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  • I sent my very well looked after Samsung phone to Musical pie after being offered £30. The revised offer was £3 due to screen burn!! Absolute rubbish - I know for a fact my phone was in near perfect condition. I rejected the offer. Having read this thread, I would not recommend this company to anyone!
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    loobiloo wrote: »
    Oh good luck then! They really are a crummy blood pressure raising 'company' - magpies are known for stealing arent they? I guess at least they got their name right.... :(
    And eating small animals when they're very hungry :(
    Always ask yourself one question: What would Gibbs do?

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    Have bought numerous CDs from them via Amazon with no issues at all. On the contrary, items listed as used often are in new condition.

    Not sure I would ever try and sell them anything tho or buy anything too valuable
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    I've bought from and sold to Music Magpie for years, with no trouble whatsoever. I have to say though that I've never tried to sell a phone to them. Nor will I, now. It seems that they love to quote 'screenburn' and offer pitiful sums of money. I'll stick to CDs, books and DVDs.
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  • Not a customer focussed company. Money grabbing company.

    By mistake, I clicked on a 16GB model of my iphone 6, but realised this before I sent the phone. The 64GB model I had displayed a higher price by £14. I contacted the company to ask about this and they told me to send the phone in and the price would be revised. I did so, but they did not revise the price and have stuck to their new saying that they can't offer a higher price than that offered. Bit they fail to understand that this was a higher model. They also did not credit my £5, nor my friend's £5 for referring me. It has been a very frustrating and disappointing experience over a difference of £19. They have no concept of goodwill or customer service as I had to chase for an answer many times to my emails. Would not even honour the £5 for me or my friend even though I provided them with proof.
  • Worthless Warranty
    Dont try to claim on a warranty. They have been obstructive throughout then rejected my claim and eventually returned my phone with a broken screen. It wasnt broken when it was sent to them.

    Their appeals process is a joke. After 5 days of "investigating" the appeal is denied as "broken screens arent covered by the warranty" . It wasnt broken when YOUR courier collected it.

    I dont believe they ever had any intention of honouring this warranty. I will never buy from them again.

    Avoid avoid avoid
  • Music Magpie damaged my item and claimed they received it like that!
    I sent Music Magpie my excellent 2012 iMac for which I was offered £300.00. When they received it, they said there was some dust in the screen and offered a measly £60.00. This is a fully working fast 8GB RAM 1TB iMac. I naturally declined this offer, but when I received my Mac back, it had been damaged. The frame had a dent in it and there were scratches on the screen. The company did not mention any damage apart from the dust in their initial report, and have said that they received the item like that. If they received it like that, why did they not mention it in their report? The company hasn't answered my email for an explanation, nor have they compensated me for the damaged they caused.
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    Ive just been conned by these peope too!!! Ive just made a post on these forums about it
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    I can only echo many of the complaints detailed on here and on many review forums.

    Couple of years ago I sold appx 60 cds to this "company". Days after sending them I received an email saying appx 6 of the cases sent were empty. NOT when I sent them was that the situation, and no coincidence they were the more expensive quoted items.

    Fast forward a few years to recently and my partner sent her Iphone off in immaculate condition having been kept in leather case and with screen protectors from new. Needless to say they said the screen was scratched and the casing bent - again NOT when sent in.

    Requested it to be sent back and found these problems now existed - furthermore the black 64gb original labelled box had somehow become a rose gold 32gb box.

    As always they deny sending back wrong items or damaging items.

    Their Customer Services attitude towards customers is amongst the worst I have ever encountered, so arrogant.

    ALL I CAN SUGGEST to people is to do what I have done - complain to Trading Standards about dodgy trading practices - too many complaints exist so they might be interested.

    The other thing is to report them to TV programs like Watchdog.

    Perhaps then they might start showing a better attitude towards customers.

    Some people have suggested Small Claims Court, but reality is it is likely to come down to your word against theirs, and you are on the whim of a judge so could easily lose even more money.
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    As a counterbalance to some of the posts, I sent my old iPad in last week, posted on Thursday using their free service. Tracking showed it was delivered on Saturday but only confirmed as delivered by MusicMagpie this morning.

    I’ve just had the confirmation that the full payment has been made for the item.

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