The Garden Fence - help and support in tough times

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  • chickens11chickens11 Forumite
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    Nuatha.....I also thought you were female , its nice to have a "man" amonsgt the girls........
    Monnagran.......I hope when you get back from your hols that we will have your company again........
    Talking of "garden fence" , ive been behind mine today as the weather was glorious , so ive been sorting out around the pond area , I did scoop some some blanket weed out and topped it up, its a wildlife pond with hundreds of insects , newts ,etc , havent got any fish , and dont want any.....Did see my first butterfly ot the year today ...:D

    Clearing up flower borders and one thing a tuther......Got so many birds in the garden its beautiful having only birdsong to hear , ive also had the summer house doors open and I had a couple of cups of coffee in there just watching the garden , yep I do love the simple things in life....Birds cost alot to feed , ive tried making my own bird cake in the past but not very good at it, abit like my cooking....:eek:..Ive got lots of bird boxes up and also have got a bird camera box , im hoping to get lucky this year in that box.........
    Ive got eggs coming out of my ears , the hens have been laying all winter and I sell most of them at present , but I seem to have a build up this week.......Ive got one blackbird nest nearly built , and also a wren has gone in my ivy arch and building , so hopefully lots more birds to have a round the garden .......

    Love this time of year , I seem to come into life , im sluggish over winter , my SAD as vanished now we are coming into spring....:T

    More work outside tomorrow , then Sunday I will go to the nursing home and see how OH is doing, catch you all later....Sheila..
    My motto is " one life live it ".....:)
  • smeethsmeeth Forumite
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    Popping my head above the parapet (or in this case fence) to say hello & that I'll try to do more than lurk on this thread!
    Anchor yourself to the foundations of everything you love.

    Thank you to all those who post competitions!:beer:
  • NargleblastNargleblast Forumite
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    Evening all, nice to see so many of the old gang have parked themselves by the fence! Hectic at work today, expect the same tomorrow then a couple of days off to catch up with sloggus domesticus.

    I also enjoyed watching Dave Allen, some very clever sketches there.
    One life - your life - live it!
  • SoftstuffSoftstuff Forumite
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    Looks like, thanks to our smaller neighbours, the fence might be the right height for me to hitch up and rest my bosoms on :rotfl:

    Getting startled over here how expensive everything is getting. I've been looking around at various things for putting in the flat to sell it and for in the new house and the prices are frankly ridiculous. Who has this sort of money?? Because I know minimum wage or indeed my husbands (I thought pretty good) wage. Just groceries are getting out of hand too. Is it the same in England?
    Softstuff- Officially better than 007
  • JazeeJazee Forumite
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    Morning fencers. Weather not looking too bad so gardening plans can go ahead today. Have wormed the dogs so far, done meal plan and shopping list for the week (most is out of the freezer) and now need to crack on with the washing up from breakfast.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Spend less now, work less later.
  • ivyleafivyleaf Forumite
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    Softstuff - We keep being told that food has become much cheaper over the last two years or so; I think vegetables have, due to an unexpectedly good harvest, but meat seems to be dearer every time we go shopping :eek:

    Though I expect it depends on whereabouts you live as well. I remember shocking a lot of people on here a couple of years ago when I said our local butcher's was selling "Half a large rabbit" for £8.99. A lot of posters were paying well under half of that for a whole one, but we live in Greater London. (They say they aren't allowed to sell wild rabbit, which I'm sure would be cheaper.)

    ETA Forgot to say Welcome Smeeth and our other new posters!
  • Jazee wrote: »
    Morning fencers. Weather not looking too bad so gardening plans can go ahead today.....

    Sadly, weather here really dull and wet. Doggy still rasping and coughing away, poor sod, hope he feels better soon. Meet two of my sisters on Saturday mornings for weigh in and light lunch, though so far I am the only one who has actually lost any weight but keep hoping they will be so awestruck by my lithe skinniness (well I can dream can't I) that they will be inspired.
    Got some celery from Aldis so off to make some soup for lunch. Toodle pip.
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  • mardathamardatha Forumite
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    Horrible day up here, dull grey and very windy. Last night was wild. I am getting very fedup now and need spring to come - but next week forecast is more snow.
  • JazeeJazee Forumite
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    We've had a real mix with the weather this week. Snow, sleet, hail, rain, wind, sunshine. I wouldn't say today is especially bright, but it is dry and I noticed yesterday that all the fields around are really dry, so that's where I'm heading now with the dogs for a refreshing long walk.

    Catch you all later.
    Spend less now, work less later.
  • greenbeegreenbee Forumite
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    Envious of your dry fields Jazee. The mud here is really getting me down. Walks are pretty hazardous and I haven't been for a run for ages (I realise I should just walk through the muddy bits, but the though of the mud just depresses me).
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