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The MFW Shrinking the Mortgage and the Waistline challenge.

edited 30 April 2016 at 7:06AM in Mortgage-free wannabe
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  • VerbatimVerbatim Forumite
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    Well I made it to the gym today but not lsst Friday. New scales since I was last there in September but if they are calibrated with the previous ones I have gained 2 kg. I have also lost strength through not using the gym.
    Will try and go Mons and Fris am. Too tired for Friday night.
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  • muddywhitechickenmuddywhitechicken Forumite
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    oof scales say +5 :o
    I'll give it a couple of days for my body to recover and try again!

    Bit happier today :)

    151.8 this morning, 150.2 last Monday so +2

    Onwards and downwards - eating healthily and getting plenty of exercise so hope to be back at 150 by chub club weigh-in on Saturday.
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  • skint_spiceskint_spice Forumite
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    Only 1372 calories so far today and I ran and cut a hedge so MFP is giving me another 500 or so, won't eat them all but at least I can have a wee treat later once I conquer the ironing:eek:
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  • There_Is_a_LightThere_Is_a_Light Forumite
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    Well done Skinty :)

    Still feeling determined, no weigh in for me tonight as I am going to Yoga class instead. I shall take the reading from my own scales which needed new batteries and are now consistent. I have lost 1lb. Happy with that after the weekend of food and wine. I think that exercise is my main problem so am pledging to move much more.

    Food for today is:
    Toast topped with banana and cinnamon
    tuna and avocado salad with yogurt for dessert
    Aubergine and mozzarella (light) bake with salad
    Snacks of fruit and carrots/hummus
    "These things take time but I know that I'm the most inept that ever stepped"
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  • Pearla*MerlePearla*Merle Forumite
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    Tuna and avocado salad sounds lovely, TIAL, is there anything else you put into it?

    I've still been out of sorts so not completely on the right track, have been perusing the recipes (and success stories) on for inspiration and feel more geared up today.

    Veg and fruit snacks at the ready. Slices of pepper with egg baked inside plus some greens for lunch. Need to whip up a vat of veg soup that I can freeze in individual portions at some point this afternoon.

    Mr Merle has been told to find things he can have for dinner so I can be more in control of what I have (I.e. more veggie recipes)

    I'm also going to try and get back into the habit of going for a morning walk on my days off... easy today as I have a letter to post. ;)
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  • There_Is_a_LightThere_Is_a_Light Forumite
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    Tuna and avocado salad was basically some lettuce, bit of rocket, baby plum tomatoes and a spring onion. Topped with half an avocado and half a tin of tuna. I would usually add olives too but bought whole olives instead of pitted ones by mistake. Put a squirt of extra light mayo on tuna.

    Didnt make yoga as home from work too late.
    "These things take time but I know that I'm the most inept that ever stepped"
    Save £12K in 2016 #150 £12858.59/£14200.00
  • beanieloubeanielou Forumite
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    Great loss Light.
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  • There_Is_a_LightThere_Is_a_Light Forumite
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    Thanks Beanie x

    Late night at work for me so I have organised all of my food to be MSE and control calories.

    Breakfast I have had a lovely veggie cooked breakfast which will see me over until my 1pm lunch break.
    Lunch is tuna and avocado wrap
    Dinner will be beans of toast and it will be at least 7pm when I get to eat this.

    I really need to be careful at the weekend and make sure I get in plenty of exercise.
    "These things take time but I know that I'm the most inept that ever stepped"
    Save £12K in 2016 #150 £12858.59/£14200.00
  • Sun_AddictSun_Addict Forumite
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    Reporting in with half a pound weight loss this week at WW. 2lbs this month so far and 8lbs loss overall. :)
    Christmas Savings 2023 £/£600 December NSD:
  • in_need_of_directionin_need_of_direction Forumite
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    You're more than halfway there.
    Mortgage at 01.01.14 £119,481.83:eek: today £23,624.83. Emergency fund £5.5/5.5k & £200/200 cash.:jWeight 24/02/19 14st 7lb now 12st 3lbdetermined to stop defining myself by my mistakes. Progress not perfection.:T39% through my 1% mortgage challenge. 1% = £387aiming for 50% by year end
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