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November 2015 Grocery Challenge

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  • mhemhe Forumite
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    Its a long time since I've posted but our finances have taken a huge dint recently due to the loss of income. I have had to slash our food budget - and I had already got it down a lot from what it used to be 4 years ago - but needs must. Since September this year we have been living off wartime rations. This hasn't always been easy but it has made me realise just how much we must have wasted before. This weeks food shop for 2 adults 3 children( 2 of whom are teens) was £29.15 .
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    2 adults, 3 children
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    sweetpea26sweetpea26 Forumite
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    Good morning all

    Could I please be added to the challenge Zip and Coxy. Thank you. Family of 4/5 depending who is home from college etc. Have been buying needlessly and need to get a grip again.


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    sweetpea26sweetpea26 Forumite
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    SainsBugs yesterday £4.50 money off voucher if £30 spent so I got what I really needed plus some reduced items ended up paying £28.83

    Usual lidl shop stuck to my list bar only daughter dropping in some asparagus :) could be worse ... it could have been chocolate :)

    Total in Lidl £22.21

    so £51.04 for major shop this week. Will be scouting for YS and getting few other bits and pieces milk coffee etc during the rest of the week.

    This challenge really does help you focus. All the best to everyone.
  • wishuswishus Forumite
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    Spends so far:

    30/10/15 Morrisons £3.54 1/11/2015 ASDA £8.97 1/11/2015 TESCO £19.47 2/11/2015 Morrisons £5.46
    I am hugely disappointed not to have seen any reduced pumpkins about yet. They seem to have all gone! Plenty smashed and wasted in our road, mind. :(
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  • mrs-moneypennymrs-moneypenny Forumite
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    Just had to nip out as I'd run out of bread milk and gravy granules.
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  • £4.70 on loo rolls and milk. Made a version of hairy dieters cheese and potato pasties last night, uses a small bag of bread mix instead of pastry. Very yummy and enough for kids lunches today too.
  • joedenisejoedenise Forumite
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    Just back from first shop of November and spent £13.94/£250. Also had my first NSD yesterday - only 19 more to try and hit my target:rotfl:.

  • Kicking myself for spending out on a chinese last night!! £19.60!! Doh! Also spend £10 on a Lidl shop. Having a NSD today, tomorrow and Thursday now.
    HM Shepherds Pie for tea tonight, Chicken Fahitas tomorrow and jacket pots with cheese and beans on Thurs. Do need to get some milk/bread/cheese at some point but will ask OH to pick them up on way back from work x
  • £111.44 across Ocado, Tesco and Aldi today. That should set me up for most of the month apart from top ups of bread, milk, juice and veg - and beyond because Ocado had some fab meat offers on that will last me into December. I've dropped my budget to £300 from last month's first estimate of £400. I know I'll have to do an online shop for DD to last her until the end of term at uni, but that will be around £50 and I won't need to do one in December, which means I'll have a bit of give in next month's budget for Christmas fayre. Not an NSD today by any means, but I was treated to a cup of tea out rather than having to use the last of my cash, and by my calculations I won't have to spend anything between now and next Tuesday, as I've already paid for my firework party ticket for Friday. That said, I may get some of my Christmas shopping online, but I'll try and limit it to one shopping day, so that I can improve on last month's NSD total.
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  • cyantistcyantist Forumite
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    Afternoon all.
    Please can I join again this month. I'm going to aim for £175
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