Can't get past welcome/log in screen (boot up) - windows

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Having real trouble with my laptop and windows lately.

I used to have win 8.1 and upgrades to 10

Laptop became very slow and sluggish

I did a 'fresh install a month ago which improved things

Yesterday I typed in my password, but then it was taking ages to get to the start screen and never getting through

I think it's happened once or twice before a long time ago, but eventually it worked, but not this time

I did a quick search and seems others had this too.

I hit shift and restart to get to the options page

I can

- system repair
- system restore
- fresh reinstall and keep files

I don't have stuff backed up I think (but don't think all files are important, but ideally don't want to wipe it)

I don't have a win backup/repair DVD (laptop doesn't have a dvd slot, but I have an external DVD drive)

It's an Acer aspire e13.


I tried the fresh install overnight, but that doesn't seem to work.

I'm going to try system repair and then system restore point (I believe I tried at least one of those last night, but didn't work)

Clearly it's a software issue

What on earth are my options after these 3 are exhausted,?

absolutely had enough of windows computers now


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