any guinea pig money saving tips?

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  • when i had guinea pigs, they definitely liked a nice long drink from the bottley (sp?!) thing in hot weather. are you changing the water often? it could be that they're fussy and won't take any if it's a few days old?

    try them on grapes - i used to love watching them try to suck and chew at the same time! they really loved them!

    mine especially loved to pee on my grandmother - that always went down a treat..... never on anyone else mind! ;)
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    yes but being from peru they dont much care for our weather. they are group animals and really will be happier in doors where they can hear noise and have a constant tempreture.sure during nice arvos put em outside but at night they really should be tucked up indoors. ive owned 13 at one time and kept them all indoors.GP are nothing like rabbits and should not be cared for in the same way
    the ones in peru are a lot bigger though so aren't quite the same as our domestic pets. also it gets pretty cold with the altitude over there so it's not like putting them outside is 'bad' for them.

    we had 4 GPs over a period of about 10 years and they loved running around in a 'run' (don't know if that's the right name as it was a homemade thing by my dad and grandad( during the day, eating the grass. it's good exercise for them and it makes feeding them dead simple! we couldn't leave them outside at night due to foxes, so they came in to a warm little hutch with newspaper and hay (straw can be a bit too spikey - we learnt the hard way when one got a nasty eye infection!).

    we used tent pegs to secure the run into the ground so that no cats could ever get in and just moved hte run around the garden each day. we didn't let them run around inside much as they had a habit of leaving little pellet shaped presents in awkward places!
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    I am changing it every day and I'm sure none is ever out of it other than the drips. I gave them a bit of watermelon as that's plenty of water in it, and they loved it!
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    Our GPs used to drink hardly any water in the summer when they were living on fresh grass. But in the winter they'd drink gallons of the stuff when they were living on dry hay.

    I'm sure they are getting enough water from their food. But the advice about keeping the water nice and fresh and the bottle clean is important.
  • i want one now! haven't thought of them for years! they were great......mine even had a tumour removed and recovered! *sigh*

    could you try a little bowl of water for them? chances are they'll sit/pee/poo in it or knock it over - but if you put it down and they run over and start drinking, then you'll know that they're thirsty?
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    Yeah, I did try a bowl and saw them sniff at it but not sure if they did actually drink. Marky is probably right that they're eating grass and stuff. They look alright and are plenty active so I'll keep on with the cucumber

    Melancholly, looking after these critters is worse than having kids, I worry about them so much! (They're supposed to be for the kids too and of course they hardly bother with them) so only get some if you're prepared for sleepness nights!!
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  • :) i think i had a very patient mother who did a lot of the 'nasty' thing like cleaning the cage out!! i just remember the 'cute' bits! and they were adorable..... maybe i won't be running to the pet shop just yet!
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    So long as they are urinating and it doesn't look red or smell bad, then they will be getting enough from the fresh veg.

    Did the rescue centre put anything in teh water? Vitamin drops etc? Or are you?

    Sometimes at work the GP's refused to drink if we added certain suppliments that they were not used to. And some refused to drink plain water if they were used to suppliments.

    If its exactly the same, and they know how to use a water bottle (and the bottle works roll the ball about a bit to test it) then they are just not thirsty.
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    I was thinking that, they love their cucumber and that's mainly water so the're prob just not thirsty.

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  • Thanks everyone who replied....

    got in touch with a guinea pig rescue but they emailed through their list of requirements and sadly we don't meet them so they won't work with us :-( We have a spacious hutch and an open top (with optional cover) run that is 6ft by 3 1/2ft but is not perm attached to the hutch... our garden is currently paved and so didn't feel it was appropriate right now. plus we use it indoors as well for floor time/accomodation when the weather is horrible. (the thread was to see if we could find a slightly smaller grid/run for use now we only have rocky).

    We're both really upset obv as we were only looking for a companion as we want rocky to be happy, because we are loving pet owners. So feeling like we've been told that we arn't good enough is pretty upsetting. Rocky doesn't seem his normal wheeking self so think he is lonely. but with the rescue unwilling to help, I don't know what to do. The vet is due to call me back, hoping he might know someone in the area??

    Just thought i'd update everyone. Thanks again for all your responses
    Very excited to be marrying my partner in crime for the last 7 years in September 2012 :j
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