windows or Android?

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My contract runs out in August and i am going to upgrade in July. I have been looking at 2 phones which are the Nokia Lumi 635 and the Sony Experia M2. At the moment i pzy £17.50 for 300 texes, 500gb internet but i can't remember what the call time is.

I have been looking at two phones (as mentioned above) but i am confused about which is the better one to go for. My friend has a windows phone and said i should go fot that as Sony are dropping out the market, another friend had said the Sony phone is better as the windows phone is a bit confusing.

What i use my phone for is calls (obviously) i also use Facebook, ebay, amazon and occasional serfing (briefly when out and about) am looking for one with a bigger screen. I like the resolution on ghe Sony. I have the samsung galaxy mini s3 which is a pain and a bit slow. Also the screen freezes sometimes.

Can you advise me please?

Nokia lumia or Sony M2 21 votes

Nokia Lumia
macgyverdevizes18193lucinadgardner1wheeldealanotheruser20adayThe_Last_UsernameHLXPAX2015 9 votes
Sony M2
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  • Rev
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    If you're not set on those phones you can get a moto g 4G from tesco mobile for £13.50 a month.
  • 20aday
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    Nokia Lumia

    My friend has the Sony Xperia M2. He went onto that phone after coming from the Nokia Lumia 800 (which ran WP 7).

    He said he likes his M2 but much preferred the "Live Tiles" WP comes with (especially as he's now using a laptop w/Windows 8.1).

    The Windows Phone store is getting more and more apps but in terms of availability that's where the Google Play store has the upper hand. But the Lumia 635 is more likely to receive operating system updates (i.e. Windows Phone 10) whereas the M2 will more than likely remain on Android Kit Kat 4.4 and not gain Lollipop 5.0.

    As Rev also mentioned the Motorola G (4G) is also a worthy device and one to consider.
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  • The_Last_Username
    Nokia Lumia
    In our household we much prefer Windows phones.
    Having used Android (and, I hasten to add being very computer-literate) we find Windows phones much easier to use - and to update. ;)
    Never had an Android phone yet that didn't have SOME sort of proplem; not had any problems with 2 generations now of Windows phones. :T
    ALSO, Sony are not good at providing support OR upgrades for their low/mid-range phones, as we found out!

    Though ... personally (& the MSE way) I would buy the phone outright (CPW, £55 + £10 top-up which you COULD re-sell: ) AND THEN use Giffgaff or Sainsburys, where you would get more texts/data PLUS minutes for £10/month.

    Of course, all that could change by the time you want to upgrade. :rotfl:
  • gardner1
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    Nokia Lumia
    windows phone all the far to clunky
  • Aura
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    Thanks for your replies. How does the Motorola G phone compare with windows phone And sumsung s3 mini?
  • datlex
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    I have just got a Moto E 2nd gen. Am happy with it so far. Battery life is very good on it. It is a 4G phone. You'll need a micro sim for it if you are keeping your contract btw.
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  • JJ_Egan
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    No Android 5 for the Z2 would not bother me in the slightest .

    Suggest you pop into a few stores and have a play as its very much an individual response to a product .For example i find Windows phones clunky .
  • Im_just_careful
    I would wait and see what the deals are when your contract runs out.

    Also, consider purchasing the phone through Carphone Warehouse as PAYG then purchasing airtime SIM pnly or PAYG as suits your use ( and ).

    Personally I would get a more upmarket Windows phone (for example the 735) which might be quite cheap by then.
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    I think i paid £7.50 for my Tesco Payg phome, so perhaps add a don't know option to the poll. 'Cos i don't know what the two options are.
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  • Rev
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    Aura wrote: »
    Thanks for your replies. How does the Motorola G phone compare with windows phone And sumsung s3 mini?

    The Moto G is widely regarded as the best budget phone on the market. You get a lot of phone for very little money.

    Updates are quick coming too.

    Google reviews of the Moto G 4G and see what you think.
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