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Virgin Media retention deals (post your haggling successes)

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    ScottishjockScottishjock Forumite
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    TV XL
    100mb broadband
    2nd HD box
    Sky Sports
    Sky HD pack (ie HD on sports & movies if i had it).
    Weekends calls
    Landline cost included in the below

    £77.50 / month - 12 month deal
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    satchef1satchef1 Forumite
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    wazza2004 wrote: »
    Why not keep the Virgin internet and go for sky tv package?

    That's what I've done for 18 months now.

    I'm paying £25.50/month for 70Mbps broadband from Virgin Media (no line rental), and £18/month for Sky Family. Total, £43.50/month. I'm currently looking to see if I can save money moving to a single supplier. So far, I'm thinking the answer is 'not without a significant drop in broadband speed, or without losing a bunch of Sky channels'.

    Virgin would be a good bit more (before haggling) and I'd lose Sky Atlantic. Now TV needed for Game of Thrones.

    TalkTalk would be about the same, but no Sky Atlantic. Now TV needed for Game of Thrones.

    BT are too expensive. And no Sky channels. I'd need a NowTV subscription year-round.

    Sky are a couple of quid a month more before haggling, so going with them for everything might work if they can move a bit on price.

    I doubt Virgin will knock enough off the Big Kahuna to match my current set-up, or beat Sky's offer TBH.
  • ghostfinderghostfinder Forumite
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    I just left Virgin Media.

    In my experience, they would not price match an existing customer to Sky

    I am now on 75meg ADSL and its perfectly fine

    Side Note:

    Friend told me that when Openreach is is separated from BT the focus will be on FTTH.

    Not much help now but something to hope for in a couple years
  • Lady_SLady_S Forumite
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    3 tivo's
    1 hd box
    1 v+ box

    XL TV
    100MB BB
    XL Telephone
    Sky Sports

    £109 a month ( down from £144)
  • cjanecjane Forumite
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    Just had a call with virgin retentions, was thinking of splitting tv and go with sky, and then broadband and phone with virgin. Currently with virgin for everything xl tv, unlimited phone and 100mb internet and price just went up to £80.98 having just come out of loyalty discount. A little confused as whether I've got a good deal or not now - He quoted me £59.99 for now xl tv, restricted phone to weekends and still 100mb internet.
    I have compared now so much and read so many different peoples comparisons and deals that I don't know if this compares to anyone else. Didn't really want to go with the upheaval of sky so what do people think, is this a good deal?
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    miss_marplemiss_marple Forumite
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    We are on:
    M+ TV
    XL Phone (with Caller ID) supposedly being upgraded to Talk More Anytime but the contract isnt showing this!
    100 Vivid Broadband
    1xTivo box

    £52pm + £53 credit = £47.58pm

    Note: The guy on the phone said I would be paying £55pm and was getting £63 credit and upgraded to Talk More Anytime which is their new service which it includes mobile calls. The contract came through and only mentioned a £53 credit and my old phone package without mobile calls.

    I phoned up to query this before signing the contract and they put me on the Talk More Anytime and told me to wait for a new contract. They also said that the cost was reduced to £52 when they made that change.

    Typical Virgin - their packages are so complicated - it even confuses their own staff. Why can't they just make it simple? And why do we have to keep ringing up every year for the best deal. Why not just offer a good price to everyone!
  • rokedroked Forumite
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    I just done my yearly haggle routine with them and this has been the hardest one for years, not sure if it is across the board or they simply saw me doing this regular and I was not a 'valuable' customer to them anymore.

    Anyway with 2 days to go before termination, I finally got this deal :

    M+ TV
    XL Phone (with mobile and itemised billing (which I need for work))
    50 mg BB (losing the 20mg boost)
    1 Tivo box

    £22 per month + either £17.99 monthly line rental or £15.33 with line saver. Gone with the latter so £37.33 PM
  • pedro_ukpedro_uk Forumite
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    1 Tivo HD box
    TV Medium
    VIVID 100MB Optical BB
    XL Telephone
    Talk 08 02

    £34.oo a month
  • Cindy12Cindy12 Forumite
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    I have been with Virgin for so many years, I have lost count. They offered me a discount over the phone then a bill for more. Of course they had to honour the original quote. So now I get Tivo Medium package , Broadband and unlimited calls for £36 a month.
  • JB162JB162 Forumite
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    Can I just say Virgin will not Price Match Sky. Virgin claim they offer a completely different product. There minimum broadband speed is 50 meg, where as 90% of Sky network is still at a maximum of 38 meg.

    They will give you a deal but it's not clear as everyone thinks! They give out these £36.99 deals, with all three products and put it in a way you think your getting a good deal. All these deals include TV M package.

    TV M is Freeview. So effectively it's the Phone and Broadband your paying for!
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