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PPI Reclaiming successes and failures

edited 6 June 2012 at 6:58PM in Reclaim PPI & Other Insurance
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  • Letter in todays post offering chq for full amount plus 1.5%. 7 Weeks after the initial letter and I have got an admission and a refund.

    MSE strikes again !

    Just shows it is worth anyone trying as the banks now all have a department to deal with this. I even got a call at home to discuss this.

    After receiving my email from MSE I downloaded the letter and sent it to ABBEY. In less than a week I have received an answer and as my loan is still running they have reduced the payments immediately and have 'passed my letter to their specialist team' . I only hope that the reduction can be seen as them being in the wrong and a refund is looming !

    PS 39.30 per month!!!!!!!! (48 months)
  • What were you reclaiming:A loan

    Who was the provider: LTSB

    How much did you get back: £2036.67 plus interest....... came to just under £3000 in total

    Did you get it back after a letter or did you go to the Financial Ombudsman: I sent a letter based on a template I found on this site and added the circumstances that applied to me. I was first sent a standard response letter then a final letter saying I would be getting the money refunded to my loan plus interest as a 'gesture of goodwill'.

    Anyone who has any doubt - try it anyway. I wasn't expecting anything back so it was fantastic news when I got a refund. :T:beer::j:D
  • :T Ive just phoned freemans re complete care insurance which i only just noticed on my bill it turns out ive had it for over 3 years! they agreed to cancel it and refund me the payments in total over £200 im not holding my breath until i see it on my account but hopefully a result even though i was on hold for over 10 minutes!! Another success thanks again martin.

    Ive been in touch with freemans again (another account enquiry) only to discover they were due me a further £570 in complete care. now received cheques for £770 in returned complete care payments!!!!:T
    Official DFW nerd 206 Proud to be dealing with my debt
    £2 savers club joined 25/6/06 £54:dance: (0ver £1200 banked)
    LB moment June 06 Debt payed off so far £36000 DFD March 2010:eek:
    Reclaimed fees
    MBNA £302 RBOS £49.58 Mint £25.95
    PPI: A&L £2074 Freemans £770 MBNA £944:j
  • Llloyds TSB wrote a letter to me to give me my PPI back plus interest. This loan was from 2001. I hadn't even tried to reclaim it they just said it was due to me. I was absolutely amazed £948.

    :money: :j
  • I was very pleased at the quick response with full refund of £250 by Natwest, following my complaint about a PPI product I purchased three years ago. It was mis-sold in the first place and I did actually cancel the PPI policy a few months later, receiving a more or less pro-rata refund. However, this recent complaint prompted by MSE and using Martin's standard letter successfully recouped the remainder of the premium, plus interest on the PPI premium and penalty charges (if you cancel a PPI policy they insist on you taking out a new loan to repay the old one, incurring early settlement fees!). Thanks Martin!

    To anyone thinking about complaining, go ahead and do it - you might be surprised! :beer:
  • Took out a loan with First Plus in 2005.

    Wrote to them about 10 days ago, I got a response from First Plus which was particularly snotty, did not address the issue but said on recent phonecalls I had not mentioned I was not happy blah blah blah

    However I forgot that I went through another company who searched for First Plus they were called Central Trust, they wrote back today trashed all my arguments bar one which was that I already had cover and was still sold the policy. They refuned me £4,600 ish which could go into my loan to pay it off or the other option because I am remortgagin to get rid of First Plus was £500 refund to First Plus and £4100 payment by cheque.

    I would say go for it for the cost of a stamp you may as well give it a go!
  • Thanks to the advice on this site I have successfully ceased PPI on a 15k loan I took out in 2005 with LTSB. I used a template letter on and LTSB have cancelled the PPI plus given me back £1700 & adjusted the interest paid on the loan itself.
    Good times and a thousand thanks everyone :beer:
  • Firstly I would like to thank this site for the advice and sample letters, that has helped me to successfully claim £2416.00 back from mis-sold PPI insurance.

    Back in 2004 I took out a loan with HSBC, and was sold the insurance as a package, I feel that at the time to secure the loan that PPI was more or less compulsory.

    Back in July 07 I composed a simple letter explaining that I felt I had been mis-sold my policy, and HSBC responded quite quickly within 3 weeks with a 3 page letter explaining why they are unable to refund my money. It was my intenetion to fight this, because as I know from reclaiming bank charges this is always the way. I was a bit unsure how to move forward with my claim, but at the end of August my Mum directed me to this site, where I used the sample letter when the bank has refused. This letter stated that they had 14 days to respond with a more favourable response. 14 days to the day I received a full refund of my PPI payments to date as well as interest and a very apologetic letter.

    What a result, a very easy process, much easier than the bank charges reclaims.

    I would encourage anybody who has been mis-sold their policy to claim.

    Thank you once again


  • I have a loan with Liverpool Victoria/Frizzel. I used your template to inform them that I did not realise that the PPI was optional. They have cancelled the PPI and repaid me all PPI contributions plus interest at 8%, over £1000 refunded. I would not have thought of this but for your article, many thanks.:beer:
  • What were you reclaiming: Secured Loan
    Who was the provider: Citi Financial
    How much did you get back: £3573.74
    Did you get it back after a letter or did you go to the Financial Ombudsman: Went through Ombudsman,(but they paid it off their own back very strange.)

    Didn't think I would be posting this so soon thought they would drag it out forever.

    Story goes: 1rst letter sent 15th May requested £2700 + £1553 interest at their shocking 25.9% APR Total £4253.
    They acknowledged said they would look into it.
    2nd letter sent 4th June
    They were still looking into it.
    Waited for 8 weeks sent off forms to the Ombusman on 16th July.
    That week got letter offering £500 as a goodwill gesture as they had lost all of our documentation, did not accept that.
    Sent this letter to the Ombudsman. 13th August got letter from the Ombudsman saying it has been passed to an investigator.
    Then out of the blue today receive a letter from Citi Financial with a cheque attached only £680 less than the full amount requested. So very very happy,(sorry it's a bit long winded.) :rotfl::D

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