PPI Reclaiming successes and failures

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Please report your PPI Reclaiming sucesses/failures here
This thread lists 1000s of stories, click the 'last' link above for the most recent
Not done it yet? Read the full Loan PPI Reclaiming and Credit Card PPI Reclaiming

:question: How to report your success/failure?
1. Click reply to enter you story.

2. Report your story in the following format:
  • What were you reclaiming: (eg. loan, credit card, store card)
  • Who was the provider: (e.g. Capital One, NatWest)
  • How much did you get back: ????
  • Did you get it back after a letter or did you go to the Financial Ombudsman: ????
  • And then write your brief reclaim tale

:question: What if I just want to discuss PPI reclaiming/ask a question?
Please do NOT post questions in this thread. Questions may be asked in the PPI reclaiming discussion thread where, although not guaranteed, it is more likely somebody may be able to help you.
:question: Happy to tell your story in a newspaper/on TV?
There are over 20m PPI policies in the UK and its a £5bn a year industry; yet I believe a very substantial proportion of those were missold and I want to spread the word. We need to make PPI reclaiming as big as bank charges reclaiming and Mortgage Exit Fee reclaiming.

I need your help

To spread the word, I need case studies, people who've been placed on hold or succeeded and are willing to tell their story to encourage others to take on the banks and reclaim.
If you're willing to do this, please e-mail [EMAIL="casestudy@moneysavingexpert.com"]casestudy@moneysavingexpert.com[/EMAIL] (sorry but we can't answer questions at this email address) with as much of the following info as you can:
* how much was your loan/card balance
* how much did you get back
* who was your lender
* a daytime phone number - we often need to reach people at very short notice
* whether you are happy to appear in the papers,tv or both
* where you live
* did you use our template letters
* did you go to the Ombusdman, court or use a claims handler
We really appreciate anyone that can help us with this but of course also please report your story below.
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  • nothingwitty
    I wrote a letter of complaint to Littlewoods and within two weeks I had every penny of PPI returned back to me. In total, some £200.

    Currently in talks with Bank of Scotland over a loan which I took out that had PPI automatically added to it - I thought it was part of the loan!
  • Petmidget
    Petmidget Posts: 374 Forumite
    I successfully reclaimed PPI of £3,250 from LTSB earlier this year. This included interest compounded at the applicable rate on the CC.

    My basis of complaint was that the PPI never explained at all nor its optional nature, I had the card for around 4 years prior to discovering the optional nature of it (I was somewhat younger and greener back then), it took a lot of calls and letters to get it removed. But it wasnt until I discovered charges reclaiming that I thought I would chance my arm at getting the PPI back.
    Even if the PPI was explained it would have been useless to me given my job security and very generous death or illness benefits from my employer.

    LTSB totally ostriched the whole thing, culminating in bailiffs going to their head office in London to demand payment.
  • neil_d
    neil_d Posts: 8 Forumite
    Thank you Martin!!

    I downloaded and sent the letter to get back my PPI back from Capital One having read this topic last week, and they have just rung me to say I'm getting a cheque for £104!! Result!! I only had the account for a few months, this is absolutely brilliant! Thank you!!
  • Burlesque_Babe
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    I'm wondering if Capital One are writing to everyone.

    Apparently I cancelled my PPI in September 2004 and they should have refunded the instalment which they didn't.

    Apparently they now have -and they owe me £1.37!!!!!
    :D"Stay Wonky":D

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  • billdewar
    Hello All

    I have a personal loan with Egg for (now) £15000. I was rearranging it recently to incorporate the balance from my Egg Card to get a lower interest rate. Whilst going through the lengthy telephone application process, the guy mentioned the total including PPI insurance cost. Due to my recent heightened awareness of these kind of things (MARTIN LEWIS FOR PRIME MINISTER!!!!), I stopped him and said "Ehm, how much am I paying on a monthly basis for the PPI as a matter of interest?" After much scrabbling around, he sheepishly said £91!!!!!!!! A MONTH!!!!

    I nearly dropped the phone!!! I told him to remove it from the monthly payment IMMEDIATELY. 5 minutes after the end of the call, I found the same level of PPI via moneysupermarket.com for £7.99 per month!!

    The complaint is now with the Financial Ombudsman. I will keep you all posted...I dont know how long I've been paying this, but it will almost certainly be a four figure sum!!

  • techspec
    techspec Posts: 4,464 Forumite
    I wrote to Cental Capital/ Central Trust and said i thought i was a victim on PPI miss-selling.

    I received a phone call a few days later, offering all of my money back. I could have it deducted from my account, or a cheque. I chose a cheque.

    £500 - easy cash!
    Handling my friends claims now.
  • martincredland
    After getting martins e-mail the other week regarding ppi i thought nothing ventured nothing gained so off i went with the templates for use against Monument. I knew i was pushing my luck but went for it modifying the text to suite my case
    I cancelled my policy during 2005, due to the fact that when i tried to claim they said because i am on full pay during illness ................etc.
    never the less they have this morning made an offer relating to the last 12 payments, not bad for a letter sent 11 days ago

  • MrPDA
    I recently took up the challenge of claiming my PPI back from a Natwest Loan and within the space of a week of sending out an email and letter to Natwest I have received a refund of over £2,000. :j

    I thank Martin Lewis and his team for this advice, I followed his template letter to the bone and although I didn't get any compensation (as I know it would have dragged on a bit longer), I certainly got back every penny I have been paying for over the last 4 years or so. I have to say Natwest were really professional in the whole matter.
  • emevlloyds
    In June 2005 l took out a loan with Capital One over the phone and was pushed into taking the PPI when the paperwork arrived l signed only for the loan and not the PPI l wrote on the application form (Not Required) the loan was paid into the bank and my payments were £347 l telephone them to be told that l could not cancel as l had signed for the loan and that it had been added to the loan amount. On the 15th August 07 l read your article about Capital One being taken to court by the FSA for the period Jan.05 to April.06. l found all my paperwork and could not believe that my loan was within these dates. I telephoned Capital One and was told that l would have to pay £1087 to cancel my PPI and that they had been taken to court but for Credit Cards not Loans :mad: . I wrote a letter to them attaching copies of the agreement that l had signed (thank god l copied it before posting it in June 05). I also rang the FOS and registered my complaint. I received a letter today 29th August.07 from Capital One they are repaying into my account £1738 + interest total £2378 in five days plus they have cancelled the PPI on my loan Total all together £4158 and reduced my payment to £278 Thanks Martin :D
  • nic_santorini
    Thank you so much Martin - I have just received £140 back from DFS. I bought a sofa from them 28 months ago and they added £5 per month PPI. They did not ask whether I had been ill before and I had cancer in 2001 - unfortunately the cancer came back last year and I had 6 months off work and they would not pay out because I had an 'PRE-EXISTING' illness. I used your website and quoted the medical mis-selling, in addition to the fact that it was a sofa salesman who knew nothing about the FSA. I received my money back within 7 days :D . Justice!!!!!!!! I like it. What a happy bunny I am on this Friday morning. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
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