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  • Just called Plusnet after having looked through available offers for my area. I mentioned to their agent that I was thinking of leaving for a cheaper offer, they asked for some examples of what I'd seen. Then put on hold for a few minutes and when they returned, £16 was knocked off the monthly charge I pay, in return for me agreeing to an 18-month contract. So saved just under £200 for 10 minutes' work.

    I should never have left my phone/broadband package out of contract so long. I check my utility provider regularly, why didn't I check this as well? I don't think I'll forget again!
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    Finally completed our house move this week and although the broadband has surprisingly only dropped to 15Mbps on ADSL, I've decided to move on up to fibre.
    Sky refused to move from £30 for UL fibre following a text chat & then a phone call (the text chat guys have absolutely no bargaining offers). The phone call (to retentions) were actually no better so I've signed up to Now TV 's £20 offer. I did offer to re-contract to Entertainment+HD+Boxsets from my 50% rolling monthly contract if it helped but they absolutely weren't interested and were quoting the full £30 for the TV part.
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    My Sky unlimited 17mb broadband deal (£9.49pm all inc) was due to end in a month and I went on their online chat service at 7am this morning to drop in an "innocent" intention to cancel at the end of the contract and ask if I need to give any notice or simply sign up with another supplier (gently stating Plusnet's £10.24pm deal to the agent) and they'd handle the cancellation and transfer.

    They countered with a 12-month renewal for £11pm all inc (instead of £30pm standard price), which I took. Involved a £2.50 one-off fee for the first month, but £11pm thereafter (already reflected under "future bills").

    I also had this deal just expire, although i did get a letter saying my bill was staying the same & then when i checked online -it actually wasnt as line rental deal was expiring.

    Then had some difficulty contacting sky through the chat app requesting to leave, so ended up calling and getting ranty about wanting to leave so no retentions convo had.

    First call from retentions earlier this week -I couldn't get your deal despite insisiting i wasted to stay on the 17mb speed -quoted plusnet too, best they could do was £18.99pm even when i quoted your deal (as a friends obvs), so i continued with the leave.

    Got another call today offering £20 for 12mths Unltd fibre + £25 for the last 6/18mths contract duration =total yearly cost £390

    Which undercut the current alt equivalent offer by Vodaphone's yearly cost by £24.. so i took it given our house does get a bit laggy with speeds when 5+ devices are connected!

    :T Keep Haggling!
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    I have just gone out of contract with BT, I was paying a ridiculous amount. I researched prices for Plusnet and new BT customers and was eventually offered the same package as new BT customers, after politely refusing a 'split the difference' offer. Also had a chat about switching my mobile contract to BT, which may have helped. Saved £19 a month.
    Previously when haggling with BT I had to actually sign a contract with a rival, BT wouldn't offer me a decent deal until the switch request reached them from their rival (Plusnet, which they own...doh). Big improvement now!
  • Our deal with Virgin (£33/month for TV, Landline and 100MB BB) came to an end a few months ago so have been paying £54/month since and I kept forgetting to sort it (Shocking, I know!). Anyway finally got around to it today, basically we hardly watch TV and want to ditch it (this was confirmed by them - they keep a log of how much you watch, not what you watch, but the total hours spent viewing, so don't try and say "I hardly watch TV" if you actually do, it won't work as a negotiating tactic!). I said that I was looking at the Sky deal of unlimited fibre (36MB) for £25/month, could they get near it? I was offered £27/month for 12 months plus a £30 credit to my account (making it effectively £24.50/month for 12 months (it is a 12 month contract, I was assured of this as well).

    All in all I'm happy, I like Virgin as their broadband is definitely the best, I went to Sky for 18 months once when I got an unbelievable deal (everything including movies and sports for £32/month! It was through work when we were their sponsors for Tour de France) however their fibre was noticeably bad, so though I would have left this time, it would have been begrudgingly.
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    I renewed last October, with PlusNet, as I was given my previous offer (Line rental saver being £12 more due to an increase), of pay up front and get ADSL free, so paying £8/month for calls. After the ADSL £1 increase this became £9/month as the free was interpreted as £9.99 off. (I got caller display free until it became free for all, as I couldm't get the £50 new customer offer)

    As line alone is still £18.99, the general offer of £19.99, would appear to include a charge of £1 for ADSL, so I'd be paying exactly the same as now, still paying up front. However,I have had poor ADSL for over two months ;something they can actually see as a problem ,but can't trace; tech visit now necessary.

    Has anyone renewing with ADSL, recently improved on the £19.99 down to £17.49 equivalent if paying up front ? (Even without a service complaint)
  • Don't know if I'm putting this in the right place. I was with BT always for phone & fibre broadband but was paying over £60 month. When I tried to haggle the best they could do was £45. Months later I decided to take the plunge & signed up with Sky for £25 - then BT rang & said they would give it for £21.99! So I decided to stay with BT, they put me through to Sky to cancel. I am now without any service as Sky did not 'follow through' with cancellation, BT won't be able to get me back on till mid next week, and will 'try' to get my original phone number back. I thought everything was fine until I got an email from BT on the 'activation date'. Now I have 3 teenagers looking at me with sad eyes. Sky have admitted fault & BT said it's very unusual, but this was the reason I was worried about switching in the first place. Just to say it's not always as straightforward as they say :(
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    As a result of the recent BT price increase, I phoned up and told that my present deal was the best they could offer. Was put through to retentions, and they also said that my present deal couldn't be bettered.

    Left it for a week or two, phoned back again and said I'd seen people claiming that they got offered £19.99 and £21.99 for broadband. Told this was impossible and again got put through to retentions. Guy there told me that I was already getting the best deal, but..............goodness me, suddenly the £21.99 deal had popped up on his screen!!

    The confirmatory e-mail never appeared, but a hard copy did through the post, confirming a saving of £6 per month. Happy chappy!
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    As others seem to have dropped cash/voucher incentives (well they had last week), there is even less haggling room as PlusNet now charge more if you want a 12 month contract, bit are cheaper than others on 18 months. However, the 18 months with them is a disadvantage as line saver runs out after 12 months,so you pay full or eroll for 12 months more line..the latter losing any haggling power as you have 6 months of line paid in, when the internet deal ends.

    In contrast,Sky has a fixed line rate , so you get a fixed line and internet cost for 18 months, but a £30 odd fee for leaving PlusNet to consider.

    Things are supposed to be simpler with the enforced all in price.

    My sister has been very lucky, as she ordered with PlusNet, but was encouraged to stay with Sky by an ever increasing discount ,resulting in £17.99 for ADSL,line and anytime calls.
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    I've been with VM for years and they are increasing their prices every time while their service remains the same. I cancelled today and the women offered me £2 off! and I pay £36 a month, told her to shove that offer and I'd like to cancel, so she started comparing on uswitch and it was just all shocking lies new customers can get 100MB internet for £28 and she was fobbing me off, so I told her to cancel.

    My tactic is to have a price that I'm comfortable paying if they can't match it cancel, I don't really haggle got no time for it, plus i know they usually call you back in a couple of days for a better deal :)
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