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    Hi, I joined Bristol Energy 2 years ago because it was one of the cheapest alternatives. The switch went slow, it took almost a month to left EDF. After 3 months they decided to increase my monthly installment and every time I need to contact them it was a week waiting for an answer. Near the end of my contract they changed my direct debit to quarterly and ignore any complaint I sent them. That problem and the hike in the price made me switch to Shell Energy (cheapest option at that time).

    I liked the website and the simplicity of the bill, but I was lucky i didn't had a big problem with them due the small problems I had with them.
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    Very ill-advised to move to Bristol Energy at the moment as their customer book is being sold off over the next two months. Hoping there's something else as good out there. We're changing to Octopus which is rated by many here but the customer service is already so much worse :( fingers crossed though.
  • busybee100busybee100 Forumite
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    That's a shame I've just advised my daughter to sign up. Hope we don't end up with Outfox.
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    Outfox don't have the cash to buy out Bristol Energy's customers.

    Their customer base would most likely be bought by a Big 6 (Unlikely Ovo/SSE), Octopus, Shell or (If they have the cash), Bulb.

    Out of the Big 6, EDF have taken on the most customers from other suppliers in the past.
    Outside of the Big 6, you've seen Octopus Energy take on the most customers from other suppliers.
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    Interesting, they did take on Eversmart's customers last year and proceded to move them to smart PPM tariffs.

    Unless Bristol Energy do have a high % of PPM customers I don't see why this would be a good deal for them though - To retain the customers they'd need to convince people to move from credit to pre-payment, or hope they'd be happy on the price cap.

    I think there will definitely be a good number of suppliers going in or these customers though. Due to Bristol Energy offering 100% renewables and investing in PPAs, I would be more inclined to say they'd fit in with Octopus.
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    It's a shame they are going. I've been with them nearly 2 years. They are slow to answer emails but fast to answer the phone. Customer service was always good. 
    I'd been eyeing up their super green 2 year fix. Maybe I should switch to that whilst its still possible and then leave whoever buys them out in two years time. I am of course assuming any deal done now will be honoured to completion.

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    I just thought I'd add my recent experience of Bristol Energy (now part of Together) to this thread.

    Before the takeover they were great - good prices and with really good customer service.  Unfortunately that is no longer the case.

    For me it all started when my plan eneded in January.  I was just under £200 in credit so requested a refund - particularly as they wanted to increase my monthly payments by £40 (the new plan I had signed up to would have been about £20 per year more expensive).

    I got a response 3 weeks later saying that they couldn't refund me as they could only do so within 2 weeks of a bill being produced. I provided them with new meter readings despite my original request having been sent 2 days after the bill.

    I then got an updated bill along with a message that they couldn't refund anything as I had to leave a minimum of a month's payment in my account (not heard of that one before!).

    I therefore decided it was time to part company.  I moved to a different supplier 7 weeks ago.

    I've still to receive a final bill from Bristol Energy (despite chasing) let alone a refund (which should now include at least £30 extra thanks to Ofgem's standard compensation).

    I always used to recommend Bristol Energy to people but can only now advise that everyone steers clear of them.
  • rceebearrceebear Forumite
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    How are people getting on with Bristol Energy? I joined a few months ago and they want to more than double my DD.
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