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I live in the middle of nowhere - a 40 minute drive from a decent place to shop. Locally the choice is both restricted and expensive. Was thinking of shopping online. It seems that a couple of supermarkets do home delivery here and one has a click and collect point.
Any good/bad experiences?


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    I do most of the bulk shopping online - loo roll, tins, cat litter, beer/cider, spuds. It depends on which companies cover your location.
    Ocado is good, waitrose has an awful website, Tesco is good but 2 hour slots, Sainsburys had lots of substitutions, I tried Asda click and collect and that worked pretty well.
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    Two years ago when we moved 230 miles north, I decided that there was just too much going on to even think about a supermarket shop the week we moved in.

    I did a huge order online with Sainsbobs, having used one of their £20.00 off a first £60.00 online shop voucher that I got when I paid for petrol! Got to say it was the best decision that week as what with the mayhem of deliveries, and of other stuff and sorting the house out all that food was delivered the day after we moved in.

    I have used it quite a number of times since then and mainly when there has been vouchers come through for £7.00 off a £40.00 shop. Only time I would not recommend it would be the last week before Christmas, but other than that my own experience of it has been very, very good!
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    Thanks. It seems that Sainsburys and Asda do home delivery in this area and Tesco has a click and collect point a couple of miles away.
  • Rainy-Days
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    Keep an eye out because Sainsbury's do these offers for first time internet shoppers! You can get some really good vouchers! :D
    Cat, Dogs and the Horses are our fag and beer money :D :beer:
  • all online as also in the miidle of countryside. Waitrose, riverford, abel and cole. All excellent, waitrose came today, A1 as always
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    One downside is that they don't tend to give you the best dates on fresh foods. Had an online shop from Sainsburys the other day and got a 1kg bag of potatoes dated the same day as delivery. Fresh fruits etc. can be hit and miss too as you can't pick out the best ones yourselves
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    Well I think I'll go for it! Nearest good place is Barnard Castle which is 35 - 40 minutes drive. I love Barny but would rather spend time exploring the small shops instead of spending my time running round the Morrisons there like a contestant on supermarket sweep! :D
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    I've been using Iceland, Asda, Tesco online shopping for 15+ years... rarely had an issue! Everyone makes mistakes sometimes and the people working there are mere humans.. they won't get it right every time.
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    I use Asda or Tesco which are the only ones who deliver near me. Think north of Scotland. I prefer Asda as have found their pickers are better but sometimes Tesco temps me with a code. The near dates are usually in a separate containers and the delivery person will take them back if you are not happy and I have been told to keep them and got a refund a few times.
    For meat and chicken I use Donald Russell from Aberdeenshire and their products are wonderful ( you will never eat supermarket beef again). Their meat is delivered in a polystyrene box in dry ice to keep it frozen.
  • I order all my groceries online and find it so much easier. Ocado are the best as they bring your shopping in for you, give you 5p back for each bag you give them and there are rarely any missing items.

    I usually use Sainsbury's or Tesco for their cheap cat litter.
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