MSE News: EE customer? Get a 'free' £20 power bar portable mobile charger

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    For goodness sake - no pleasing some people.

    The promo is a clever tool for ee - it makes visiting an ee store a regular trip rather than the 'once every two year renewal' trip, which then allows them to engage with customers in new ways. It's pretty ingenious.

    So yes there's something in it for ee ( why would they do it otherwise?!), but the cynicism level over effectively a freebie is ridiculous.
  • WillyWongaWillyWonga Forumite
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    Many of the people who have got one have flogged them on Ebay for £10+, interesting to see what happens, if any.....
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    I had a PAYG SIM in a relic phone that got turned on whenever I wanted Orange Wednesdays, and found I had £3 still on there at the first power bar offering (which incidentally wasn't sold as a hire scheme like this second round).

    I'd like to see them try and get it back or get any money for it. What are they going to do? I don't have a contract with them, they don't have my details.
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    I got 2 power bars the day they were releases( mine and husbands) and it has ALWAYS been an 18 month hire agreement. It's in the t&c when you get it and on your receipt! That's how they are able to exchange it in any store for a new fully charged one.
  • Why should I be penalised for living in a remote area where there are no EE shops, so I am unable to claim my "Free" Powerbar. Being a round trip of in the region of 60 miles, the product suddenly becomes a lot more expensive, and they won't post one out either
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    I am truly disgusted if there has been belly aching over this deal. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. EE didn't have to offer us this generous scheme. I see it as a brilliant free service which is totally better than not having one at all. If I had to give it back at the end, then I would have no problem; it serves a purpose at no extra cost which is why I don't see an issue with the term "Free". The fact that there is an EE store in most towns where I can swap it while away from home if my battery is flat is genius and puts my mind at rest. I've been carrying mine with me everywhere I go.

    Thank you EE!
  • aldreddaldredd Forumite
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    Why should I be penalised for living in a remote area where there are no EE shops, so I am unable to claim my "Free" Powerbar. Being a round trip of in the region of 60 miles, the product suddenly becomes a lot more expensive, and they won't post one out either

    Please explain how you're being penalised?

    and given the whole point of them giving you a power bar is that you exchange it for a full one when you need a battery boost, them posting one out to you isn't going to be of any use to you.
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    :mad:Well it was a con for me. Did the text 3 times, didn't Work so that cost me a Pound.

    called them up, said there was issue and that I would get my text code a few days nothing.

    So thanks MSE: basically cost me a Pound and a hour or so of wasted time!
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    This is simply a ploy for you to visit their stores to get locked into another contract. You can not just pick up the powerbar and just leave, they will go through your account and try to offer you a deal.

    I have been off contract for years but they did offer me a better and cheaper SIM free one to what I was on so it wasn't a problem. When I commented to the guy that this is a good way marketing strategy he told me, 'Of course. Why else do you think they did this?' lol.

    I also asked him whether the Power Bar was on loan and if I had to give it back when I left and he said no, it was mine to keep apparently.

    The power bar is fine but it will not fully charge the latest smartphones with 3000mAh batteries. Perhaps only 60% and at 0.5A meaning it takes AN AGE to charge. I have an LG G3 with a 3000mAh battery and charging whilst the phone is being used simply doesn't let it ever charge more than 5-10% before running out.

    From what I remember reading, the actual stated capacity for any power pack device is never XXXXmAH but only about 60-75% of that - more if you find one with better components. This EE one is good for emergencies but don't rely on it. You can buy much better for not very much.

    Check these links for more infomation:

    The Best Portable USB Battery Pack for Travel Use

    The Best Portable USB Battery Pack for Daily Use

    Best for travel use: Anker 2nd Gen Astro 6400mAh (2A Output)

    Or 2nd is the flatter: AmazonBasics Portable External Battery Charger 5,600 mAh (2.4A Output)

    Best for daily use: Anker 2nd Gen Astro E4 13000mAh 2-Port (3A Output)
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    MAllanMAllan Forumite
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    Hi, I received my code and have exchanged for a power bar, so thank you MSE and EE.
    For the visit I expected that I would be kept there for quite a while (up to 30 mins +) because the EE team looked at my account and tried to offer me all sorts of products.
    I was advised that even if I leave EE the product is mine to keep forever at no charge.
    I am a satisfied customer :)
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