The NSD March Easter Egg Hunt Challenge!

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Yes folks,Easter approacheth,meaning that we will soon have our hands full of that old favourite:anchovy and fennel chocolate Easter eggs,as much beloved by Cheffie and his [STRIKE]rusty[STRIKE][/STRIKE][/STRIKE],sorry,trusty sidekick Igor.

Mrs Doyle will be on hand with her restorative cups of tea and egg sandwiches.
Fabio (her great nephew) will be mooching about somewhere no doubt,perfecting his pout,moody teenager that he is.

Hubert will be acting as official Easter egg taster.I just hope that he doesn't get diarrhea like last year. :eek:

Nargle will no doubt be modeling her new Spongebob slippers.

I will be looking gorgeous.As if that needed to be said!I have been compared to Cleopatra,you know.
Oh yes.

Who would care to join us?Don't be shy.You know you want to......

As for Tiddles,the house cat,I'm sure he will be kept busy keeping the rodent situation under control. 5vvz46.jpg

We have lots of fun activities planned.More of that later...For those of you who are new to the challenge,we are a happy (and some might say mildly insane) bunch doing battle with those retailers - and there’s plenty of temptation out there at the moment. We are seriously committed to saving money, but nobody said it can't be done with a smile on your face - so we organize riotous nights out and gatecrash any function going - all without leaving the comfort of our own imaginations or armchairs!

On a slightly more serious note, we are here to help each other avoid spending for the number of days we feel we can manage to try to take back some control over our hard-earned money. What you class as a "spend'" is entirely your choice; some people will try to shop on the days DD/SO etc are paid, whilst others will not include essentials such as rent. Have a look at the next post from our sponsor (and godmother of this challenge) BigMummaF, this contains some guidelines and ideas for starting you off on the challenge.

It’s amazing how inventive you get when you’re determined NOT to spend - from weird menu ingredients to surprising DIY solutions - but you know what? 99% of the time those wacky ideas work.

Just remember that mentioning the F word (f-a-i-l!) is not allowed,and anyone who dares speak the word which must not be spoken will find himself in a spot of bother with our toothy bouncer Shawnie boy.
ioeyk9.jpg Shawnie boy has a message....'You're in my house now.....',so watch what you say.

If you're new to the forum,click here to read the Intro Guide.

If you haven’t already, join the forum to reply!

PS I'm usually a modest lass,but I just have to add that The NSD Challenge is the best of the bunch! ;) :cool: :j


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