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Official Trying to Conceive - Thread 13

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  • Big Congrats Orange! And very kind of you to think of me too.

    Sorry that AF got you Chelle, hope you've got some nice wine and chocolate coming your way, and hope next month is the one.
  • Munchkin84 wrote: »
    That's great orange xx
    Fingers crossed for those in their 2ww. I should be ovulating early next week.
    Hoping this is our month. Though I don't want to hope too hard and set myself up for disappointment.
    I've cut down on caffeine, replaced coffee with nettle tea, which doesn't taste like pond water like I thought it would.
    Got pineapple waiting for next week too.
    In other news, pretty sure we've decided on the wedding venue and I'm debating buying my dress sooner rather than later.
    Have a lovely weekend ladies x

    That sounds good! Hope you have a lovely weekend too.
  • Chelle22Chelle22 Forumite
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    Big Congrats Orange! And very kind of you to think of me too.

    Sorry that AF got you Chelle, hope you've got some nice wine and chocolate coming your way, and hope next month is the one.

    Thank you Cherry. Big G&T for tonight (or in a minute...), it's been a while! Taking a positive from it though, my cycles are pretty much back to normal now following the MC, which will hopefully help. Fingers crossed for you and everyone else in the 2WW xx
  • ZeniZeni Forumite
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    Congrats orange that's fab news :) like Chelle said fingers crossed for sticky bean - very happy for you!

    I think Im past OV but having been tracking it as the last week odd were mental so think prob 7dpo but think we completely missed the window. All guns blazing for next month!
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  • TTC thread

    Two Week Wait (BFP Hopefuls)
    CD35 athensgeorgia - 2dpo
    CD21 Zeni - 8dpo
    CD25 thrift360 - 11 dpo
    CD26 Cherry Gale - 12 dpo

    "If in doubt - BD" Zone

    CD10 twigpig
    CD12 ButterflyBabe - awaiting ov
    CD18 kirtsypoos - awaiting ov
    CD57 DSM348 - awaiting ov

    "Wine and Chocolate" zone
    CD3 Chelle22 -


    Those we haven't heard from in a while

    Those with * sometimes uses conceive plus/preseed.
    The names in blue has a link to their Fertility Friend chart.
    When posting updates, can you please do them in Magenta so it's easy to spot. This thread is all about support, so remember to click thanks on as many posts as you can! It makes us all feel loved.

    For those posting on smartphones or tablets the code for magenta is
    ([ )COLOR="magenta"( ] )your text ( [ )/COLOR ( ] ) (lose the round bracket)

    Please let me know if anything needs editing (including the zone you are in) and I will try to keep up.

    Thread Graduates :T

    Orange_Candle - 11/5/17
    alipops1986 05/05/17
    2ba3c 25/03/17
    sulphate 31/01/17
    chickenmama 10/12/16
    PeppaCoin BFP 29/11/16
    Ratison BFP 05/11/16
    Newthrift BFP 20/10/16
    Snowscreamer BFP 15/10/16
    Firebird082 BFP 08/10/16
    Penguingirl BFP 24/09/16
    april87 BFP 22/09/16
    Keekee BFP 21/08/16
    Clarabell1984 BFP 21/7/16
    Cats2012 BFP 9/7/16
    big5 BFP 15/6/16
    sexymouse BFP 4/6/16
    VicVics BFP 16/5/16
    MancMama4 BFP 29/4/16
    pinkpetal BFP 24/4/16
    Apple1985 BFP 19/4/16
    Tinks05 BFP 18/4/16
  • twigpigtwigpig Forumite
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    Thanks cherry for posting the lists :beer:

    Huge congrats orange! :j:j. Very very pleased for you

    Hey chelle , sorry AF arrived and that it's month 9. Fingers crossed it will happen soon.

    My break was good, not very relaxing overall but it was nice to be away from home for a while and we had a really great time. Hope everyone doing good this week.....
    TTC #3..........
  • thrift360thrift360 Forumite
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    Congrats Orange - great news :j

    Unsure whether or not AF has got me, although if so, it's early. Have been having brown spotting/bleeding on and off since Wednesday, which according to various Google searches could indicate implantation bleeding, but as I say it could just be AF showing up. However still having a lot of unusual symptoms for me at this time of my cycle, including very intense nausea, tender/sore b**bs, very vivid dreams, tiredness to the extent that I'm napping in the day, aversion to foods that I normally love, cold symptoms and having to go to the loo more frequently. Also went to bed last night with a strange pain in my abdomen like I'd been doing sit-ups, and I definitely hadn't!

    Had a BFN on a First Response on 10dpo but I'm aware that this may have been too early, despite it being an "early response" test. So all in all I'm just trying to be patient and wait it out :o

    Good luck to everyone else :)
  • Welcome home twigpig, glad you had such a good time!

    Fx for you thrifty360, you're not out until AF shows her face properly! Speaking of which, pass the wine please Chelle22.
  • Chelle22Chelle22 Forumite
    341 posts
    Cherry passing you the wine, sorry AF got you. Next month is our month!

    Keeping fingers crossed for you thrifty360, as Cherry said you're not out yet, and you certainly do seem to have lots of symptoms.

    Glad you had a nice break twigpig, welcome back :)

    Hope everyone else is well and having a good weekend x
  • kirtsypooskirtsypoos Forumite
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    I'm not sure where I am up to at the moment. I got a positive OPK on CD15 and a smiley face on clear blue digital OPK on CD16 but I still haven't had a temp rise. Or not a significant one anyway so I'm not entirely sure what is happening with my cycle.

    Sorry AF got you Cherry

    Fingers crossed thrift

    Welcome back twig - glad you had a good break :)
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