MSE News: Barclays launches reward scheme for current account users, but other banks



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    People reporting on the other thread that they have received reward money for their mortgages.
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    Only just stumbled on this thread. I've had a Barclay's mortgage for years (it used to be a Woolwich mortgage until Barclay's took them over). My Barclay's current account is tied to my mortgage account. I didn't use the current account until I found out about Blue Rewards. It was a no brainer for me. I pay in the £800 per month, have 2 direct debits taken from it, let Barclays take £3 per month from me and they give me £12 per month. So, yes Barclay's do include account holders that have existing mortgages. The reward is paid into a Blue Rewards account that shows separately in your list of accounts. To use the cash in it, you need to transfer it into one of your regular Barclay's accounts using your online banking or mobile app.
    I've been a bit slow with using various accounts to make extra cash but I'm learning fast. Picking up lots of tips from you old hands. Thanks :). I especially like the tip for using Paypal and savings accounts to set up DD's. I'd never have thought of that.
  • I have had this since it came out last year, i have the whole shebang, mortgage, home insurance, loan. Gives me £16 a month into my rewards wallet. Ive now got £160 (ish) in there from the last 10 months towards xmas. Yes its minus the £3 fee but i dont notice that going out to be honest.
    Only thing you have to watch is if you earn less because if £800 doesnt go in you still pay your £3 but get no rewards.
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