here, since this is a public forum and I don't want to identify the town I am living in here.

    I know that I won't get my inheritance now because my sister is in hospital.
    And even when she gets out of hospital I might still have to wait, if she is still not well.

    The hardest thing is not knowing when I will get my money but I hope It won't be too long.
    You are right in there is no point in keep on phoning my solicitor at the moment.

    Because there is nothing that he can do, as there is no court that will grant my well sister control of the account at the moment.
    Because as I said before my sister has only been in hospital for 2 weeks and so she might get better.

    So I might have to wait a few months for my inheritance.
    Or I might not.
    But either way there is nothing I can do about it at the moment.
    So I have got to try to get on with my life in the meantime.
    I cannot move at the moment so I have got to make the best of here.
    It's not what I want and I don't have a choice.
    But when I get my inheritance I will have.
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    Annbarbs - in one of your very early posts I think you wrote that your previous GP/surgery had closed down. Did you get a letter from him/her ? In it it would have said that you were being transferred to another GP.

    If so your registration would have been automatic and you will already be on another GP's list.
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    Robin9 wrote: »
    Annbarbs - in one of your very early posts I think you wrote that your previous GP/surgery had closed down. Did you get a letter from him/her ? In it it would have said that you were being transferred to another GP.

    If so your registration would have been automatic and you will already be on another GP's list.

    Yes of course I did.
    The letter said quite clear that my GP's surgery is closing down on 31st March 2016.

    No registration with another GP is not automatic.
    The letter explained quite clear that my GP surgery is closing down and they won't be re allocating anywhere else.
    So all patients there will have to find a new GP practice to register with.

    I spoke to both my GP practice and the health Authority( now called NHS Direct.)
    And they told me that is true.
    But NHS Direct did say if I cannot find a new GP on my own. I should come back to them and they will find me a GP.

    But this letter was sent to me on the 21st December 2015, a few days before Christmas, so that was the last thing on my mind.

    And I have been focusing on trying to get my inheritance, so a new GP was the last thing I was thinking about.
    and I still don't want to go to the new GPs.

    But now it things have gone wrong with my inheritance. And I realize there is a possibility that I may have to wait a long time for it because my sister is ill.

    I now have no choice but to face that I could be living where I am for a long time.
    So I have got to get myself a GP.

    I think it's a waste of time as I might get a GP I don't like.
    And I don't wanna go to the few GPs they have around here as from the reviews on the NHS Choices website they sound horrible.

    But my old GP practice that closed was not like that.
    The receptionist was nice, the GP's were nice and they gave me appointment's fairly quickly.
    And they also let me have double appointment's.
    But now that GP is closed I think it will be very difficult to find another GP like that.

    And because a lot of GP's will only take you if you are in their area( even if you live not far from them) I am restricted to where I can go.
    So there is no choice at all.
    3 GPs that cover my area is not really a choice is it?

    There is also one Surgery I want to avoid because I was with them when I first moved here(before I found my GP that closed down) and they were horrible to me.
    So I never want to go back there again and I am worried that I might have or end up with another horrible GP like that.

    That's why I have not registered with a GP.
    I have got enough on my plate with trying to get my inheritance,without a GP who will upset me as well.
    That's how I feel.

    But even if I did get my inheritance now the problems I have got with living here and the GP problem is still going to be there.
    And it takes timer to find alternative accommodation and move, so I probably won't move right away.
    Unless I find a place quickly which is not so easy.

    So I am going to need a GP whether I stay here or not.
    And my Ex-Social worker says I don't have to tell the GP about my mothers will.

    One more thing I want to say here which other readers should take note of.
    When money is paid into your bank account, it does not show up the same day.

    That is the money could be paid in on Monday for example but whether the bank will let you have it right way depends on your bank.

    So even if my sister did pay the money into my account now, (which she cannot, shows up in my account.)it could take up to a week before it.

    What I am saying is that I have not got the money until it shows up in my account and my bank tells me it is available to me to draw out. Not before.

    So I must not tell the DWP I have the money until it shows up in my bank account and the banks says it is available to me.
    Otherwise I could find myself without money if my benefits stopped and my inheritance did not get paid to me.
    Because the payment bounced or sometimes when payments by cheque or CHAPS payment are made, they don't always go through.Which can happen if my sister does not do the payment correctly.

    So I when my inheritance does get paid, I must wait until the money shows up in my bank account first before telling the DWP, my Ex-Social worker says.
    Not tell them before the money is in my account, or I could find myself without money.

    As we know my benefits will be stopped once I have the money.
    But the DWP cannot stop my benefits now because I have not got it.
    But once I do get my inheritance and it shows in my bank account as available.
    Then I must tell the DWP but only when the money is actually in my bank account and available to me, not before.

    I just thought I would point that out.
    That the money might be paid into your account but it is not in your account until it shows up in your bank account and is available to you.
    Very important.
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    Depending on how the money is transferred to you it may show up the same day but that service does cost but until that day arrives there's little point in even thinking about that.

    One thing I would say about GP surgeries is that they are very much like schools in the sense that GPs come and go as do receptionists etc so what may have been an unpleasant surgery beforehand is now a nice one if that makes sense and also people are much more willing to complain about a bad one than praise a good one.

    I know from your previous posts that you're set on moving but can I strongly suggest before you give up your HA tenancy you at least spend some time in the area that you want to move to? I know many people who've gone to an area thinking it was the best one for them only to find it wasn't in hindsight.
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    Well a lot of those reviews on that Choices website seem to be by the same people.

    It could just be 1 or 2 people posting under multiple usernames just to cause a stir as people do on the Internet.
    Does not mean it's true.

    They said the same about my GP's surgery but it was nothing like that for me.
    No I am not going back to my old GP I was with when I first moved here.
    There are at least 3 other GPs who cover my area, so I shall try to register with one of them.

    I am very upset by what has gone wrong with my inheritance.
    And it looks like I might not get it.

    The letters from my solicitor are not much help either as you see here.
    I will post them here-Names have been removed by me as this is a public forum.

    My solicitors letter-I thank you for your email of the 5th. Where an account is joint both parties must sign to release money.
    You state Barclays are refusing to send you the money. They are not. The account is set up so that both Sister A and Sister B have to sign. If one of them cannot sign then there is little Barclays can do. It is to be hoped that Sister B recovers shortly.
    Yours sincerely,
    My solicitor.

    2nd letter from my Solicitor to me-I thank you for your email of the 7th October.
    Unfortunately Barclays are correct. If the account requires a joint authority then both parties must sign. If Barclays refuse to send the money on the strength of one authority they are doing what is legally correct.
    In the meantime and for your information, I attach herewith email sent to Sister A. I was concerned when you mentioned that your sisters might have already received at least part of the proceeds of the house. This would be completely wrong as of course they must not prefer their own interest over yours.
    I await hearing from Sister A with interest.

    Yours sincerely,
    My solicitor.

    That was my Solicitors response to me in writing by both email and letter.

    Okay my sister has only just gone into hospital so it is too early to tel if she will recover or not to go to the bank with my other sister.

    But if my sister does not recover, my solicitors comments of"You state Barclays are refusing to send you the money. They are not. The account is set up so that both Sister A and Sister B have to sign. If one of them cannot sign then there is little Barclays can do."
    Is not good enough.
    As I have not got my money.
    If my sister does not recover them my solicitor either has to help me get it.
    Or if he won't do this then I will find another Solicitor that will.

    I have waited nearly a year for my inheritance and now it's come to this I feel like giving up fighting for it, but I mustn't.
    I haven't come this far to give up
    I want my inheritance and I won't let it go.
    Not if I can help it.

    The fight does not end with my Solicitor.
    If he won't help me get my money then I will find another Solicitor that will.
    My mum left me that money, it is my right to claim it, as I have said before in my other posts.

    My Solicitor did however tell me that he has written to my well sister asking her to confirm to him if or not she has taken her share of the money first.
    My sister told me she and my other sister have not and I hope that is the case.
    As it might make her more wiling to sort this problem out quicker.
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    I'm glad to hear that you've managed to park things for a while to see how it plays all out and that you seem to have come to terms with the delay.

    One thing I would say about the GP reviews that you've read is that people are more likely to post when they've had a bad experience than a good one. My GP surgery has a lowish rating but that is not about the quality of the doctors it's about the appt. system. I've always found the doctors very good.
    Maybe if you go into the three to ask for information, and see how each one feels when you talk to them it might help you to choose the best one for you.
    All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.

    Pedant alert - it's could have, not could of.
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    Please don't get worked up again regarding the inheritance - you're now aware that neither sister has received any inheritance.

    with regards GPs surgeries Elsien's idea is an excellent one after all what doesn't suit one person other may prefer.
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    Ann - I COMPLETELY understand how frustrated you are. I am in a similar position, although I have had some money through and my mother died just over 2 years ago!!!

    You say 'It's just not good enough' - sadly this is the way it is AT THE MOMENT. It will not be like this forever. At the moment you need to wait. There is nothing to be done. I know this keeps you in the same place, but you are no worse off than before.

    Regarding what you say about getting some support for your mental health issues - when you were last assessed they said you didn't meet their criteria. That was before this stressful life event. If you were assessed now, the situation may be different. Please go and register with a GP and ask for some support.

    I know that people here have been giving you advice, but I can see the same worries coming up again and again.

    Your solicitor cannot help you at the moment because, as you say yourself, your sister has just gone into hospital. It could be that she recovers quickly and can then go to the bank with your other sister. It is too soon to tell.

    Please be patient and get yourself some help.

    One thing to be aware of - Solicitors charge around £250 an hour for the work they do and they charge a minimum of 6 minutes to do anything. So a 2 min email will be charged at the same cost - ie £25 + VAT - ie £30 as if they spent 6 minutes doing something. Your email to him will have been charged at £30 and his response to you at a minimum of £30, so a total of £60 in all probability. Just think about what kind of bill you will end up with. Calling him is more cost effective, but keep it brief!
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