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PPI Reclaiming successes and failures

edited 6 June 2012 at 6:58PM in Reclaim PPI & Other Insurance
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  • Just received a letter back from A&L saying they are going to repay all my PPI premiums to date!

    A nice £320 back in my bank!

    It did however take them 3 weeks to get round to it, and i'm happy now!

    They didn't admit to being at fault, just said "as a guesture of good will"

    Without the email i get from this website i would never have know about it or even thought to question it!

    Thanks Martin and co!

  • I was looking to claim back for 2 loans that I had taken out with them, 1 of which is still current.

    I had written to them in the past and asked them to cancel the PPI on my current loan and got the response that they could do it but it would mean taking out a new loan at a worse rate from what I got before.

    After reading through the site, I used Martin's template and wrote to them again on 31/08/07.

    They called me on the 25/09/07 to say that they were going to pay out and that they would back to me with a figure. They also said that the new loan would be at the same rate and I would not be any worse off with the interest.

    I've just got off the phone to them and they are going to pay me a total of £3027!! I can't believe it, i was really up for a fight on this one after already getting £1200 out of them for bank charges.

    Thanks Martin really appreciate your help, this website is now my best friend when it comes to finances!

    :rotfl: :T :j
  • sandfsandf Forumite
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    Complaint issued to Financial Ombudsman regarding PPI not successful.
    As my loan was submitted by a broker Central Capital in 2004, and at that point they were not a member of the Morgage Code Compliance board they complaint appeared to be outside their jurisdiction.
    So no further action could be taken and this cost my £5000 :confused:
  • r710r710 Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    I sent a secure email to HSBC asking for a copy of the credit agreement regarding an old loan of my husbands (on his behalf).

    Received the agreement at no cost where he had signed agreeing to the PPI. He has alway said that they told him he couldn't have the loan unless he had their PPI.

    Sent the template letter 3 weeks ago asking for it to be refunded on the basis of it being mis-sold. A week later he received a standard reply.. they were going to investigate... could take up to 8 weeks..etc.

    Well today he received a letter offering a full refund of the PPI payments plus interest, amounting to £3449.92 !!!!

    The letter states that the records they hold in relation to this are incomplete. "Although there is no evidence to suggest that you were mis-advised, as I am unable to confirm whether or not the product recommended was suitable for your requirements I will uphold your complaint."

    Cannot believe it was that easy. 1 email, 1 letter and the cost of it being sent recorded delivery.

    Am amazed and very relieved to be getting it back. My thanks to this site. I would never have known about it nor had the guts to go for it otherwise.

    Hopefully this success will spur someone else on in their claim
  • dk67dk67 Forumite
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    After reading Martin's advice, I realised that the MPPI we took out with our mortgage had been mis-sold as we had been made to think we had to take it out with our mortgage company . Wrote one brief letter (didnt use the template as couldnt get computer access for a few days - just stated the basic points of my concerns) and a week later received a full settlement of all payments we had made in the year since the MPPI started plus interest!!

    Royal Bank of Scotland

    Thanks so much Martin - am passing this info onto everyone I know :j
  • Thanks all, Reading this has given me the welly I need to claim back the PPI on my Loan, I reclaimed my bank charges from Halifax successfully around a year ago, so now I am going to reclaim my PPI on my loan, It wasn't an option not to have it as far as I was aware!!
    I'll let you all know how it goes!

  • aannddaanndd Forumite
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    After reading the article I emailed HSBC to get hold of all my Graduate Loan account numbers (I had extended the account several time between 2000 and 2005), used the template to email customer services, I received a letter after three weeks to say it was being look at my a special consultant, a second letter a week after that to say they needed more time to process, and then a third letter two days ago offering a full refund of £5749.:j

    Hasn't quite sunk in yet....

    HSBC don't appear to have any records to contradict that I was mis-sold the policy, so they refund but did say they were not at fault.

    My wife is going to go through the same process.
  • I sent off the template letter to LloydsTSB for a loan I have with them for £10,000. The loan would have been paid off early next year. They have agreed to refund me £2,008 & interest! :rotfl:

    This will clear the balance of the loan, meaning £250 better off each month... and still have £450 & the interest in my current account. Very welcome with Christmas just about here!

    Thank you so very much Martin & all!

    :heartpuls dawnebabe :heartpuls
  • Hi im new

    Thought you might like to no, we recieved only recently, 4 letters week after week from nationwide saying we have ppi on a credit card, but they could not locate a signed application.

    My hubby had just signed the last letter they sent including reply slip to say ok to it, thinking that we HAD to sign it just to stop them pestering.
    No explanation to what it was ETC

    Thanks to this site i read about mis-sold ppi and never sent it.

    Lo and behold another letter came saying they had refunded £121 summat back to us and cancelled the ppi which we never agreed to in the first place. we opened bank account & credit card in June 06.

    It just goes to show they put this ppi on without the customers knowledge

    I am now after sainsbury,s £9057 ppi added at start of loan which we paid off within 12 months on a £25,000 loan ended up paying them £33,000 for 12 months ? criminal

    :beer: Nationwide

    :mad: Sainsbury,s
  • trkingtrking Forumite
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    Reclaimed just over £2000 from HSBC for PPI on a 1999 loan - the full amount plus interest added to the load and interest since then. Just sent a personalised temple letter to HSBC and got the money a few weeks later. Thanks Martin!
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