The Garden Fence - help and support in tough times

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    Have hitched my bosoms a la Les and am leaning on the fence for a natter...

    DH is about to resume his working away after 6months under my feet (love him really!) so am planning illicit MSE sessions while he's away...

    Meanwhile, my allotment needs attention and I MUST plant my tomato seeds!
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  • nuathanuatha Forumite
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    Join the over-the-garden-fence gang, sheila, I know what you mean, a week is a long time in politics they say.....And a day can be a long time on these threads. nuatha has the hammer and nails to customise the fence to fit each one of us, he is the bloke among us after all, so it's his job! Oops, did I say something non-PC there?

    IT is the primary job, woodworking and cooking are both hobbies. So you're as likely to find me wielding a hammer as a rolling pin - though I do spend more time in the kitchen than the workshop.

    Ivyleaf thank you for asking after Herself, she's much better than she was and we're hoping the improvement will continue.
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    Hello everyone, lovely to see a shiny new thread, thank you nuatha.

    Looking forward to hearing what you are all up to, stilty enjoy your evening, Little Miss Stilty must be so excited to get her new wheels.

    I'm having a relaxing evening, been at work then did my shift at the hospice for a couple of hours, back home and had to cook something for tea.

    Sewing Bee on, aren't they all so clever?
  • wondercolliewondercollie Forumite
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    nuatha wrote: »
    Given that its 12 months since I stopped smoking, wear my hair in a pony tail, though I sometimes wear an apron (generally I remember far too late in the cooking process) and the other reason I don't fit the mental image is that I'm male.

    (though I do have fond memories of Les Dawson, who did fit the image and was also male)

    Well, slap me with a soggy sock! I never knew you were male.

    Mind you I never thought about it!
  • gran3gran3 Forumite
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    They sure are, not watching this week live, will watch in peace when DH at work. The soldier who is so good must have the mick taken but he is so clever and precise.
  • nuathanuatha Forumite
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    Well, slap me with a soggy sock! I never knew you were male.

    Mind you I never thought about it!

    I don't wear them as a rule, but wouldn't inflict anything that had been near my feet on anyone.

    Hopefully my being male is unlikely to be an issue, I'm not squeamish and I'm fairly well house-trained (I don't even leave the toilet seat up)
  • camelot1001camelot1001 Forumite
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    Well, slap me with a soggy sock! I never knew you were male.

    That's exactly what I thought! This is what I like about these threads, you talk to folk and actually don't know anything about them!
  • NargleblastNargleblast Forumite
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    And so the first day at the Garden Fence draws to a close........have work tomorrow so may not check in till tomorrow evening, goodnight all!
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    Doveling wrote: »
    I'm mature and voluptuous with lots of laughter lines and I walk with an interesting sway........

    (o.k. old, fat and wrinkly with a limp but a positive self image is everything isn't it? :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:)

    I'm an interesting brunette with bright green eyes and curves in all the right places (there's technically more grey than brunette now, the eyes sit in the shadows of some serious bags, and the curves are in the wrong places too :rotfl:).

    I'll give you a leg up so you can sit on the fence Hester.

    Nutty, I'm not painting today either, so stiff I creak when I walk after 4 days of solid work. Hubby says he'll come help paint a bit over the weekend, so getting a few other things done today and having a bit of a rest too. Sorry I didn't send MIL for your oven, she's !!!!!!ed off to New Zealand on holiday instead (you can't get the staff these days ;) )

    Possession, did you kiss the money goodbye first? Having paid the builder, plumber, electrician and plasterer recently, I'm feeling rather empty here too.
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    Thanks for the new thread nuatha. I will have to change my image of you it fits silvasava better.
    I can't believe there is someone else who is only 4 ft 9 in. How about making a short bit for us littlies. Welcome all the newbies. I won't list all of your names there are so many. Most names are familiar from places I lurk.

    I don't pretend to know what is going on but the last couple weeks I have felt that someone turned the heating and the light off. I did not feel like posting.
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