Hope is not an Effective Financial Strategy

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    All those little TTs will add up SJ!  Exciting news about the puppy. 
    DFW (08/08) £64,346.53 Gone for good (02/19)
    MFW (01/15) £56.592,54
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    Good luck with the new puppy! 😀
    Mortgage Balance as of 31/12/20 £61,000
    Mortgage Balance as of 31/12/19 £69,000
    Starting Mortgage Balance (June 2019) £72,000
    2021 Overpayment Challenge: Jan £739.00, Feb £159.38, March £670.00, April £800, May £44.46, June £2074.71, July £577.23, August £636.10,
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    £1 TT added to the mortgage this morning. All the little extras help in the lead up to month end accounts.
    MFW: Was: £136,000.......Now: £66,808.05......
    Mortgage Neutral Deficit: £50,537.43... Mortgage Neutral Savings: £16,270.62
    MFiT-T5 #8 - £17,522 of £23,100 (75.85%)
    1% Mortgage Challenge - £566.30 of £705
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    Mrs SJ told the little ones about the puppy yesterday, and they have been relentless ever since! I knew she couldn't hold on for another 2 . The kids were very excited which was lovely but its going to be a long wait for them and lots of pain in my ears.
    Sadly, this is a very good way to put it  :#
    Downsized and paid off mortgage 2010
    Retired August 2016
    Paid off French mortgage September 2018
    New kitchen fully installed June 2019
    Not counting this! 2020
    Garden fencing completed, woohoo 2021.......... Bunny hugger
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