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Official Trying to Conceive - Thread 13

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  • kirtsypooskirtsypoos Forumite
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    Sorry AF got you Thrift. Lots of baby dust for next month :)

    How is the house move going Zeni?
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  • ZeniZeni Forumite
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    Sorry the witch got you Thift :(

    Almost there kirsty just have to sign contracts now and then fingers crossed in exchange and completion around the corner. Stressing out about it so cant wait till we get the keys and then the decorating begins!
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  • twigpigtwigpig Forumite
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    That's great zeni, I'm looking to have mine on the market in a few weeks. Eek. Hope things all go smoothly for you :). One vit b tablet shouldn't make much difference but maybe a little difference......

    Sorry thrift, I drink decaf tea and coffee. You do have to try a few different brands of tea. Some are horrible even when the non decaf is nice. It varies so much. I like the pg tips one cup. Home bargains sell boxes of 160 for 95p.
    TTC #3..........
  • edited 16 May 2017 at 9:17AM
    athensgeorgiaathensgeorgia Forumite
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    edited 16 May 2017 at 9:17AM
    I only started the Vit B because I raised the long cycles as a concern with my GP and she recommended taking it to encourage OV. I have PCOS though so not sure if that was part of the recommendation.

    I know I should be grateful to have a cycle at all having spent many years with no AF. I've already proven I can get pg on my own, it's just taking a lot longer.
  • MrsNubsMrsNubs Forumite
    99 posts
    Hello ladies, hope everyone's doing well. Congratulations to the BFP's and massive hugs to all the AF'ers.

    Sorry I've been awol for a while, went away for a long weekend for my birthday, which was lovely but far too short!

    I had my internal ultrasound on Saturday and she found no evidence of PCOS, although the lining of my womb was a little too thick. This may be because I haven't had a period in over 50 days, or possibly that I am very early stages of PG. I did a test Saturday morning before the scan but it was BFN, but I have been getting a few symptoms. Nipples so sore they wake me up in the night, some heartburn after eating which I never normally get, and yesterday and today I've had horrendous lower back pain. As I don't know when AF is due, I have no idea if Saturday was too early to test, but will try to hold off testing again for a few more days in case AF comes/the symptoms all stop.

    It's so hard not to read too much into every little twinge and start getting excited. It's so nice to read this forum and know I'm not alone in my crazy symptom spotting.

    Also, I'm a bit torn about how to feel on the no-PCOS diagnosis. On the one hand, it's great to know I don't have it, but on the other hand it's difficult not having any answers and still getting these crazy cycles. If I'm not PG right now, then this is another insanely long cycle with no explanation
  • kirtsypooskirtsypoos Forumite
    3.8K posts
    Ninth Anniversary 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker Cashback Cashier
    MrsNubs Happy belated birthday :)
    I don't want to make you feel worse but PCOS cannot technically be diagnosed/ruled out by ultrasound as it's not actually an ovarian condition - it's all hormonal so can only be ruled in/out by blood tests.

    I only know this as for a long time (10 years) I had PCOS symptoms - weight gain, excess hair growth, oily skin, extreme fatigue and very random periods but I had numerous internal scans and was told over and over again that I didn't have PCOS - until my latest gynae did blood tests last year and lo and behold I do have PCOS.

    If you have other symptoms that correlate, I would ask for a second opinion. On the other hand, everything crossed that your are PG and all of this doesn't matter anyway :)
    :j PAID VERY, Barclaycard x3, Vanquis, Natwest, O/D, Tesco & MBNA x2 PAID :j LBM 24/07/15 - Original Debt: £0/31010.23 (100% paid) :eek:
    Mortgage - £151.316.54 :eek:
  • MrsNubsMrsNubs Forumite
    99 posts
    Oh man! Thanks for the info Kirsty although gutted that's the case! She was so confident about it I assumed it was now definitely ruled out. Although I'm not sure I have many of the symptoms, the only weight gain I suffer is from eating too much/exercising too little (although believe me, I'd love to blame this all on a medical condition!), and don't have the fatigue or hair growth. The only reason they suspected PCOS was because of my irregular periods.

    But I'm due to go back to my GP to discuss next steps so I'll definitely mention it then and see what she says about blood tests. It must have been such a relief after 10 years to finally find out what the issue is. I always find it's the not knowing that's the hardest part of medical issues!
  • kirtsypooskirtsypoos Forumite
    3.8K posts
    Ninth Anniversary 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker Cashback Cashier
    Sorry MrsNubs - I know it's not nice to hear that it could still be the case but I wish someone had told me that the scan wasn't diagnostic by itself when I first started having them - I'd have pushed harder much earlier for a diagnosis!
    :j PAID VERY, Barclaycard x3, Vanquis, Natwest, O/D, Tesco & MBNA x2 PAID :j LBM 24/07/15 - Original Debt: £0/31010.23 (100% paid) :eek:
    Mortgage - £151.316.54 :eek:
  • twigpigtwigpig Forumite
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    TTC thread

    Two Week Wait (BFP Hopefuls)
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    CD3 thrift360
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    Those we haven't heard from in a while

    Those with * sometimes uses conceive plus/preseed.
    The names in blue has a link to their Fertility Friend chart.
    When posting updates, can you please do them in Magenta so it's easy to spot. This thread is all about support, so remember to click thanks on as many posts as you can! It makes us all feel loved.

    For those posting on smartphones or tablets the code for magenta is
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    Please let me know if anything needs editing (including the zone you are in) and I will try to keep up.

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  • hotcookie101hotcookie101 Forumite
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    Hey all,
    I haven't been posting recently, I was feeling very sorry for myself earlier in the month-I would have been 6months at the end of April, one of my work colleagues is about 6-8 weeks behind what I would have been and has a big bump now, and another just announced a few weeks ago
    I'm trying to be more positive, I've been temping this month and fertility friend tells me I'm currently 3dpo. I'm not sure how accurate my temps are though as everywhere says you need to do it after x hours undisturbed sleep, but I often sleep horrendously badly, so usually just do about 5/6 ish when I wake up. There seems to be a pattern, but I can't figure out how much difference the waking/moving makes to my temp-eg yesterday am was 36.50, but at 630 when I got home from work (and work physical job, and had walked home) temp was 36.67 or something like that!
    3dpo fits with cm though, so will go with that. It was CD14, and I have a 25 day cycle usually, so my LP is not super short which I was starting to worry about.
    Fingers crossed for this month everyone :D
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