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Lose Weight 37

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  • danniedannie Forumite
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    + 2lb since last Wednesday. The week did include cycling and gardening. The average daily calories were higher by the end of last Sunday night but also then the fridge freezer broke. Consequently, didn't want to waste any perishables and along with staying in to sort out the problem, this could have contributed to the weight gain?
  • fredsnailfredsnail Forumite
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    Here's this weeks chart:


    Congrats to our SoTW Me :):):A :j:j

    Congrats to our losers and STSers - and commiserations to our gainers this week - keep on plodding - weight loss is a long path sometimes and as with long paths sometimes you need a rest/break along the way.

    Here's this weeks chart for the Blackpool Tower exercise challenge:


    Well done everyone taking part :).

    Here's the chart for our Home v Away team challenge this week.


    This weeks quote is by Anon:
    "Things turn out best for those who make the best out of the way things turn out."
  • jess444_2jess444_2 Forumite
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    Well done on SOTW Fred :T:T:T
  • Well done Fred!

    Life got on top of me this week & I never managed to pop in to declare, sorry! I was STS anyway (alas) - next week my work hours are back to normal so I should be back on track with any luck :)
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  • Hello - I did pop in for some time on LW 36, and would like to come back for 37 if I'm not too late. I was diagnosed with a med condition part way through so had to leave the group previously. I'm on the mend now, and looking to start getting my weight under control.
  • fredsnailfredsnail Forumite
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    Welcome back Dom - glad to hear you're on the mend :)
  • durham_mimdurham_mim Forumite
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    Weight: 3lb LOSS
    Callanetics: 2 hrs
    Dancing: 2hrs

    Thanks for the charts Fred.
    Weight loss 0/2st
    Inch loss = 0"

    Slow & Steady 3
  • RolandtheroadieRolandtheroadie Forumite
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    Just a wee check in just so you know I'm still here.
    Eatings going great, as is abstaining from alcohol (something I had to stop before I had a serious go at losing weight).
    Been to the gym once, and walked 8 miles so far, hoping for a good result on Tuesday.
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    SymanSyman Forumite
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    After week 1 of the weight loss program i am pleased with a 2lb loss.

    going to be better this week as had lots of work dos to attend so wasn't as good as i should have been.

    Looking to shed about a stone initially. then see how it goes.
    Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today!:mad:
    Cos if you do it today and like it...You can do it again tomorrow.. :p

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  • RolandtheroadieRolandtheroadie Forumite
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    Delighted to report a 9.5lb loss at weigh in tonight.

    Walked around 12 miles, gym once, hoping for more activity over the coming week.
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