any guinea pig money saving tips?

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    hope he is feeling a bit better today poor little mite, i understand that you are trying to treat him appropriatley without causing him distress not just trying to save money by not taking him to the vets, keep up the good work and let us know how he gets on ( a vets trip may be essential tho)
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  • Just to say that flystrike doesn't always manifest as big fat maggots but small wriggly larvae. Certainly from the conditions you describe finding him in he may well need prescription treatment that a pet shop won't be able to supply. I'd contact the vet to ensure this is dealt with appropriately. I doubt very much any vet would skin scrape the animal if the problem is so obvious that it's crawling all over him!
  • hello,
    thanks all for kind words. went to petshop today and he suggested first washing gp in an insecticidal wash, them comb him through with a nit comb. Which I have just done. At first he freaked out, but when I had him on my knee rubbing him dry then combing the little blighters out he was tickety boo- even doing the little chirrupchirrup thing. He still flighty but I know he's going to need a lot of time to be proper happy. Gonna get him out his house every day and sit with him, comb him to make sure the lice dont come back. Fingers crossed he's going to be a happy lil gp! thankyou!

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  • awwww bless ur little gp- i hope u will both be very happy - that seller should be reported
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    Hope he's Ok.

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    I've got a friend from Peru who says they'll be happy to take it off you!
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    Bless him, hope you get it sorted
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  • I agree that you should report the shopkeeper, poor little thing, at least it's a happy piggy now!

    I have 2 pigs that are 3 years old, they drive me mad with their squeaking when I go into the kitchen as they want food all the time, great little pets though!

    Good luck with it!
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  • I love that squeaking! They talk!
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    Glad your pig is feeling better! Definetly get him/her a friend when you can, they really do need company of their own kind: it should help his confidence as well. Spending plenty of quiet time with him and hand feeding will help. You may find he'll always be timid though: they're naturally flighty creatures, although a lot more robust than people give them credit for. My pair (see avatar) are so different in personality: Bridie (black and white) has more front than Brighton, Saba (tricolour) is quite nervous in the hutch, but loves to trundle around when I bring them in for cuddles.

    P.S. I also bring mine in for the winter. Have a look here for ideas:
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