NST December: Frugal festivities

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The festive period is now upon us. Even though the temptation to spend money is all around us, stay strong turtles. Budget for everything - christmas food, presents and festive events included. Look for free things that you can do. Don't get distracted by all the advertising and hype. Really think about every purchase you make and if you are getting the best deal.

We're surrounded by images of happy families, glitzy party events, etc, however, it can also be a very depressing time of year. Working in the mental health sector, one of the things that is constantly hammered into me is how important it is to look after my own mental health. So part of December's challenge is to think of 4 things you do that keep good mental health (for me it's going to the gym, finding the time to read a book, making an effort not to work too much and spending quality time with OH, family and friends) and do at least 1 each week in December

December rules
- The challenge runs from 1st to 31st December 2015
- You will set your budgets for everything
- You will pay to your debt or savings first. You will then live off the rest, don't wait until the end of the month and see how much is left.
- You will achieve at least 15 NSD. A NSD will not be spoiled by purchasing yellow sticker products only or medication, fuel or paying for regular children's activities (when planned in advance and the monies put aside in an envelope.
- You will take your lunch to work every single day
- You will donate £5 or time to a charity you support
- You will come on here every day and post three things you are grateful for (pinching this from apple's challenge last month as it made me appreciate little things more :))
- You will do at least one thing each week that looks after your mental health
- You will think about 1 goal that you want achieve next year

That's it turtles - who's with me?
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  • misstara
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    Debt Dec 2022 - £2972.68. Current debt - £738.48 (75.2% paid). Flat deposit - £8922.05/£15000 (59.5% saved).
  • thriftylass
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    Thank you and count me in please. Can I have lucky number 7 please. Ta
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  • dolly84
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    I'm in. Thanks for the new challenge misstara, I will read the rules properly and post my budgets etc on the 1st.
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  • Justforme
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    Me too please xx
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    NSD 16/20
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  • kaspadoc
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    Long term lurked here, have been following the November thread and would love to join the December one please :j :j :j

    Will post budgets later as am just running out the door to 'Reclaim my Lunchbreak'!!! :D


  • traveller
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    Thank you for doing this month MissTara :T Count me in! Loving the mental health emphasis as I'm a firm believer we neglect this far too easily :)
    :A Your Always in my heart, you never ever will be forgotten-9/9/14:heart2:
  • stewby
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    haven't read it yet but me please. Number 8 if possible.

    Will be AWOL for the first few days as heading on holiday. On the plus side, it is fully paid and saved for so hopefully will have four spend-free days right from the off.
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  • chocolatelover93
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    Hello :D
    I would like to join please :D
    Although I wasn't brilliant in Nov it's made me see how much I spend on carp so need to cut that down :D plus everyone on here is really nice xx
    Read my diaryHere :)
  • apple_muncher
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    Me too please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NST March lion #8; NSD ; MFW9/3/23 Whoop Whoop!!!
  • Fmess
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    Count me in please :)
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