MSE News: Nationwide launches cashback credit and debit card scheme: is it any good?

Nationwide debit and credit card customers can earn between 1%-35% cashback at selected in-store and online retailers...
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Nationwide launches cashback credit and debit card scheme: is it any good?


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  • gt94sss2
    gt94sss2 Posts: 5,662 Forumite
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    Like the previous Nationwide offer, this is simply a rebranding of a Visa Europe scheme- you can tell from the url - so you can expect several other banks to have similar/the same offers using tjhe same format:

    This press release shows who Visa are partnering with to provide the offers.
  • Ectophile
    Ectophile Posts: 7,377 Forumite
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    I've just logged in to the site (my credit card was already registered).

    All they have done is replaced x% discount when you buy from one of their featured retailers with x% cashback when you buy from one of their featured retailers.

    Big deal.
    If it sticks, force it.
    If it breaks, well it wasn't working right anyway.
  • Archi_Bald
    Archi_Bald Posts: 9,681 Forumite
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    None of the offers I can see right now are of any interest to me. May be something more relevant will appear nearer to Xmas.
  • alanq
    alanq Posts: 4,216 Forumite
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    edited 18 November 2015 at 11:03AM
    From the article
    "Nationwide pre-paid card customers can't earn cashback on spending."

    I wasn't aware that Nationwide Building Society issued pre-paid cards.
    Seaching "Nationwide prepaid" came up with Nationwide Bank, an American organisation whose telephone number corresponds to "on your side". I wonder which Nationwide used that slogan first.

    Does Nationwide Building Society have a card that it describes as prepaid? All that I can find on its web site is a suggestion from customers that it should offer one for overseas travel. I suppose that a basic bank account that does not permit overdrafts is much the same as a prepaid card in use (no overdraft) but as far as I am aware the latter are covered by electronic money regulation rather than banking regulation.
  • EarthBoy
    EarthBoy Posts: 3,049 Forumite
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    alanq wrote: »
    Does Nationwide Building Society have a card that it describes as prepaid?

    No. Maybe MSE has inside knowledge and Nationwide are about to introduce one? They've certainly never had one up to now.
  • KTF
    KTF Posts: 4,820 Forumite
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    These opt-in schemes are a pain in the !!!!. If its such a great idea then add all the customers in automatically.

    Oh wait, that would cost them too much money...
  • SnowTiger
    SnowTiger Posts: 4,461 Forumite
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    I don't know how good the offers are, but it does highlight Nationwide's lackadaisical approach to security.

    I received an email about this yesterday.

    The login/sign up page link leads to and other links in the email lead to

    It looked a bit fishy (or phishy) to me.

    I toddled off for a gander at Nationwide's main website to see if there was any information there about it. Nothing jumped at me on their homepage or when I logged in to my account.

    Nationwide is one of those organisations who believe adding the last three character of your Post Code to their email proves it's legit. :rotfl:
  • Former_MSE_Paloma
    Hi, thanks for the feedback - this should say Visa pre-paid card rather than Nationwide. Thanks for flagging - this has been amended. MSE Paloma
  • csreader
    csreader Posts: 14 Forumite
    edited 18 November 2015 at 5:06PM
    After I started to register for Nationwide's Simply Rewards I was sent an email from, as they had told me to expect.
    This contained a link to
    At least, that's what it said. But the link was actually to (MSE doesn't let me give more details of the links.)
    Have Nationwide opened an office in .LUxembourg?
    I suppose it's possible that this is a link to a Visa website; but, if so, why do Nationwide need to disguise the real link with a fictitious one?
    Incidentally, thanks to SnowTiger for pointing out that Nationwide normally give the last 3 characters of my postcode in their emails; this did not happen in the one about Simply Rewards.
  • Pincher
    Pincher Posts: 6,552 Forumite
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    The Amex Cashback card and the Santander 123 credit card seem to have pretty similar offers.

    By the way, I went to Toby Carvery to use a Santander Retailer Offer, worst meal ever. Which rather puts me off the Crown Carveries offer, 20% off. Ember Inn was actually very good, so don't know.
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