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    Have just taken cheapest annual cover via CBC, with their supremely helpful, judicious Jeremy on Chat [have just said as much on the 'Rate this Chat' thingy. Usually I loathe such things, but not in this case.]

    15% Discount code MSE04 worked, so over £10 off the breakdown cover I need for Yurp:-)

    What I won't be doing is renewing RAC with MrT vouchers [1st time last year]. Now complex, not for Europe, costlier.
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  • kashley61
    Cover with CBC £25.50 Silver cover. Got 15% discount with MSE via link. No problem and email with docs came through quickly. Will update if issue or good experience if used. :)
  • calvincamel
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    No option for personal cover. 2002 car resulted in "No quotes available". Tried to edid quote but it failed and returned a blank page. Restarted and tried for my 2004 car, putting in the reg for it. That worked but as they won't cover an older car and won't do personal cover it's not a lot of good really for many of us.
  • Smodlet
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    is complete pants. "No cover available". What use is that? We have had breakdown cover for decades and the RAC want to renew it for another year (of course, they do) so it is not as if the car is impossible to find cover for. You asked for feedback, MSE, here it is.
  • NicamStereo
    I found CBC to offer very competitively priced cover, so much so that last week I took out a silver cover policy with ARL at £28. However I have now cancelled after studying the exclusions listed as part of the policy. Does it seem right that a service provider goes to the trouble of capturing a vehicle registration number , matching it against DVLA data and therefore knowing the exact model/manufacturer of the vehicle (and therefore knowing the exact specifications of that unmodified vehicle) and yet still offering for sale a policy that does not match the vehicle specs?

    Only through detailed checking of the exclusions against the manufacturers vehicle specs did I note that the stated restriction on vehicle width of 1.95m s not adequate for my vehicle (listed as 2.18m including mirrors).

    Do i have unrealistic expectations here or is this something that you would expect a decent service provider to screen in the first instance?

    I did speak with ARL directly and they didn't appear to have any concerns on the vehicle width. However, speaking with CBC they didn't appear to want to budge away from the black & white position and it was a case of take it as is (which on paper would have been without guaranteed cover) or take a refund. Simple choice really!

    In summary, seems very good pricing. But, on first impressions, not too hot on customer service.
  • CFT
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    Martin/Journalist Team,
    I bought European Breakdown Cover (annual) from Eversure (formally Alliance, but now PEX). I think it would be worth analysing the "exceptions" of European breakdown policy cover to establish exactly what is insured, because by just going on price you cannot tell whether any of these policies are worth buying. "Breaking down" abroad is truly stressful. The promise of repatriation/accommodation costs/hire car etc are reassuring, but when you have a breakdown, and you realise that you've got the "wrong kind of breakdown" and that if you take the any initiative you almost always invalidate the insurance cover. Your site is brilliant for its ways to save money and buy what you need, but similar to the car rental extortion of previous years, I think European breakdown cover is the next topic for your forensic investigation. The three companies that you recommend have T&Cs which make the cover practically impossible to claim against.
  • Jeanneau
    Just used the code on the CBC as shown on MSE Breakdown cover section
    Quote was £36.46 less the MSE04 code gave total £30.99 which looked good BUT just to double check typed in exactly the same info to Eversure direct (same firm that CBC found) and quote was £26.35 identical cover and vehicle, without needing a discount code what a waste of time. Have cancelled the policy
  • TCA
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    I took out the Silver policy with CBC a couple of months back. Broke down in my car the other week, only a couple of miles from home and after half an hour of trying and failing to start the car I called for assistance.

    It took forever to get through on the phone. Luckily I had managed to get my car off the road or it would have been more traumatic.

    The lady I spoke to was (I think) South African. No offence to South Africans but to this particular woman I had to repeat everything 3 times to be understood and I don't have any thick regional accent. Very frustrating given the situation.

    I was then given the choice of roadside assistance or transportation for my vehicle. I asked her to clarify and yes, if I asked for someone to come and try and fix it and they couldn't, then I was stuck there. No transportation. It was one or the other.

    As I had an idea that the problem couldn't be fixed by roadside assistance I opted for transportation. This took some persuasion. I asked if my car could be transported to my home - the answer was no, only to a garage. So I said okay. Estimated arrival time 50 to 90 minutes.

    The call took 27 stressful minutes. As the call ended I decided to try starting the car one last time and it roared into life so I sped home. On pulling up in my driveway I called back and cancelled the request for transportation.

    Close to 2 hours after getting home I got a call from a breakdown service based 250 miles away. The mind boggles. I explained I had cancelled the request and left it at that.

    So in summary, I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole. Not recommended.

    [Edited to add: In the end I sent my car's instrument cluster to an auto electrician to repair. It worked. Roadside assistance and even a regular mechanic would have been of no use, so I dodged a bullet].
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    ABSOLUTELY APPALLING! None of the phone numbers quoted picked up. I was stranded on the motorway for almost two hours. Eventually I had to call for motorway assistance to tow me off. It may be cheap, however when you need assistance it's not provided. Avoid at all costs
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    Hi there, thanks for taking the time to give us some feedback.

    We’re really sorry that you feel our breakdown cover has let you down. We never want any of our customers be in this situation.

    We'd also love to take a closer look at what you've experienced, so If you could email our customer services department via ( including your policy number, we'll look into this further for you as soon as we can.

    Many thanks,
    Compare Breakdown Cover Team

    Having responded to CBC's request above I was heartened to hear from them that they have now removed the insurer in question from their panel. I've accepted their offer of 12 months free cover with a more reputable company in addition to a goodwill payment and appreciate their efforts in trying to rectify a bad situation and restore their reputation.
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