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    Lukeyc123 wrote: »
    Yeah I've decided I'm not gonna let what people say bother me, there's many things they do which I think are pointless like browsing facebook all day. There's nothing wrong with it as I used to do that but I feel better using my time more productively comping.

    Thanks for all the advice guys!

    I'm going to depress everyone now, sorry :( but we're all dead in the long term anyway so what's the point in do anything? :A (A little Angel smiley seems appropriate)

    My real point is that by stopping doing something you enjoy or worse, by then going to do something that you do not enjoy is pointless and a waste of your time and life. If doing something makes you happy, providing its not hurting anyone or anything else, then why stop because someone feels the need to laugh at you?

    When I was younger, so much younger than today (that might make a good music lyric - I'll remember that) I had a couple of friends who used to make fun of me and others. We would all meet up, go down the pub with them, we'd sit there all evening listening to their snide remarks......looking back, what a waste of time!

    My advice is, if you are happy "comping", even if you do not win anything, then don't stop.
    I wish I had thought of a better user name as this makes me sounds greedy :( It was meant more tongue-in-cheek.
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